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Jun 2020

Speaks for itself. On live television the cops demonstrated racial profiling and put these people who were protecting the stores in handcuffs while allowing the looters to get away. This is purely disgusting and it has to stop. This is exactly what we are protesting. Live fucking proof! #endpolicebrutality #endracialprofiling #blacklivesmatter #blm

Feb 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite person @emaanizadi 💕

Nov 2019

Here we are fam. 27 years old. It’s strange to think I’m now in my late 20s. This journey I have been on for the last 27 years has been a wild one to say the least. I’ve fallen a few times yet I always get back up a little stronger. I’ve lost some people along the way yet I’ve gained so many more. The most important one being myself. Although, I have never really been lost just a little disoriented and that’s okay. It’s okay to be foggy and unsure of which road you are going to take. Shit, I’ve taken a few dead ends and have turned back around halfway down the road and I’m sure I’ll make a few more illegal u-turns no matter how many signs I pass telling me not to. But isn’t that what life is about? Finding YOUR own way. Not following anybody else’s path but your own. Everyone’s journey is so unique and if we have ever crossed paths I want to thank you for what you’ve taught me and how you’ve helped me grow as a person 💜 Happy Scorpio season ♏️ #11121992

Oct 2019

It’s just tequila and the beach that’s why it’s salty when we kiss 💋

Sep 2019

If any of you guys have been with me for a while you’ve seen me go through some shit. I pretty much had given up on love, relationships, men. I had no hope left that good men existed. Then this fucking guy, holy shit. Since day one I knew he was different. Not only different from anyone I’ve ever dated, but different from anyone I’ve ever met. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to be in love with someone like @emaanizadi 💕 So this is your friendly reminder if you are over your shitty relationship and bullshit excuses, dump him sweetie. Your Prince Charming could be right around the corner (or following you on instagram ) Don’t miss out on him for a fuckboy.

Sep 2019

I just got back from quite possibly one of the most amazing weekends of my life and I owe it all to you @emaanizadi 💕 after planning this trip for months and finding out I couldn’t make my scheduled flight I accepted that I wasn’t going to be able to make it. But being the amazing man and boyfriend that you are you made sure that I was able to go and figured it all out for me when I didn’t have time to and assured me that It was all going to work out and it did. Thank you @emaanizadi I love you so much. 💜

Aug 2019

Instagram vs reality 💜 literally 98% of the time we are the second picture. Thank you so much @jennyrenee .photography for capturing our personalities so well 💕

Jul 2019

Happiest of almost birthdays to my PIC. I’m so grateful for you and for everything you do. You continuously amaze me every day and I’m so lucky to be able to grow along with you. To many more on channel 4, I love you babe💜

Jun 2019

My baby seal dog 💜

May 2019

How fucking lucky am I to live a life like this with a man like @emaanizadi 💕 #wishingwewereatthewoogie #mcm

May 2019

Was this weekend even real? #lightninginabottle #sickcontent

Apr 2019

Happy anniversary @emaanizadi 💜 What a fucking adventure the past two years with you have been. Thank you for constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone and for letting me push you out of yours. Thank you for being the best friend and an amazing boyfriend. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see what future adventures life takes us on together 💕 #theresawayiknow #4am

Mar 2019

Dis my Hooman #beyondwonderland #ravebae

Mar 2019

Lightning in a bottle memories always on my mind 💜

Mar 2019

A kinetic love 💜 #edclasvegas #kineticfield

Feb 2019

Throwback cause for the first time in a long time I’m having rave withdrawals. #Bassrushmassive

Feb 2019

I really felt the love last night 💜 nothing tops desert hearts vibes..nothing! I used to go to these events completely alone and somehow never felt alone the entire time. The souls I meet at these shows are some of the best I’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting and for that reason alone I keep coming. I am so blessed to experience love like this. Desert hearts family, I love you 💕 thank you for always accepting everyone and making us weirdos feel at home.

Feb 2019

Sorry for being MIA. I be busy.

Jan 2019

Having a blast in 2019

Jan 2019

Take time to stop and smoke the flowers.

Jan 2019

I know everyone has been bitching about 2018 but all I can say is that 2018 has been the best year yet because I got to spend it with you.

Jan 2019

Another year full of memories ❤️ #newyearsameus

Nov 2018

I know I post a lot of sappy shit guys I’m just so fucking grateful for this human. Have you ever been so happy you’re like “how the fuck did I get here”? Cause same. My motivation, my inspiration, my rock, my best friend. 💜 thank you for always pointing your fingerguns at me during awkward situations, you’re a real one 😘

Nov 2018