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Did you yell ‘America’ when you hit the accelerator?

last month

This is my pet duck. Her name is Daisy.

last month

Equal rights are necessary. Protesting is a useful tool. Rioting and looting contaminates the effectiveness of a protest. Be smart. Use your freedom of speech and freedom of assembly but remember that there are good and brave men and women away from their families holding up shields and being yelled at for something they would never do. Not all cops are bad. We need to do away with the bad ones and thank the good ones. #backtheblue #blackouttuesday

last month

We need reform and justice for George Floyd. Go out and vote for change. #blackouttuesday

Apr 2020

Happy Easter from me and my side chicks

Mar 2020

FYI horses can’t get COVID-19

Nov 2019

The worst day hunting is better than any day studying #nofilter #Utah

Oct 2019

Over the past year and a half I have had the amazing opportunity to train Rocco to be a service dog through @labsforliberty . From the day I picked him up I knew that it was going to be a difficult day to give him up. I grew to love Rocco and we formed a special bond. He became my best friend and watching him grow to become one of the smartest and best service dogs I’ve ever seen made me so proud of him. When I learned of the family he was going to, I knew it would be a perfect match. It has been a true blessing to see how Rocco has already changed the lives of his new family. Although it wasn’t easy to say bye to him, it helps to know that he is going to someone that truly loves and cares for him. Rocco will always hold a special place in my heart as a dog and a best friend who has taught me so much about dog training as well as life itself. Couldn’t be more proud of him.

Oct 2019

Okay @maggiegardner you can have him for a week or two but we’re gonna need him back #squad

Jun 2019

I actually caught a fish seconds after this picture was taken. I swear✋🏼✋🏼

May 2019

Words can’t begin to express the gratitude I feel towards my parents, family, friends, and teachers that have pushed me to reach my potential! It’s not over yet! #nowwhat . . . Not pictured: my Swoop socks #sgoutes

Oct 2018

4:51pm: flight from Indiana to Salt Lake 11:15pm: lands in Salt Lake 11:45pm: drives to Rexburg 3:30am: arrives in Rexburg 4:00am: leaves for duck hunting 7:55am: got my first duck of the season

Jun 2018

Me trying to contain my excitement about training Rocco #labsforliberty

Mar 2018

What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college?

Mar 2018

We had a great time together. You’ve been a good boy @cas_the_service_dog

Apr 2017

Congrats to my best friend!! You guys are perfect together. Wouldn't have it any other way!

Mar 2017

It may look like I'm studying anatomy but I'm just replaying spring break in my head #NavarreBeach #SpringBreak2k17

Mar 2017

You can stand under my umbrella

Mar 2017

We all had to hold our breath in order to fit everyone in our apartment in this photo booth. We're still too cheap to pay $3 to get the real photo booth pictures. #nicklecade #poplockabddropit

Jan 2017

Thank you to everyone who made this past year possible! Definitely couldn't have survived to age 22 without the help of my friends and family. I love all of you! #grateful #22 PC: @chloenicole96 DinnerCred: @chloenicole96 CakeCred: @chloenicole96

Dec 2016

Nothin like getting to meet your favorite band! #OldDominion #MeetandGreet #1015 #TheEagle

Oct 2016

Probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Glad I could go with these guys (and girl )!! #LukeBryan #DustinLynch #LittleBigTown

Sep 2016

#BYU fans said that they could've won the Las Vegas Bowl without all those turnovers. So we had to beat them with all our turnovers #GoUtes #Utah #collegefootball