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Founder, Owner & CEO @thenightleague @ushuaiaibiza @hiibizaofficial @unitedants

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5 days ago

@realblackcoffee delivers a very special #essentialmix listen now @bbcsounds

4 weeks ago

We have been working tirelessly towards this season, but now is the time to act responsibly and follow the example set by society during the last months. Looking forward to welcoming all of you back again in 2021.

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Apr 2020

After four years of hard work we’re super happy to announce our collaboration with Sensorium. Find out more: www.sensoriumXR.com

Apr 2020

Tonight we have programmed a full evening of live streams as part of our #STAYATHOMESESSIONS featuring @davidguetta @realblackcoffee and @whomadewhoofficial #stayathome

Apr 2020

Pleased to support Ibiza Needs Ibiza Beats this Saturday. This is an exciting initiative bringing together the Ibiza community to support and raise funds for @creurojabalears

Apr 2020

Tonight my friend @realblackcoffee is streaming live on Facebook to raise money for South Africa’s Solidarity Fund.

Apr 2020

Tomorrow we host a very special @unitedants #STAYATHOMESESSIONS featuring @andreaoliva1 @allendes @matthiastanzmann @eliandfur and @elibrownbeats in support of @who ’s COVID-19 Respond Fund.

Apr 2020

Fantastic new compilation album released today by @taleofus @afterlife_ofc . All profits from this album go directly to the Coronavirus Relief Fund in Italy. You have our full support guys.

Mar 2020

Tonight we continue our #STAYATHOMESESSIONS with an incredible set from @carlcoxofficial recorded live at @ushuaiaibiza Ibiza last summer. Watch on our Facebook pages. Stay safe. #thenightleague #ushuaiaibiza

Mar 2020

To receive such good news at this difficult time has made me and the team deeply happy. Thanks to everyone who voted, all @djmagofficial for their continuous support to the music industry and all of the staff who worked tirelessly to make this happen. Look forward to seeing you soon once we leave this terrible situation behind. #djmagtop100 #hiibiza #ushuaiaibiza

Mar 2020

Today we are supporting the #stayathome movement by restreaming 5 highlight sets from last summer on @ushuaiaibiza and @hiibizaofficial 's Facebook pages from 18h, whilst raising awareness and donations for World Health Organization's Solidarity Response Fund: https://covid19responsefund.org @who #hiibiza #ushuaiaibiza

Dec 2019

Merry Xmas ! 🎄🎅🏼🎁⛄️❤️ #xmas #love #family

Nov 2019

I’m really happy and honoured that I received the award for "Best Nightlife Executive”. A big thank you to @nightlifeinter , the jury and @joaquimboadasdq for this award and for all the hard work you are doing for our industry worldwide. #thenightleague #ibiza

Nov 2019

I’m super proud that @hiibizaofficial has been voted #1 & @ushuaiaibiza #3 Best Clubs in the world. Thank you @nightlifeinter and everyone who supported us for this awards. And of course the entire team @thenightleague and @highscream who work all year to make that happen. #hiibiza #ushuaiaibiza #ibiza

Nov 2019

Let’s go ! Ibiza ‘s next season opening and closing party with @odyssey_ofc @ushuaiaibiza and @hiibizaofficial 🔥🔥🔥

Oct 2019

Work in progress ... @andaz @amsterdamdanceevent That time of the year ! #bookings #programming #amsterdam #strategy

Oct 2019

Crazy party yesterday for the closing of @afterlife_ofc @hiibizaofficial 🔥 Fantastic season , fantastic team , so good to work with you guys ! Thank you @matteo_milleri @taleofus @aureliiiiiiii @gigi_urso @francescoxio and everyone involved in this huge success ❤️❤️❤️ #ibiza #taleofus #afterlife #closings

Sep 2019

BIG closing party tonight @ushuaiaibiza ! Thank you @davidguetta for another fantastic season ! 🔥🔥🔥We love you ❤️❤️❤️ #ibiza #davidguetta #closing

Sep 2019

Closing party of @unitedants @ushuaiaibiza today 🔥🔥🔥. Big thank you to all the team and everybody involved in that amazing 7th season🙏❤️ #ibiza #ants #closings

Sep 2019

The back to back of the summer @hiibizaofficial with @taleofus and @solomun 🔥🔥🔥 Epic !!! @afterlife_ofc #ibiza #afterlife #taleofus #solomun

Sep 2019

No words to describe how good was that closing party yesterday ! Last sold out of the summer for bodyworks @hiibizaofficial with @camelphatmusic @solardosound and @followthefishtv Thanks to everyone involve in that huge success ! #ibiza #hiibiza #bodyworks #closings

Sep 2019

Amazing closing party yesterday of @tomorrowland @gardenofmadness @ushuaiaibiza 🔥 Thank you guys for another fantastic season ! @likemike @dimitrivegas @dimitrivegasandlikemike @nickroyaards #ibiza #closings #tomorrowland