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Leader of the beard movement President and Founder ⚔ @BeardedVillains contact ☞ VillainKnox @gmail .com 💌BellaMendez

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2 days ago

🔪 Do Not Worry, Do Not Rush HANG LOOSE ( Invisible Tank Top Sponsored by Mother Nature ) #beard #bearded #beardedvillains #bvhat #dopeshit #onlyfreshgear

3 weeks ago

⚔️ Artist Appreciation Artist Name : Frost - Pencil Work #beard #beardedvillains #sketch #pencil #pencilsketch #bearddrawing

last month

My family is My Rock . Bella, Noah Nicholas , Ramses Knox, Scarlett Rose, and baby Zander Grey, in the belly. #familyportrait #beardedvillains #youngfamily #familyof6 #babies

last month

🔪 #BVWANDERLUST Proud of what we do and how we do it. It’s not for everyone... it’s for us. BROTHERHOOD | LIFESTYLE #beardedvillains #beard #brotherhood #onebrotherhoodoneship #bearded #tattoo

last month

#TEACHINGTHEWAYS “2 MORE REPS RAMSES ! 😠💪🏼” I’m not perfect teaching my boys, I don’t know it all but I can sure as hell teach you little monkeys to take action and be disciplined to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE... and that my boys will take you to the top. #dadlife #symfs #lvft #alphalete #gymshark #gym #gymmotivation #toddlergym #beardedvillains #darcsport

last month

🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 5 YEARS ! Today @bella_mendezz and I are celebrating our 5 year Anniversary of Marriage. “Joy is when you look at each other and see beyond any situation, an unconditional love and friendship “ I quoted this 5 years ago and till today I believe that marriage is not necessarily how society makes you picture it but it is how you make it. @bella_mendezz THANK YOU ! For your unconditional love, for believing in me, for always being by my side and for always always caring so much for me and our children. I love you Bellita 🌹 #friendship #5years #marriage #bella #mybella #justmarried

last month

🔪 #TEACHINGTHEWAYS Putting in a workout with the boys. -drive -push -focus -discipline -health Remember that all one can leave for our kids is memories and wisdom. #buildingmydreamteam #dreamteam #dadandsons #fatherandsonsgym #toddlergym

May 2020

Happy Mother’s Day @bella_mendezz You are an amazing mother , the kids and I appreciate everything you do day in and day out night in and night out you never cease to amaze me with your ease of being a mother. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

May 2020

⚔️ 37 👊🏼 A birthday is just another day in the calendar but it helps me reflect on my life as a whole. I wouldn’t change a thing. #gettingold #learningmore #neverstoplearning #37springs #8yearoldbeard #thankful #beardedvillains #beard

Mar 2020

🔪 #BVsidebeard #SidebeardSaturday It has been 5 years of me rocking this mane, how fast time goes. When I first grew it = ZERO FUCKS GIVEN. Today = NO REGRETS My best advise .... Less touching and more brushing 😉 . And yes, like many men that grow beards I’ve made mistakes by cutting it too short, touching it too much, washing it too much etc, etc. However, it grows back ( thank you mom and dad for the genetics ) and you learn, soooo here it is strong and steady and ready for more wise white hairs lol What’s your best PRO BEARD CARE tip ? #beard #bvsidebeard #beardedvillains #brotherhood

Mar 2020

⚔️ #FLAGFRIDAY Put your head down, put in the work and stand strong for what you believe in. I believe in this brotherhood, I believe in our mission, I believe in our brothers, I believe in BEARDED VILLAINS. #bv4life #beardedvillains #beard #onebrotherhoodoneship #brotherhood #bvflag

Mar 2020

🔪 Just A Villain. No matter what your rank is , No matter where you are from ... We are all just Bearded Villains. Thank you brother @barrang_ for this art work .. I LOVE IT ! Simple with a strong message 👊🏼 NO ONE CAN OUTWORK US . #beardedvillains #beard #bv #onebrotherhoodoneship #beardclub

Mar 2020

He is Here ! Zander Grey is my youngest Son. And I’m happy to say that him and my wife @bella_mendezz are 100% healthy. Im thankful for having Zander with us and now we have the large Family we’ve always wanted since I met Bella. Zander Completes our family !! His brothers and sister better step up to change some diapers ( I wish ) lol ! Welcome Home Zander. #beardedvillains #minivillain #littlevillain #babybeard

Feb 2020

⚔️ #bvbrohug That one time I met my brother @sergeism who came to visit all the way from @beardedvillainsbelarus 🇧🇾 a great guy with passion for this brotherhood. Proud to have you and thank you for representing our brothers from Belarus our here. #beardedvillains #beard #bv #brotherhood #onebrotherhoodoneship

Dec 2019

🔪 #VillainKnox I can put a quote for this caption. But I’ll give it to you raw instead. Don’t ever measure anyone by a title ... don’t ever measure anyone by what others say. If you know me you know that the way I am is far from fucking egos. I put in the work like everybody else because that’s my nature. Titles serve a purpose and that’s STRUCTURE AND RESPONSIBILITIES ! If a tittle gets over your head and you ego trippin’ you were never meant for that. this is simple.... back in the day I cared too much for what people thought of me but as I learn more about myself and others I can tell you that being open about your thoughts and straight up with everyone will always be the best decision. As always, All the love back to my day ones, my real ones and my haters. Chin up! ( even if you can’t see it 🤣 ) push forward and be proud of our brotherhood. #pushforward #onebrotherhoodoneship #bv #beardedvillains #beard #dapper #suits #vintagesuit

Nov 2019

La Familia, Where love begins and never ends. I’m Thankful to have my beautiful family, their love and support on everything I do. For being able to provide for them , for every meal we share and all the ups and downs that life puts in front of us to teach us and get stronger. Thank you @bella_mendezz my beautiful wife , the boys Noah Nicholas and Ramses Knox, my beautiful princess Scarlet Rose .... And.... our youngest BOY on the way !

Nov 2019

🔪 VillainKnox So who the fuck is this VK guy ? ..... What you see here on IG is just a very very small percentage of my personal life. ( this photo is irrelevant to what I’m saying here hahaha ) I like to post good photos but it doesn’t mean I’m a dickhead.... lol. I’m the type of dude that don’t give two shits about who you are and will give the same respect to every person I come across. I like to go by this ... “I RESPECT ALL, UNTIL THEY LOOSE MY RESPECT” It’s is true, another level of respect is always earned with everybody but to begin with I always level with my feet on the ground. NO EGOS , NO BULLSHIT. I’ve met people with big egos, people that are so full of themselves or a fucking tittle that even forget reality. My advise, Get off that fucking high horse, put your feet on the ground and help push each other like everyone else. Sorry for the rant here, just a thought in my head this morning ( hopefully you can see the positivity of my message ) Much love to all my real ones, my day ones and my villain ones. Photo by: @brennenmcmurray #b &w #beard #beardedvillains #artsdistrict #losangeles

Oct 2019

⚔️ #inspirecharity Always a humbling experience. Don’t let other people tell your story! Get out there and say yes to every opportunity you get to help people in need. I’m not posting this to prove anything to anyone because I don’t need to. But to simply tell you all that all you need is the willingness to help, you don’t need hundreds of dollars to help , some people just need to know they matter. Hell... you don’t even need Bearded Villains but if our group chapters are giving you a way to help your community TAKE IT ! And you will not regret it. Thanks to my boys @beardedvillains .laoriginals for giving me the opportunity to help. #beardedvillains #beard #longbeach #sanpedro #lahomeless #brotherhood #onebrotherhoodoneship

Oct 2019

⚔️ Have you ever had people say that “you can’t make it” “you are crazy “ “ the chances are minimal “ If the answer is yes ... USE THAT ! To me that’s fire to keep coming stronger on whatever it is you do. You see, the hater will always be there on the sidelines watching and sometimes even next to you. It is only the sharp people that can turn it around and make the best of it. My advise... ALWAYS Use the feedback, be smart and use everything #recycle #beardedvillains #beard #bearded #beardedman #fullbeard

Sep 2019

#Inspirecharity Inspiring others to come out, get involved and help our communities around the world. I’m PROUD of our achievements and the work we put in @beardedvillains / @beardedvillains .laoriginals / @happysbeards . Recently our World Meet Event raised $6,000 for local charities ! @childrensla / @thedawgsproject / @lasfotosproject And we finally had the pleasure to hand out our checks ( one still pending ) This is what keeps us all grounded and focused, beyond our group effort ultimately PEOPLE IN NEED ARE GETTING THE HELP and that is something that we should all be proud of. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for helping us help others. 🎩 I Love Bearded Villains ⚔️ #beardedvillains #beard #onebrotherhoodoneship #brotherhood #beardclub #Charity #chla #lasfotosproject #thedawgsproject

Aug 2019

🔪 #citywolf I wish I could wear my leather jacket everyday. But here in LA I will fucking melt ... this is why i can’t wait for winter. ——————— Story bout this jacket from @allsaints : My buddy Erik found this design and ever since it has been my favorite too... so thank you Erik hahaha. Photo by @brennenmcmurray #beardedvillains #beard #brotherhood #onebrotherhoodoneship #allsaints #leatherjacket #la #artsdistrict #dtla

Aug 2019

🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡 #BV5STRONG (REPOST AND SUPPORT ) For the ones that know. They said BV was a fad.... they said BV was just an IG thing. 5 Years Later. We stand stronger than ever and our brotherhood keeps growing. Thousands of people have seen our unity and efforts to help others. The world has seen it all they said... Then BV came up and we showed the world what this brotherhood is capable of. Here is to YOU VILLAIN ! To our real ones, To our families and friend who have supported our charities and events, to our haters and to the ones who BELIEVE IN BV. Here is to 5 years of what this world once thought it was impossible. Thousands of like minded bearded men who beyond race, creed and borders have come together and proven that United we are ONE BROTHERHOOD .... ONE SHIP. CHEERS TO BEARDED VILLAINS ON OUR 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. #beardedvillains #BV5strong

Aug 2019

⚔️ #Flagfriday BEARD STRONG CREW STRONG BROTHERHOOD STRONG BEARDED VILLAINS 4 LIFE With my brothers from Latin America @gonzalo .bv 🇦🇷 @julianobarba 🇧🇷 @soyelbarba 🇵🇾 @mauro .ponti 🇦🇷 #beard #beardedvillains #brotherhood #onebrotherhoodoneship