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6 hours ago

🧬 this is the process of removing a wisdom tooth. Does it look as feel as it looks? Drop a 🦷 if you still have your wisdom teeth/tooth • video source: u/__Dawn__Amber__ #science #wisdomteeth #wisdomteethremoval #dental #tooth


🧬 check out this stunning shot of a wool carder bee 🐝 Take a closer look at the little eyes on the top of its head. They are called ocelli, also known as simple eyes. Simple eyes collect and focus light through a single lens to assist bees with sun orientation, allow easy navigation during the day #bee #carderbee #ocelli #simpleeyes

2 days ago

🧬🐋 this humpback whale is a survivor & total badass. In 2001 she earned the name “Blade Runner” after she survived being cut up by a boat propeller. She earned her stripes along with triple OG status, and has the survival scars to show it #whale #humpback #humpbackwhale #scars #science

3 days ago

🧬 check out these sunglasses made by the Iñuit 4000 years ago. Not only were these shades big drip (high fashion ), they also protected the eyes from UV light and snow blindness. Always cool to see some throwback technology 🔥 #science #inuits #glasses #tech

4 days ago

🧬 this frog thought it would have a feast without a fight as it snacked on this venomous spider 🕷 little did it know, this would be its last meal as the spider scores a kill from the grave #savagemode #natureismetal #spider #frog

5 days ago

🧬 did you know male lizards sometimes hang themselves upside down so the female can sleep warm and comfortably? *scoff* your BF could neva 💅 #science #lizard #lizardbae

6 days ago

🧬 not all babies are cute 😖 check out this stag beetle in its pupa form. Stag beetles usually spend up to 6 years of their life underground in the larvae stage before they emerge as beetles. Throughout those years underground the stag beetle has the munchies as it snacks on rotting wood to build a massive fat reserve that’ll help fuel them in life as adults #science #stagbeetle #beetle #beetlejuice

2 weeks ago

🧬 how cute is this mini dinosaur? 🐢 Snapping turtles are believed to have a lifespan of over 100 years. They might be small and cute, but don’t sleep 😴 Most snapping turtles have an average bite force of 200 newtons. It’s not much compared to the 1300 newton’s humans can produce between our second molars, but these lil turtles are capable of snapping fingers clean off — snip snip ✂️ #science #snappingturtle #turtle

2 weeks ago

🧬 NOPE! This is a Parablepharis Kuhlii. These insects are quick to have their victims in their grips before biting chunks. Although this mantis looks vicious, don’t believe the hype. This kind of praying mantis can be intimidated by larger pray, and are harmless to humans as they are not venomous with jaws too small to cause serious injury — still tho, NOPE.

2 weeks ago

🧬 check out this model T. Rex made by Blue Rhino Studios 🦖 SUE the T. rex. is one of the most up to date representations — it even has scars on the leg where the fossil had an injury 🦴 #trex #dinosaur #fossil #science

2 weeks ago

🧬 the perfect chill spot for cavemen & cavewomen to Fireflix & Chill 🔥 The Eternal Flame Falls is a small waterfall located in the Shale Creek Preserve, Western New York. A small grotto at the waterfall's base emits natural gas with enough energy to produce a small flame • #science #eternalflame #waterfall #firefall

2 weeks ago

🧬 check out these drone shots of Tahlequah, an orca who 2 years ago carried her dead calf a distance of 1,000 miles over 17 days. There’s a silver lining though, as Tahlequah is pregnant again! #science #orca #tahlequah

2 weeks ago

🧬 at first sight some may think this is just some dank 🌱 but this is a moth known as the Walnut Sphinx. The Walnut Sphinx forces air out of specially modified “whistling” spiracles to create a squeak sound. The squeaking is a survival method as it mimics bird distress calls, deterring predators • video source credit: u/SligPants #science #moth #insect #walnutsphinx

3 weeks ago

🧬 NOPE! This is a whip spider, also known as a tailless whip scorpion. Contrary to how villainous they look these spiders are actually harmless towards humans, making them great pets for many people...but still; NOPE. These spiders vary in size. Smaller ones have leg spans that only reach 2 – 3 inches long, while bigger ones can stretch 25 – 27 inches long 🕷 #science #spider #taillesswhipscorpion #whipspider #insect #nope

3 weeks ago

🧬 this plum isn’t feeling the water’s vibe so it activated its hater blocker force field 🛑 what you’re seeing here is epicuticular wax in effect. Epicuticular wax is a coating of wax consisting of organic hydrophobic compounds that cover the outer surface of plants that grow in land #plum #hydrophobic #water #science

3 weeks ago

🧬 this is what a dolphin looks like in the womb! 🐬 Don’t be alarmed, this isn’t the real thing. This is a model of an eight week old dolphin fetus created using ultrasound scans and computer graphics made by special effects company Artem and photographed by Dr David Barlow #dolphin #ultrasound #science

3 weeks ago

🧬 check out the size of a baby sunfish compared to an adult! 😏 they’re growers not show-ers. The weight of an adult sunfish normally ranges between 247 and 1,000 kg (544- 2,204 pounds, ) with some being up to 2,267 kg (5,000 pounds! ) Large Sunfish are usually 4 meters (14 feet ) vertically and 3 meters (10 feet ) horizontally • photo source: u/RTG-rohittugaya #science #sunfish #fish #ocean #marinelife

3 weeks ago

🧬 check out this fierce encounter between an owl and a cat 🦉🐈 The owl’s defense is to make itself appear larger to intimidate 😤 The cat keeps it savage as it remains 10 toes down, ferocious and ready to pounce • video credit: Lucrece/ViralHog #science #owl #cat

3 weeks ago

🧬 believe it or not, this video is not a time lapse! A river of lava was recorded flowing through Hawaii 🌋 Generally lava flows sluggishly, but when when flowing on steep slopes the speed can range from 6-30MPH! Following the collapse of a lava lake at Mount Nyiragongo, a top speed of 60MPH was documented 🤯 #science #volcano #lava

4 weeks ago

🧬 check out the chromatophores on this squid 🦑 Chromatophores are cells that contain pigment and reflect light. This is how animals like squids change color. They change the size of the chromatophores whenever they feel disturbed or threatened #science #squid #chromatophores

4 weeks ago

🧬 Fulgurites are natural tubes of glass that form after lightning strikes sand. The shape of the fulgurite mimics the path of the lightning bolt, leaving behind striking art. A temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius is needed to form a fulgurite, meaning all lightning strikes that hit the ground are capable as most have a temperature of 2500 degrees celsius #fulgurite #sand #lightning #science

4 weeks ago

🧬 at first it was believed this unlucky guy was crush by a boulder while running from a volcano 🌋 Archaeologists have since located an open-mouthed skull near the the body, putting the crushed by stone block theory to rest 💤 “Now we know that the death was not due to the impact of the block, but presumably from probable asphyxiation due to the pyroclastic flow,” wrote the Pompeii Archaeological Park “ - nationalgeographic.com/news/2018/06/headless-pompeii-skull-archaeology-science/

4 weeks ago

🧬 this Bumblebee meets its demise as it lands on the back of a Praying Mantis. Praying Mantis have great vision 👁 They can see in 3-D! “Their eyes each have a fovea – a concentrated area that allows them to focus and track with acuity. Aside from those two large compound eyes, they also have three spare simple eyes located in between.” - Melissa Breyer/Treehugger #science #prayingmantis #circleoflife #yikes

4 weeks ago

🧬 just some regular worker ants casually carrying their fishing winnings of shrimp on a Wednesday 🐜 • source credit: u/alstraka #science #ants #shrimp