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We called on our global community to share what's motivating you to STAND TALL during this time and here's what you said... SO very inspiring. Let's continue the conversation and stand tall 🙌🌎 for one another. 🎶 #AtlasFalls 🔗 in bio


Shinedown Nation! We’re just as sad as you are that our Deep Dive Tour couldn’t happen this year. But! We figured we’d finish the merch line we had planned to have available anyway... So here’s the Shinedown Deep Dive Merch line from us to you! 🔗 in bio!


... @thebrentsmith Myself @zmyersofficial @bkerchofficial and @ebassprod are taking a moment today to say thank you to our #incredible , #hardworking , #innovative , #talented , #awesome , #visionary , #photographer and #videographer the one, and ONLY @sanjayparikhphoto . Let me just tell you there are so many things being created #behindthescenes right now in the world of not only @shinedown but also @smithandmyersofficial that depend on this man right here. So today, and everyday we say thank you, we say we love you, and we say to the world #werejustgettingstarted For all the unique visuals, and Insights go to @sanjayparikhphoto and follow him on his personal @instagram account #respect

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... @thebrentsmith In light of a recent article written by one of the editors for @stereogum Mr. Chris Deville I have a message...

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#SDRegram via @directrelief #PPE , critical medication, and personal care products from #DirectRelief continue to reach #frontline #health workers confronting #COVID19 in communities across the U.S., with shipments departing this week for #healthcare providers in dozens of States -- from #Washington to #Florida and #California to #Connecticut . Every donation counts! Secure your "Atlas Falls" t-shirt at the 🔗 in our bio or by going to directrelief.org. 100% of proceeds benefit Direct Relief. 🙌🌎 . . 📷 @directrelief

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We created "Atlas Falls" with one very important message in mind: that we are at our best when we need each other. Now more than ever, this message rings true. Which lyrics speak to you the most and why? Share your favorite “Atlas Falls” lyrics creatively on social media with #AtlasFallsLyricArt  for a chance to be featured. Atlas Falls 🎨 by @liz .neidich. “Trying to make this my mantra in light of some difficult weeks.” . . #shinedown #atlasfalls #westandtall #cometogether #bethechange #loveoneanother #wegothis #mondaymotivation

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... @thebrentsmith me, and @sanjayparikhphoto are trying to capture The wild @ebassprod but he is a Cheetah, and you’ve got to be quick... We also want to say we know you guys, and girls have been extremely patient as there are no #massgatherings of any sort right now when it comes touring, and #livemusic ... That being said, I want everyone to know Live events WILL return... All of us in @Shinedown the men,and women in our, crew, our management @indegoot and label @atlanticrecords are working with multiple, promoters, agencies, events, venues of ALL sizes globally to ensure that the public safety of everyone is our first priority. I ask everyone to not have a knee-jerk reaction when it comes to the term #newnormal . The reality is now there’s a new protocol, a higher standard, when it comes to not only public safety, but also sanitation for large scale events, such as concerts, sports, conventions, and so on. We all know what we are up against, but I’m telling you right now if we all work #together we will succeed, and be stronger than ever... In meantime you know me @zmyersofficial @bkerchofficial @ebassprod always have some thing up our sleeve😈 #livemusic #london #turnthebassup #shinedown #shinedownnation #shinedowncrew #houselight #indegoot #atlanticrecords #warnermusicgroup #theriseofrocknroll

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Peace & love my friends... Hope everyone had a great weekend ✌️ #unity #equality #love #respect 🌈

6 days ago

Team Shinedown hopes you have a rockin weekend. Be good to one another... Onwards & upwards we all rise together.🤘🙌

1 weeks ago

It’s BBQ szn y’all. Who’s cookin up some mean dishes this weekend? #flashbackfriday #grillingandchilling

2 weeks ago

Current mood 😁🤘as we think about all the incredible moments we’ve shared together in the same room Shinedown Nation and SO many more to be made! Tell us your ALL time favorite Shinedown memory thus far... GO! #throwbackthursday . . 📷 @sanjayparikhphoto

2 weeks ago

Twelve years ago today we released our record #TheSoundOfMadness . In celebration of 1️⃣2️⃣ years of madness let us know what your favorite track is!!! 🤘

2 weeks ago

Today’s Tattoo Tuesday is brought to you by @claudiamking inspired by our new song #AtlasFalls ... Killer #SDInk 🤘 Keep it comin!

2 weeks ago

... @thebrentsmith So today let me tell you, it’s been a day. I woke up focused, I woke up ready, I woke up happy, I woke up calm,cool,collected, and ready to conquer. If you know anything about me, then you know I am ferocious from sun up, to sundown. One thing that I try to do when I wake up is, the first alarm wakes me up, and then I have another one set for #1 hour later, and for that one hour, I don’t look at my phone. I don’t read the news, I don’t look at text, I don’t read emails, and I don’t search social media. I started doing this quite a while ago, not because somebody suggested it, but because it has become one of my #anchors . I follow #dwaynejohnson on @Instagram aka @therock And I have always admired his motto that you have to find your #anchor in life. Find the things that ground you, and keep you level headed. I got to be honest. When that hour was up today, and I started to look at what was going on around the world, it didn’t make me mad. It didn’t make me frustrated, it didn’t make me sad, didn’t piss me off, it didn’t make me want to scream, and it didn’t make me want to cry... Because I’ve done ALL of that already... What it did is motivate me. It challenged me. It opened my eyes even more , to NOT go quite into that goodnight... If you see someone who needs help, then #help . If you see an #injustice then stop it... If you think you’re broken, I #promise your not. If you feel like quitting, DON’T... Go... Go... #takebackyourlife #together #getup #getamoveon #beyoubeawesome #shinedown #shinedownnation #shinedownfamily #shinedowncrew

2 weeks ago

#MondayMotivation brought to you by @bkerchofficial x @shinedown_italy ✌️💛 Tag a friend who needs pick-me-up! Because, we’re all in this together... #WeStandTall . . 📷 @shinedown_italy

2 weeks ago

... @thebrentsmith Happy Father’s Day!!! So I came across this a little while ago from the lovely @foofan101 As some of you may, or may not know the gentleman in this video is none other than the amazing @stevorock101 Who just happens to be our @shinedown @zmyersofficial @bkerchofficial @ebassprod A&R at @atlanticrecords of almost 2 decades... This video shows such a beautiful example of how awesome of a father he is to his kids @chloeroserobertson @colerobertson7 and loving husband to Mrs. @foofan101 . We love you STEVO!!! #happyfathersday #family #live #life #love #shinedown #shinedownnation

2 weeks ago

Keep moving forward now Keep your head above the clouds I'm right with you, I will lift you Just hold on #WeStandTall #AtlasFalls . . 📷 @danni .arndt.photography

2 weeks ago

We are still battling #Covid19 and our friends at @directrelief continue to help those who are most vulnerable on both a national and international level. Pictured: Supplies from Direct Relief, which arrived in #Ecuador on June 4, 2020 to mitigate the impact of the #Covid19 , are unloaded and disinfected by customs officials on their way to hospitals. (Photos: Isadora Romero/Direct Relief ) Link in bio to purchase our #AtlasFalls fundraiser t-shirt. 100% of the proceeds benefit @directrelief . #WeStandTall for those in need. #SDRegram @directrelief

2 weeks ago

You got this!!! 💪 A little motivation as you power through to the weekend... #fridaymood . . 📸 @sanjayparikhphoto 🎨 @shinedowndanmark

3 weeks ago

We wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to our incredible fan base for continuing to support @directrelief through the purchase of our special #AtlasFalls t-shirt. Keep posting your Atlas Falls t-shirt selfies for a chance to be featured on our IG story 🙌 Grab your t-shirt & listen to “Atlas Falls” at the 🔗 in our bio #thankyouthursday #westandtall

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Join @ebassprod + bass tech and artists rep @hoogieontheroad June 18th at 3PM EST via @prestigeguitars Instagram Live. Please tune-in and let HooGie know if YOU have any questions??? 👇

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TURN IT UP ⬆️ TUESDAY! 🔊 Check out this incredible piano cover of #AtlasFalls ! Much respect for making this your own. #SDRepost / 🎹 @musicashcroft (go to his IG for full version )

3 weeks ago

Suns out gunz out y’all 💪. It’s Monday and you know what that means? It’s time to motivate! If you’re based in the Los Angeles / Ventura County area go get your work out on at Bas Rutten Elite MMA ( @elitemmagym ). They just re-opened and are following ALL safety precautions. If you’re in the area, check em out and say hi to our guy @mfcasas (pictured ) Much respect to the dream team @mfcasas @cameronharn @got_rich #mondaymotivation #getafterit #westandtall #getamoveon

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We miss you #ShinedownNation and this view!!! Let’s take a trip down memory lane... Share your favorite Shinedown concert memories below🤘 . . 📷 @sanjayparikhphoto