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Character from @valkyat comic universe. Making memories with @kyatgirl and @arrothedoggo ❤️ . #ValkyatFam #WeeklyTen #TogetherWeRise

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4 days ago

Go checkout @valkyat page now ✨ Valkyat Comics Release Date Announced 🐸❤️ . Get #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸 #ValkyatFam

5 days ago

#ValkyatComicSeries Release Date Announcement 😃 Check out @valkyat page tomorrow ❤️ . Note: @arrothedoggo wants me to tell you lovely people that he knows how to sit. Just because he is not sitting properly in this picture doesn't mean he always sits like this. Thank you. . Get #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸

6 days ago

Social Media Distancing 🐸<----------->😺 . We all know about Social Distancing and how it helps in bringing down the active cases. Similarly, there is something called Social Media Distancing, Me and Kyatgirl took a Social Media Detox and rarely visited Instagram for past few weeks and guess what. There is a considerable drop in the "active cases", haha 😂 . This is me officially announcing my return to Instagram and I have got many surprises up my sleeve. Comic Series, Merchs, you name it. It's good to be back. 👻 . Stay tuned and get #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸 #ValkyatComicSeries #ValkyatMerchs #ValkyatFam ❤️

2 weeks ago

How's my Valkyat Logo T-Shirt ??? 🐸😺 We are planning to make them available for purchase. . When we launched our @valkyat logo during our All-India Ride, many of you asked whether official merchandise is available for purchase. Our concentration was fully towards our ride. . Currently now that we are all free and have literally all the time in the world, we are planning to get it done and make them available for purchase. Do share your thoughts 😊 . With love @valmakry amd @kyatgirl ❤️ #ValkyatFam #ValkyatMerchs

3 weeks ago

Kuzhalil onnum ittilla, janichapozhe nereya 😂 കുഴലിൽ ഒന്നും ഇട്ടില്ല, ജനിച്ചപ്പോഴേ നേരെയാ 😂 . @arrothedoggo 🐶🐾 #SonofValkyat #ARROthedoggo

3 weeks ago

Will you be my Quarantine ? 🐶🐾❤️ Not @arrothedoggo , this is Winter and she is also a Beagle doggo like our little arro baby 🔥 . Winter is #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸

4 weeks ago

I bet he is gliding in his dream wearing his Bat-suit 😂 The pose though. Haha @arrothedoggo 🐶🐾

last month

When you don't have weights, Use what you have 💪 Don't try this at Home 😂 . @kyatgirl is #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸 Guest appearance @arrothedoggo #WorkoutFromHome

last month

#Valkyat and The Magic Room ✨ Me & @kyatgirl playing Hide'N'Seek 🙈 . There are 2 doors in this room. One lead to the other. But they lose their magic power if used more than once by the same person. The second time, it will be just a normal door. Now watch the video again. . Get #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸 #MagicRoom #ValkyatFam

last month

Who did the best HOWL 👀 @valmakry or @arrothedoggo ?? . #SundayFunday #SonOfValkyat #Valmakryfied

last month

The question is not how, but when 🐶✨ @kyatgirl Thanks for your support, You're awesome ❤️ . Fo Magic classes you can contact @arrothedoggo , because it was his idea and we were merely executing it. He will be taking Zoom classes starting from tomorrow. . Magic is #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸 #MagicMakry #AbraKadabra

last month

#PanipaaliDanceChallenge X @neeraj_madhav 👻 . We haven't done a dance video yet but we loved the new Panipaali Song from @neeraj_madhav so much that we decided to do it anyway and here it is. If you haven't seen the video, go to YouTube and watch it. It's amazing, we lurvvv it. @valmakry x @kyatgirl 🐸❤️😺 . @arrothedoggo is too small for dancing, but he really wanted to be a part of it. We didn't want this attempt to be a real #Panipaali moment, so skipped for this time. lol 😂 . #Panipaali Song is #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸

last month

We are 385K strong #ValkyatFam 🔥 Arro says Thank you and Goodnight 💤 . @valmakry + @kyatgirl + @arrothedoggo = @valkyat Get #Valmakryfied

last month

. Some people, for example me have this habit of filling up their device memory no matter where they're. But I have the new WDMyPassport from my last visit to Delhi. I can click all I want and keep my memories alive. Check out my story to get yours. . #WDMyPassport is #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸 #BAckupYourDigitalLife

last month

My new Model 🐶 @arrothedoggo is #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸

last month

This is the cutest thing I have seen today ❤️ Thanks for this @vedarani_t 😊

last month

It's Friday Again and Friday is . . . . . . . . . .✌️🐸 Here is a gift from @arjuncmohan_art ( #WeeklyTen 5th week ) . You know the rules. You cannot suggest your own name, you can only suggest another Creator's name. Let's spread love and helping mentality among our #ValkyatFam and create a community filled with positivity. . When you type another person's name instead of yours, we are helping them together, #TogetherWeRise . Start commenting your favorite Creators' page in the comments section below. Remember, you can only suggest another person's profile. Also, spamming and bot profiles will be blocked. . #WeeklyTen is #Valmakryfied 🔥 Let's go ✌️🐸

last month

The Sleeping Booty 🍑 @arrothedoggo ❤️

last month

Journey so far - Day 24 ( Final post from the series ) The Controversial Photo from @valkyat comic series. . Valmakry aka Mr.V 's face without the helmet ❤️ Posting for those who haven't already seen this. Ever since I started this page I have been telling you all that valmakry is an anonymous character and this I am more like a real life representation of the comic character. . When I said I am going to reveal valmakry's face, many people expected my real life face reveal, but what they missed is that I was talking about reel life valmakry. In other words I kept my promise and I didn't cheat anyone. You missed the details and that's not my fault. I am responsible for what I say, but not for what you understand from that. As always, I love you all ❤️ . You're all #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸 #ValkyatComicSeries #ValkyatFam #EndofJourneysofar

last month

Meet ARRO ( pronounced as Arrow ) | @arrothedoggo 🐕 Check his page to know the reason for choosing this name. . No story, no long descriptions. I am typing and deleting for the past few minutes. Let the photo do the talking. He is happy, we are happy and I know you are all happy. What else do we need 🐸 . @arrothedoggo #SonofValkyat @valmakry + @kyatgirl + @arrothedoggo = @valkyat

last month

Journey so far - Day 23 @Valmakry 's #WeeklyTen ( Read 👇 ) . It is easy to point out problems around us but how does it make any difference if we don't give a solution to it? That's how #WeeklyTen came into existence. There are lot of talented people whose profile and work goes unnoticed. So, I started a new Digital Campaign to promote talented Creators on Fridays, every single week. . We didn't do #WeeklyTen prev 2 weeks but I am glad to let you all know that we are back but with a small change in rules. You cannot suggest your own name, you can only suggest another Creator's name. I will give you the reason why. There are 2 reasons actually, . Reason 1: Weekly Ten was started to find talents. There are lot of people with personal profiles tagging their names unnecessarily, which makes the selection process difficult. Reason 2: I want to spread love and helping mentality among our #ValkyatFam and want to create a community filled with positivity. When you type another person's name instead of yours, you're helping them. We are helping them together, #TogetherWeRise ❤️ Start commenting your favorite Creators page in the comments section below and get #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸 . Remember, you cannot suggest yourself in the comments, you can only suggest another person. #WeeklyTen is back 🔥

last month

Journey so far - Day 22 #ValkyatKalyanam announcement 🐸❤️😺 . On February 14th, 2020 @valmakry proposed @kyatgirl and she said yes. We also announced #ValkyatKalyanam but Corona changed all our plans. Hopefully everything goes back to normal soon, but we all know it will take time for all that. All that we can do is to support each other and overcome whatever is waiting for all of us. Let's fight this as one and survive this together. . World needs more good words and support that ever. Let's not use this time to find fault in others or to judge others. We are humans, let's act like one. #TogetherWeRise ❤️

last month

Journey so far - Day 21 Back home after All-India Ride . For the first time in the history of Kerala, Freestyle Motor show happened in Thrissur. This was our first event after we came back. It was brilliant and the crowd was amazing. It was an honor to be able to attend the event and that too as guests. Special thanks to @bandidos_pitstop for that ❤️ . I am not gonna describe this photo for you. Because I don't think I can do justice to this photo with a few words. So I leave that to you. Let it resonate with your description of love. How do you describe LOVE ? . Love is #Valmakryfied ✌️🐸 @valkyat = @valmakry + @kyatgirl 🐸❤️😺

last month

Journey so far - Day 20 @kyatgirl 's 1st Birthday Celebrationl 🎂😸❤️ . It was such amazing and eventful days at the @royalenfield #RiderMania2019 for #Valkyat . 2019 was double special because it was the first #RiderMania after we created @valkyat and most importantly, 2018 on this very same day @kyatgirl came into @valmakry 's life. . Special thanks to @bandidos_pitstop for helping me with this surprise celebration. A throwback dedicated to @kyatgirl ❤️