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We aim to create a San Diego where every learner is at the center of a rich ecosystem of connected STEM learning opportunities. #STEM #stemecosystems

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Compete as an engineer to build the highest tower 🌆 Plan, build, and make it better! #engineering #dailydoseofSTEM #earlychildhoodSTEM

6 days ago

Register today! Collab Lab will be going virtual on August 18. RSVP for a morning full of networking, collaborating, and learning together: https://forms.gle/wMTTK4GtdDVpsbJU6 #sdstemecosystem #collablab

2 weeks ago

Look for shapes in nature, on your walks, in the grocery store, or even a doctor’s office! 🟢🟨🔷🛑 #math #dailydoseofSTEM #earlychildhoodSTEM

3 weeks ago

Build your math skills by counting your snacks 🍇 How many grapes are on your plate? How many pretzels fit in your hand? #math #dailydoseofSTEM #earlychildhoodSTEM

4 weeks ago

Practice your engineering skills making a fun fort in the living room 🏰 Evaluate your resources, test your designs, make it better! #engineering #dailydoseofSTEM #earlychildhoodSTEM

5 weeks ago

Learn about the science of light and shadows ☀️Play shadow tag to show how your body can block and change light. #science #dailydoseofSTEM #earlychildhoodSTEM www.pre-kpages.com/science-for-kids-body-shadows/

last month

The Ecosystem hasn’t slowed down at all since we moved to working remotely! This month our Women in STEM working group organized a Virtual Mentoring Workshop to support the Role Model Initiative. Over 40 STEM mentors logged on to learn tips from our fabulous panel and presenter! Get involved at sdstemecosystem.org/role-model #sdstemecosystem #womeninSTEM #STEMrolemodels #bethatgirl

Mar 2020

Science and engineering came alive at @lovestemsd Expo Day this weekend! Our partners showed up to engage with San Diegans of all ages and demonstrate the power of STEM! 🏗⚡️💪🏻 #expoday2020 #festivalofscienceandengineering #powerofstem @sdlabrats @makingstem

Dec 2019

‪We had a great time tonight talking BEETLES, conservancy, and favorite brews. Cheers to our Environmental Education working group chairs and the Ecosystem CPO for organizing such a fun evening! (And thanks @stonelibertystation for the toasty heat lamps 🔥 )‬

Nov 2019

Yesterday, representatives from Japan's Ministry of Education met with some of our STEM Ecosystem leaders to learn how they could start an ecosystem of their own. How cool is that?? And they came bearing gifts! 🤗🎁🍰 #stemecosystems #internationalcollaboration

Nov 2019

Happy belated Halloween! The STEM Ecosystem's CPO joined the rest of the @fleetscience education team in dressing up as the periodic table. Did anyone else have a STEM themed costume this year? 🌡🎃🍭

Sep 2019

Big thank you to the nearly hundred (hundred! ) attendees at our Women in STEM Summer Networking Event! We believe in the power of collaboration and connections, and this night was specifically aimed towards the goal of empowering, sustaining, and encouraging women in the sciences (and beyond ). Thank you, always. #womeninstem #womeninstemwednesday #stemecosystems

Jun 2019

attending @sandiegocoe ’s first ever MESI Symposium at the #ComicConMuseum ! #GetMESI with conversations on Making, Entrepreneurship, STEAM, and Inventing I’m the context of equity, future careers, and a sustainable culture of education

Apr 2019

Thank you @sandiegofoundation and @mopasd for hosting a screening of #NoSmallMatter and engaging the audience in a deep, uncomfortable, and meaningful conversation around the lifelong importance of early childhood education, and the systemic lack of access to such.

Mar 2019

Thank you Toni Stith from @carnegiescictr for presenting on the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway to local partners! And thank you @sandiegocoe for hosting and presenting on the future of the Criteria for Quality STEM/STEAM in San Diego!

Mar 2019

Thank you to everybody who made this year’s first Collab Lab a possibility! We’ll see you all at the next one ☺️

Jan 2019

a quick peek into our #WomenInSTEM Working Group meetings, showing just a few of our incredible team members collaborating for the group’s Role Model Initiative #stemeducation #stemecosystems

Dec 2018

Freddie the sponge fish decided to go on an adventure. What Freddie didn't know, was the difference between their clean swimable area of the ocean and conditions downstream. Freddie swam and swam through trash, plastics, fertilizer, animal waste, chemicals and oil, slowly inhaling what we know as pollution. Our Ecosystem Students participated in the Pollution Solution Experiment where they learned about our friend Freddie, how rain is great for the environment yet contributes in polluting our waters and what type of filters WE can build to prevent contamination. Check out the video and see how rain effects Freddy on their big adventure. #sdstemecosystem #pollutionsolutionexperiment #freddiethespongefish

Oct 2018

Great event last night hosted by @illuminainc and @fleetscience celebrating #adalovelaceday ! Honored to have met so many women in #stem fields last night #womeninscience #womeninstem #sdstemecosystem #stemeducation

Oct 2018

The October Collab Lab is here! RSVP today to reserve your spot: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScngxczfWjA9Rn_4oIw0_YXNJ-49ucRuH6u1sw0EUJ-niPnxg/viewform #stem #collablab #stemeducation #collaboration

Aug 2018

Need some PD on how to use social media? Our Business Partnerships chair, Kim Jones from Project Lead The Way, facilitated a free webinar on it! View here: fccdl.in/lpswWFk4RE (slides here: http://bit.ly/SDSTEMSocialMedia101 ) #SDSTEM #SocialMedia #PD #ProfessionalDevelopment

Jul 2018

We’re at the San Diego Zoo for Tech-to-Reconnect. Come by our booth and say hi! #conservation #SDSTEM

Jun 2018

We will be participating in #lgbtstemday 🏳️‍🌈, will you? Celebrate with us on July 5th at @fleetscience ! #lgbt #STEM fleetscience.org/events/lgbt-stem-day

Jun 2018

Have you seen all the changes we’ve gone through this year?! In addition to a new logo, we launched our new website! Register as a partner at www.sdstemecosystem.org #STEM #stemecosystems