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A complex of all biochemicals that works improperly proper😉😉

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2 weeks ago

Panda's vacation diaries. Though panda just posed in the garden or just sat in the swing thinking about food, vacations were cool! Panda misses it!! Throw back someday!!! . P.S to self: Stop looking through google photos memory archive and crying about it. Then also stop posting throwbacks!😋😜

Mar 2020

Last month these three days! It started with an early morning train that passed the desert rocks with an awesome view of the sunrise landing me to a place filled with some of my people and memories!. They have been with me through the toughest situations of my life and always supporting.! And it's easy to learn life with these people.!!Loads of love.! #throwbackmonday

Feb 2020

A Letter to Charlie! Letters are magical as they bring in the emotions we feel into words and let them be for a long time. The problem is whom do you write to? Charlie wrote to his dear friend whom she told about at the party. And he was able to write. And I know Charlie and I wrote this to him. I really thought of writing to Patrick as well but you know as usual he would have crumbled it apart. For all the wallflowers out there.! #perksofbeingawallflower #slutandthefalcon #stephenchbosky #dearfriend #letters

Jan 2020

When I stand like the leaning tower of Pisa! (Inner me:Why can't I stand straight?! And why is the carpet twinning with me )

Nov 2019

Senescence! I grow,I nurture, I flower,I stop,I decay and I fade. I catabolize myself into this very own soil that gave my birth,however I'm reborn....I exist in this universe... I'm continued....I live on.... That's what I say....You live on,even if you stopped somewhere.. #patterns #patternsinnature #world_as_one #flowers #pattern

Nov 2019

Mimicking Nature! We cross patterns everyday and we destroy this pattern when it's found in house. But this pattern is one of the man's profound discovery that has made him try to mimic this into making telescope parts and in modern medical applications... A Spider's web is highly tensile and elastic and was made as a defensive mechanism by spiders to protect them from land as they moved from water... We now have mammalian cells trying to make spider silk...That's how cool this pattern is..!!! #pattern #patterns #patternsinnature #spiderweb #world_as_one

Oct 2019

. A mind in all it's glory, Begins to wander, Trying to fill in The void it has, By giving anything a life, A Meaning,a Feeling or a Form.! And thus it writes a story, Believing in wonder, Tripping there in Thy void it has Belovedly rewiring a life, A procrastinated world of dame!!! .. . #inktober #world_as_one #artstories #art #doodlesofinstagram #doodle #mindfulness

Oct 2019

Desified Hippie!!!

Jul 2019

Those who think they are reading this and to me in the future who's wasting time looking at old photos!!! . Time stamped 5 years and 5 months ago still this time lays as a memory afresh that I will and always do want to revisit..! There can come many people and many moments where I will be happy for but this place and time is always the first...!! From making me what I am to Supporting me at my anger Refining my thoughts Putting up with my tantrums Learning stupidity together These bunch of people stuck together!!!... . Silly that, people you spent your life shaping up is not the ones who u catch up meet often or even talk to nowadays coz you're too busy living your life or has to prove your life to your right now people or morever ashamed to apologise! But the point is it's them who you are now and they always will be within you..So it's ok if u don't know where they are or what they do as they there's part of them in you!!!

Jun 2019

Aint we pretty?E-303 always saw the prettiest craziest wildest women in IBAB..Miss you people...!!! . The place you come to rest after a long day is peaceful only when you get the right roommates...Thanks to that!It was easy...

May 2019

Cult..! With the kiddish name ExPloRerS began the journey of 10 crazy weirdos...Having to live half time in lab I don't think it would have been possible without them...! We really did explore all mistakes not to be done!!

May 2019

Coven...It's been 2 years and the memories made are not gonna be compressed into 1 picture....But these Dumbo's stood no matter what and yeah I'll miss them!!!

May 2019

Not the perfect bond but it's the bond that made us survive 2 yrs of a world that's dark and light in its own way! Farewell..2019!!!

Apr 2019

Devil's behind the Lady Satan! . P.c: @be_maanasa

Mar 2019

All you got to do was Smile!! And you're mine!!! . P.c: @be_maanasa

Mar 2019

One day I got into a lab group based on roll numbers and I met this girl. Chinjusha her name and Mangalore she's from.. And now I recall without her this place was never for me.... That elder sister I always wanted.... The shoulder I hanged on,The ears that listened and the eyes that saw my tears yet the mouth that made me smile. Loving,caring,stupid friend she always is.. One whole load of love that I would carry from this place..... This day she turns 25 and nothing more is to celebrate this day.... Happy birthday Chinjusha😍😘😘

Mar 2019

Official it cuts down to 7 days more....!!!

Mar 2019

Turns our 11 days more!!!

Feb 2019

♦️SeReNdIpItY♦️ Sometimes serendipity is just intention unmasked. -Elizabeth Berg...

Nov 2018

Each wave of light originates from the dark.... Pretty casual photos with my usual people for the past 2 years... #Diwali ...

Oct 2018

When me and the bubbly ball coincides.... #justpandathings P.C: @chinjusha_suresh

Oct 2018

Dainty and Dusted Lacy and Locked Remains a transient time Rooting a primordial pime Yet frozen moment Yearns for incite....... . . I move on with the flow where the undefined life takes me....The perennial flow does have its halt collecting sand and pebbles.... These pebbles drop by but the mark of their presence follows the path taken and yet I move on....I know there's no going back but I yearn may be by an another path I do meet the pebbles again....

Sep 2018

Find happiness in yourself no one else is bloodie gonna give you that!!

Sep 2018

On the road unplanned... P.C: @sheldrone95 (yeah he managed 12 girls😋 )