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4 weeks ago

I’ve never loved or felt a love like this before. These last 6 months with you have been the best! I’m obsessed with my little mini and I just know the feeling is mutual. Big ups to the man above for choosing me for you 😊

last month

The closest thing to perfect 🥰😍

last month

Every reason to smile and be grateful 😩😍🥰

Mar 2020

Mommy’s little bestie is growing so fast! She’ll be 5 months this month. Time is just flying by my baby will be 1 before we know it 😩🤦🏽‍♀️🥰😍

Feb 2020

Girly face 😝

Feb 2020

Baby you my everything you all I ever wanted 🥰😍

Jan 2020

Spoiled cry baby butt, me and daddy have our hands full with this little human 😂🥰😩

Jan 2020

Because of you I know what true love is.... EST. 10/26/19 mommy’s baby, daddy’s girly face 😩🥰

Dec 2019

My heart in human form 😩😍🥰

Nov 2019

The best thing I ever did was have you. Idk what I did to deserve you but, thank you Lord for my biggest blessing. No matter the circumstances mommy will always be here. When I look in your eyes I know for once if never I finally did something right! If it’s me and you against the world, then so be it !10/26 my little Scorpio, Journie Shantell 😘

Aug 2019

I still can’t believe I’m about be a whole mommy. This has to be the best thing I’ve experienced my entire 29 years of living! I’m so excited to meet my baby girl, my little bestie, my biggest blessing.... 😊God is amazing and he works in mysterious ways😬 I am forever grateful! When I first found out I was pregnant I cried because I felt like I wasn’t ready. Now I can’t wait until she gets here 😩 the best is definitely yet to come. I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure Journie is always straight and never in need or want for anything! She can literally have it all, I already know she’s going to be spoiled 🤦🏽‍♀️

Aug 2019

Yesterday was beautiful, I truly appreciate everyone that came out to celebrate my baby girl with me! Thank you every one for coming especially those I missed 😩 I apologize for being so late.....🤦🏽‍♀️ Huge shout out to those of you that came and stayed until I got there, I love y’all 😘 Journie and I are forever grateful for all of you. 7 months in and 2 more to go, I can NOT wait till she gets here to witness all this love herself 😊

Aug 2019

Today is your day. I love you, I miss you, and I’ll never forget you. Happy Birthday to the purest soul and realist person I’ve ever met! From 2003 to 2019 you always remain the same YOU! Forever grateful for personally getting to know you. My brother from another, Happy Birthday E turn up in heaven! 🏁💙🕊

Jun 2019

Always in good spirits! I love you and I miss you bro 😢

Apr 2019

It was so amazing to witness you do your thang from the ground up. Like literally everything you ever rapped about came true. I truly admired everything about you and I was so proud of you. Blessed to know you, I’m so glad I was able to tell you that before you left this earth. Thank you for everything you did, you were amazing Nip! It took me so long to post this (how I actually feel ) I’m so hurt, still in disbelief. I truly hate it had to be you bro but, I know I can’t question God. The impact you left on the world though ? Crazy !!!! So many people showed up and out for you, everything you did and were trying to do will never go unnoticed. You touched the whole world bro I mean that literally, world wide bro. Everybody loved you so much! Thank you for being the exact same humble soul I met back in 2003. 04-05 were the days on 58th in the closet booth 😂 my first time ever recording anything was with you! 06 was one of the hardest years of my life though, I loss my mom and you were there! I never even had to call you, you just showed up. I never got to tell you how much that meant to me 😩 I could just keep going but I’m crying now. I love you bro thank you for just being you. The most humblest soul I’ve ever met, you were nothing short of amazing. Your legacy will forever live on and The Marathon Continues......💙🏁🤞🏽 #foreverNip #HussleandMotivate 🙌🏽

Feb 2019

Late Post! Follow and support @alwaysreadytoclean book with me for all of your cleaning and organizing needs !!

Feb 2019

@niq .thehairplug killed this unit! @handmadebentley killed this beat! I’m so in love 😩😍

Jan 2019

Now we pop champagne when we thirsty 🤷🏽‍♀️

Jan 2019

Lobster & filet mignon penne alfredo, strawberry spinach salad, and garlic toast😋 Made by yours truly 😝

Jan 2019

Custom unit install by the one and only @niq .thehairplug 💁🏽‍♀️

Dec 2018

Bae 💋

Dec 2018

You know I luh you, Happy Birthday Mali @therealtrapkitchen 💙😘

Dec 2018


Dec 2018

Good Vibes given off good vibes (good vibes ) 😊