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23 hours ago

24 hours warning!!! 🚨 - Tomorrow we will be launching my brand new edit with @renekcouture and I’m so excited about it! We have some perfect pieces to show you that every one of you will LOVE! I mean come on who doesn’t love pastels 🎀🦋


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Downfall of a British beach day - having to keep an eye out for the seagulls when food is on display 🐦

2 days ago

Bored of just being in quarantine? Looking to get productive and make some money while at home? Give my girl becky a follow on @tradelikebecksfx if you’d like to start making money online from home 🏠 perfect time to get started with everyone stuck indoors, yes the markets have hit a low but we day trade and use this to our advantage 👩‍💻, she’s helped hundreds of people quit their jobs, make money from home and is now her own independent boss! Traveling the world whilst earning from her phone 💁‍♀ #AD

2 days ago

Stay tuned 🎀

3 days ago

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6 days ago

Cousins by blood - Sisters by heart - Friends by choice - Miss and love you @marns

2 weeks ago

Bringing some holiday vibes to @kasaamor 🌷 - Loungewear with a classy twist @wanderdoll_ this edit is a dream @tfrtc ! Thank you I love it!

2 weeks ago

I love a sweet jacket potato! I also love coronation sauce, so here’s a healthier version of the recipe! - Bake the sweet potato in the oven wrapped in tin foil for around 20 mins on high heat - pierce a few times with fork throughout For ingredients head to @skinnyfoodco

2 weeks ago

Kept my hands off the cookie jar. - Wearing @locketloves

2 weeks ago

Swipe right for captain bored in the house hook. 🏴‍☠️ - The captain and his favourite light fixture from @wayfairuk #mywayfairuk

2 weeks ago

After wearing no extensions here’s my quick fix of a bouncy pony 💓

2 weeks ago

@ellennabelle shirt dress getting me excited to go on my social distancing walk this bank holiday weekend 🤷🏽‍♀️🦋

2 weeks ago

MY FIRST EVER YOU TUBE VIDEO is finally up! Since it’s #mentalhealthawareness week I decided to film a video on how negative and low I used to feel. I started to change the way I thought and seen diff situations which changed my outlook. I really hope the platform I have can help some people going through anything right now. If you want to give it a watch the links in my bio. I appreciate all the support as this is a little out of my comfort zone. Hope you guys enjoy sending love and hugs Soph 🦋

2 weeks ago

So excited to upload my first you tube video tonight!! I’m going to be talking about all things life.... mostly how I changed as a person and changed my thought process. This is all very new to me so please support and help me out. Also let me know below what you wanna see on my you tube channel? (Link is in bio )

2 weeks ago

Today is the day we celebrate my fave girl @charlottegshore birthday! We’ve been through a lot together but now we share our 30s together. I’m so proud of the woman you have become ... i can’t wait to continue to experience this crazy life we are living together. Through thick and thin my toosh. See you very soon for the biggest party ever! To another decade my good old pal.

2 weeks ago

I did it! I finally got round to making a you tube channel! I’m so new to all this so please show me some love. Please subscribe to my channel ... I’m going to post the full video once i reach a few followers ... please comment below what you would like to see from me ... I can’t wait to interact with you all more! 💞 - Link in bio 📺

3 weeks ago

Living in gym wear atm. Wbu? - Wearing this unreal peach 3 piece from @pompomsandfrills .123 - Trainers @dior

3 weeks ago

WOW WOW WOW. So whilst having a phone clear out I came across this amazing memory - 10 year ago we filmed this advert for GEORDIE SHORE - Magaluf madness I remember it so well , we felt like we had made it 😂 a bunch of kids not a clue what we were doing, this advert was filmed in Wembley stadium to make it look like a airport and I remember just looking around thinking wtf is happening to my life 😂 I also had to learn this sentence about a million times and still don’t no if it even means what it’s meant to 😂 - The memories I have with these people will honestly last me a life time. We started one crazy journey together and forever have done eachother proud. - No one can ever deny that the first series of @geordieshore were the best times ever. The best cast and the best memories. Enjoy this throwback my OGs 👊🏽 - @greglake_ @jamesgshore @jayggardner @gazgshore - @vickypattison @hollygshore @charlottegshore

3 weeks ago

Mood x 3 - Wearing @hustlefashionclothing

3 weeks ago

Daydreaming becoming a daily routine now. Miss you world 🌍 - Lashes @primalash_lashes @misskda

3 weeks ago

You guys asked about these a few weeks ago. I have a shot a day and I have 100% seen a difference in my skin and also in my weight loss. I researched these shots and seen they had so many benefits for your immune system, detoxing, skin , hair the list goes on. Trust me these are not for the faint hearted 😂 you do get used to the taste. Give them a go ready to start your new week.

4 weeks ago

Mamacita 👩🏽‍🦱

4 weeks ago

Hi welcome to my @kasaamor salon. Who’s next for a cut and blow? 😂 - I’m so impressed at how my make up room turned out!! I’m counting down the days to when me and my girls can be in here all getting glammed up for a night on the toon! - If your looking for a dressing table with plenty of storage then check out @wayfairuk they have loads of diff dressers. - Chair from @myfurniturecom - The other items are tagged on @kasaamor page