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//Art titled: “This Brutal House” by @sjcarthy and scored by @gunngary for @the14thfactory // It is difficult to continually intake videos of our trauma, let alone live them. In thinking about the awful murder of George Floyd by the police- in my hometown of Minneapolis- as well as the constant deaths and injustices that force us to remind the world that #BlackLivesMatter , I think about this video by @sjcarthy and @gunngary . It’s what @sarahelizabethlewis1 has discussed as our inherit and inherited state of GROUNDLESSNESS// Never having a place to land, to ground ourselves, or to feel safe in the world. As black people, we have had to reassert our right to EXIST, to breath, to walk, to be joyful, etc for centuries. I’m grateful for every one who has continued to do the essential work of reclaiming our rights and tirelessly advocating for EVERY person in our community who has been made victim by state condoned racism. You fill me with hope that through collective action progress CAN and WILL be made ❤️ #BLACKLIVESMATTER

3 days ago

New two strand, who dis? 🤎 hair magic from @chocolatemommyluv ‘s fingertips 🤎

4 days ago

My built-in bestie then VS now 👨🏽‍🎓 #ProudBigSis

4 days ago

@sayeedshahidi AKA THE ~Cum Laude~ GRADUATE 🎉 congratulations 🎉 🎈 #ProudBigSis

5 days ago

BRB about to binge @homecomingtv STARRING my big sis @janellemonae 💁🏽‍♀️🎉 @amazonprimevideo ||Big ups 2 @jonandvinnydelivery 4 sweet treats🍒 🍓||

5 days ago

Happy birthday to THE TRAILBLAZER @naomi 💕

6 days ago

⚡️TOMORROW: @freeform ‘s LIVE MUSIC SHOWCASE ⚡️Hosted by MY GUY @trevorjackson5 with some of the musicians that make the Grownish soundtrack so bomb! Join Us! #IGLive #StaytheFFatHome

6 days ago

AND WE BACK AND WE BACK ⚡️ @blackishabc SEASON 7 ⚡️Grateful for the YEARS of love for the Johnson family #BlackishSeason7

1 weeks ago

🥭🥝 🍊 my FAVORITE delivery is a @fruitsnrootz delivery🍌🍇🍈

2 weeks ago

📦GROWNISH IS MOVING📦 We had planned to be back this summer, but we are NOW coming back with ALL NEW EPISODES in 2021 (that’s right around the corner... right? ) 🍾🎉 #freeform

2 weeks ago

⚡️The ART of camouflage ⚡️ Tag me in YOUR best chameleon moments 😂 Swipe For the Magic⚡️

2 weeks ago

🌼Keeping it fresh and so clean, clean w/ my @bobbibrown Fluid Powder Foundation🌼 Lightweight x matte finish is perfect for my fave UNDER 5 MIN look💁🏽‍♀️ See it up close on my IGTV #makeupminute w/ @emilychengmakeup #bbambassador

2 weeks ago

When the student is ready, the teacher appears ⭐️ I’m currently taking notes because my big bro, @shameikmoore , is ACTUALLY READY to be in Step Up 5⭐️ #LookAtThoseIsolations

2 weeks ago

STAYING READY so that I don’t have to GET READY for Step Up 5 😂 // Strong Will Continue 🤎 @nas x Damian Marley 🇯🇲 #DistantRelatives

2 weeks ago

TOP FIVE: Family, books, sweet potato pie, music salad shirazi⭐️ what’s your top five?

2 weeks ago

🎓YOU DID IT #CLASSOF2020 🎓 much love to @graduatetogether x @kingjames for celebrating my INCREDIBLE peers #GraduateTogether

2 weeks ago

SATURDAY MORNING FUN⭐️ This is me, when I work out w my Mama x @katiecakecakecakecake 😉 workout partners ⭐️

2 weeks ago

Learning how to apply eyeliner (and not poke myself in the eye ) x @emilychengmakeup #products @bobbibrown ⭐️⭐️

2 weeks ago

@chloexhalle #DoIt || The girls showed up & showed out with their NEW SONG AND MUSIC VIDEO ... cause that’s just how they DO IT ⭐️ #NewSongAlert

2 weeks ago

#MakeupMinute 💋|| BRING YOUR EYELINER AND A MIRROR TO IG LIVE|| @emilychengmakeup , my talented make-up artist, will show is ALL how to do our eyeliner like a champ! #makeupminute tomorrow at 4pm pst 👁

2 weeks ago

⭐️My Throwback Moments and Memories are amplified with Gratitude ⭐️I am blown away thinking about places I've been fortunate enough to explore & the incredible people that have come into my world. Paris Fashion Week with @Samsungmobileusa x @ThomBrowneny was dreamy & inspiring and I used my #SamsungThomBrowne flip phone to capture the day & lots of up close moments ⭐️Loving being #TeamGalaxy because they empower & support creativity. I’m smiling, thinking back to these moments in the beautiful city of Paris. Open your phone gallery & scroll through your photo memories to inspire your next creative moments❤️ #SamsungPartner #SamsungThomBrowne #tbt

2 weeks ago

Stevie Wonder has ALWAYS lived in the FUTURE🌟 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the brilliant legend 🎂

2 weeks ago

🌟 JOIN ME x @codeorg x STUDENTS from around the nation as we learn to CODE in 30 minutes 🌟 join us LIVE! 10 am PST/1pmEST #CodeBreak #linkinbio 🔥🔥

3 weeks ago

Our Shahidi family holiday card ⭐️ #GroupHug