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When was the last time someone ran their fingers through the knots of your soul?

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Mar 2020

Spike is micro-managing me and I do not appreciate it. . . I miss my office on site 😩 #covid_19

Oct 2019

Y’all know I like having my picture taken with produce and goats.

Sep 2019

Who knew there were so many plants?

Feb 2019

We’ve been friends so long that all of my memories on this date on my Timehop revolve around Happy Birthday posts to you. So to keep the tradition going - Happy Birthday to you, Brittany. I’m looking forward to seeing all the greatness that this next year has in store for you, I don’t know of anyone more deserving of good things coming their way.

Feb 2019

A few weeks ago Luoluo and I screamed for approximately 2 hours while standing 20 feet from Jesse McCartney. Dreams really do come true 💫

Jan 2019

I’ve been pretty okay, I guess.

Dec 2018

We all showed up wearing matching pajamas. #FamilyProblems

Nov 2018

Happy that you’re back from Kentucky 🍎

Oct 2018

It wouldn’t have been fall if I didn’t go to the Renaissance Festival with my fave 🧡 . . Too embarrassing to post: mine and Brittany’s heads in a box surrounded by live 🐍🐍🐍

Oct 2018

Life is good.

Sep 2018

Happy 1st Birthday, Alexander! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was at the hospital - crying the happiest of all tears that you were born. Love you little man and I hope I get to see ya more often - you’re growing too fast 💗

Jun 2018

The g.o.a.t with a goat 🐐

Jun 2018

It’s been a month since graduating undergrad so I guess I should post some pictures...?

Dec 2017

One year down with Salem and I still can’t tell if he likes me or not. #SalemTheCat

Nov 2017

Since it feels more like winter than fall today, I figured I’d reminisce and post my photo series: “How to Pick Up a Pumpkin”

Oct 2017

Happy Halloween from your favorite witches! #TheWitchSabrina #SalemTheWitchCat

Oct 2017

“You must befriend a few skeletons before you find your deepest self...” . #HappyFridayThe13th

Oct 2017

Just a few clips since the start of fall that showcase me loving my life.

Sep 2017

🍁Happy 1st Day of Fall from baby me! 🍁

Sep 2017

🌻 We're blooming with grace amongst these fields of tangible sunshine 🌻

Sep 2017

Peeking to see how close graduation is. #WhereIsMay2018 #PleaseLetSeniorYearBeOver

Sep 2017

Didn't think it was possible to instantly love someone as soon as you laid eyes on them. So happy that you and your mom are healthy, you have so much love in your life. Love you sweet Alexander. #IgnoreMyCryingFace #September82017 #BirthDay

Aug 2017

It's only my first day back to school and I'm already missing summer.

Aug 2017

🔮Happy Birthday Salem!🔮