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I’ve lived in 7 states and have personally experienced white supremacy in every single one. My intention is not to spotlight my experience, 1 ) I want my white friends to know where I stand. I’m calling you out. 2 ) I want my friends and family to realize what we’ve seen this week is not new, exclusive to a particular part of the country, or even a select part of the black community. It’s right there, in front of us all. Stop accepting the casual racism of your family, friends, and coworkers. The change has to start in our communities, at our dinner tables, on dating apps, at happy hours, at games, in group texts. If your community isn’t supporting black lives - leave it (I have, more than once. Happy to talk to you about it ). Volunteer, make new friends, learn from those that do. We all have a choice. And remember - You can’t spell white supremacy without misogyny. ✊🏽

Mar 2020

Quick Q - Who hasn’t downloaded TikTok yet? ⛰ #mtrainierwatch #urbanhiking #stayhome

Feb 2020

Found some sun to thaw my cold heart 🤖

Jan 2020


Jan 2020


Dec 2019

Christmas by the sea 🐚

Dec 2019

Maybe our first family portrait 🙎🏽‍♀️🐶

Nov 2019

Traditional Thanksgiving weekend hike with @katiloraine ! 🏔 #optoutside 🌲 #hikingbitches #pnwonderland

Nov 2019

Happy to conclude the #yearofjenny with these ladies in Nashville celebrating our friendship, my birthday, and so many big things to come in all of our lives! Love y’all. Here’s to 33! 💕

Nov 2019

For 14 years, I’ve never been alone 🐶👩🏽

Nov 2019

Get you friends who brave a little rain, a forest road full of potholes, and a bikini barista all for a 10 mi hike neither of you has done before ⛰ #pnwonderland #hikingbitches #yearofjenny

Nov 2019

Dogs everywhere (and me ) will now be confused about mealtimes for the next 6 months ⏱

Oct 2019

Dear Costa Brava, Can’t wait to visit you in the summer. #spain #costabrava #caladelillaroja #pals #visitbegur

Oct 2019

Empanada or churro? 🌴🎗🛵 🇪🇸 #barcelona #spain #gothicquarterbarcelona #gaudi #lafamiliasagrada #guell #mirobarcelona

Oct 2019

When you take a train to a cable car to a funicular to hike 5 miles up a mountain ⛰ #spain #montserrat #santjeroni #catalonia

Oct 2019

Went to Spain. The weather was ok, but the views, food, and company were 👌🏽 #vamosabarcelona #barcelonalove #costabrava #spaintravel

Sep 2019

I’m already complaining about the weather, taking my vitamin D pills, and Zillowing ☀️ places - So, if you want to keep the #hotgirlsummer dream alive, you know where to find me 😎 #seattledepression #fallinseattle

Sep 2019

This is the face I made when I saw otters, seals, and lizards on this super fun Point Lobos hike! #pointlobos #hikingcalifornia #womenwhohike #visitcalifornia #birdrock #westcoastbestcoast

Sep 2019

Brb moving to California, just don’t tell @nickstagraminc and @lizparkerwrites ! 🏄🏽‍♀️☀️🍦Fun facts about Big Sur: It didn’t have electricity until the 1950s, it’s the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline on the mainland US, just as many people visit as Yosemite, and it has the most dramatic sea to summit elevation gain on the mainland. And like most suburban millennial teens, I’ve been obsessed since reading Kerouac’s Big Sur in high school! 🤷🏽‍♀️ #elsurgrande #andrewmolerastatepark #hikingbitches #westcoastbestcoast #parkersibshiking

Sep 2019


Sep 2019

California 🍋

Sep 2019

I know, I can’t believe I’m posting this either 🍒

Aug 2019

We saw 1000000 pikas 😍

Aug 2019