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3 weeks ago

Thank you for loving me and praying for me from day one.. in your eyes Everyday is Mother’s Day

Mar 2020

Morning spent hiking from Santa Cruz to Maracas Bay with these great people I call friends

Jan 2020

Happy birthday my sweetheart. I will forever miss you and love you.

Dec 2019

I have been doing CrossFit for over two years but these people have been my motivation and my team. To another year of us motivating each other with our goals.

Dec 2019

I AM 45. I’ve survived past a few persons I’ve known, cared for and loved, who passed before my age and for this I’m forever grateful. As I celebrate another year, I thank God for all the challenges experienced, new friendships and to more adventures ahead. #45 #birthday #grateful #loveAllWays #ihavegreatnesswithinme

Oct 2019

I ran today, the UWI half marathon. I did this primarily to honour my beautiful cousin Narda Williams who was a long distance runner and who died due to Breast Cancer in 2015. It took me 4 years to either get the confidence or the fitness level to achieve this challenge. I’m overjoyed and so very proud that I can say that it was completed. I made the decision on Sept 12 when I asked a friend of mine what he thought, and he believed I could have done but I would need to put in the work. In just 38 days I listened and I worked hard. Narda, this is for you. I love you and I miss you. To all who showed support, especially my friends & crossfit community, words can’t express how thankful and grateful I am.

Jul 2019

#happybirthday #daddy #86 have a great day. Miss you everyday. #rip

Jun 2019

I’ve been with @igonecrossfit for just over 2yrs and have developed and grown within this CrossFit arena with the drive, dedication and consistency required to get stronger and execute some new movements. One movement which has been a fear of mine is the handstand. When I made the decision to be a part of the Beast Out with Barber workshop with @lindybarber , I was able to further develop my techniques and of course take on that handstand fear. I want to officially thank @igonecrossfit for the continued #support and drive for their membership and for having this workshop and to thank @lindybarber for having the #patience and #motivation for me to #conquer the #handstand #removethefear #crossfit #beastoutwithbarber #igonecrossfit

Jun 2019

Friends are special beings to have in our lives. I’ve been fortunate to be blessed with a selected few of close friends. This beauty here has been one of those friends. For 29yrs, we’ve been there for each other for many things in our lives; good, bad and everything in between. Your strong personality and smile will be missed by many and more so by me. I will always miss you and I will always keep your memories in my heart. Bye sweetie...love you! Rest in love. #youarewiththeAngels #friends #friendslikefamily #restinpeace #RIP #tears #crying #hurt #missingyou Sunrise 14.01.1975 Sunset 12.06.2019

May 2019

Thank you for always praying for me and asking God to protect me. #myrock #mybestsupporter #myguidance #mylove #myqueen #mymom #everydayismothersday

Mar 2019

Dedication, hard work, some failures and lots of learning along the way. Thank you to my clients who have trusted me along the way and the future ones who I will serve. #iamsagicor #rookieoftheyear2018 #grateful

Dec 2018

When I was 4 yrs old, I only wanted to enjoy life and share my love with all. Now 40 yrs later, nothing has changed. I just continue doing it and professionally as well. Thank you for life, good health, strength, friends, family, colleagues and the many experiences I’ve had thus far. #44 #birthday #capricorn #loveALLways

Dec 2018

Christmas time at home. #CoCoBelle #puppyfirstchristmas #shegotagift

Dec 2018

Sometimes all it takes is to remove the fear and just try. It wasn’t easy. In fact it was a good test of strength, endurance and besides the body pains, how far the mind can push you. In the end, my team focused on our individual strengths & did well together. 1st place Men’s Scaled R2D(a Redman & 2 Dougla ) Great job @keanu_otero_ & @kenneth_868 Thank you @igonecrossfit #crossfit #igonechristmasclassic #endurance #strength #pain #sweat #shazamwestillloveyou

Dec 2018

When the office has a DYS- decorate your space- competition and the theme is “The Grinch” Guess who gets to do it 🤦🏽‍♂️ #christmas #grinch #financialsolutionsspecialist #securingonelifeatatime #

Nov 2018

Preparing for the week ahead and she wants to see and play. #puppy #cocobelle #securingonelifeatatime #financialsolutionsspecialist #myteam #people #passion #purpose

Nov 2018

As much as I can be quite sociable, I’m also a bit shy; especially when it comes to sharing who I am. Here’s just a few things I was able to share with my great company. #People #Passion #Purpose #SagicorStrong #SecuringOneLifeAtATime #MakeEachDayAStoryWorthTelling #ServingYouForABetterFuture #shares

Aug 2018

How the yrs have gone by quickly and the #friendship grown. #happy #birthday to a great, talented and hardworking #woman and soon to be #mother Have a #fantastic day #batman #carnivalboss #solangegovia #chubz #wbw

Jun 2018

This is teamwork!! Train hard and do it over and over and over again until it becomes a part of you. We all put in the fight to do our best and in the end captured gold!! #Repost @aquaholicstt with @get_repost ・・・ Congratulations Team !! We are so proud of everyone that trained hard with us leading up to this regatta. Thank you to all our friends and supporters who cheered us on both on shore and from home 🇹🇹 - 🥇2,000m Mixed Small Boat 🥇500m Mixed Small Boat 🥇500 Open Small Boat 🥇200m Female Small Boat 🥇200m Mixed Small Boat 🥇200m Open Small Boat Road to Pan Am 2019 begins .. - #aquaholics #aquaholicsTT #dragonboat #igpaddlers #team #hillview #hyperions @hs_hyperions

May 2018

I haven’t seen this man in 36 yrs; he was 11 and I was 7. #cousins #fletcherclan #hisdadandmymomweresiblings #happybirthday #surprise