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52 minutes ago

Happy birthday to you beautiful @luchydonalds . Wishing you the best of everything my darling.

2 days ago

It’s my baby’s birthday. My Omalicha, Nkoli Bem. I can’t express in words how happy you make me @rechaelokonkwo . Today,I wish you everything Good. May all your heart desires be granted and may you live long to enjoy everything life has in stock for you. 😘😘

2 days ago

Happpy birthday to you my darling,my sister and my friend @presstoraproductions . If only I can bring out your heart and show the world how golden it is. May God continue to bless you all the days of your life.😘

1 weeks ago

I am a product of Phenomenal Love 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

2 weeks ago

Happy birthday to you my darling brother @chiefimo . Words can never express how I feel but always remember that you are special. May blessing upon blessings be yours now and forever.

2 weeks ago

May we have a lot of reasons to smile this week in Jesus name...Amennnnnn #opuruiche

3 weeks ago

COLD ASHES....a project after my heart. Written by @nonso_uzozie .Produced by @urennajuliet . Congratulations my darling. Directed by @vincentdanointedgcf @georginaibeh .,nice working with you ❤️❤️

3 weeks ago

My sister @onenyenwa is wishing everyone a beautiful new week #yummymummy

3 weeks ago

Happy birthday to you my darling @jnrpope . May today bring special blessings and fulfillment in your life. And may you have reasons for more celebrations. Have a blast dearie. #birthdayking 👑

4 weeks ago

Happy birthday to you dear @babarex0 . May God continue to bless you. You deserve it. Have fun 😘

4 weeks ago


5 weeks ago

Happy birthday to you my beautiful friend @adaoraukoh . May God shower blessings upon you now and forever my darling. You deserve the best of everything. More celebrations dear.

last month

Asam....see beauty. My baby girl. May you be a blessing to the whole world not just your parents. Happy birthday to you my little darling. @ucheelendu pls continue the good work. God is with you. Love youuu😘❤️

last month

Happy birthday to you my omalicha @officialujuokoli . Your beauty glows from within. May today bring you so much happiness and joy that will last for eternity.❤️💕

last month

Happy birthday to this amazing friend of mine @iniedo . May everything you wish for locate you my darling. Have a blast cos you rock big time.

last month

Happy birthday to you my darling @ufuomamcdermott . May God continue to bless you.

last month

Have you visited Kenomatv on YouTube today? Pls do. Love over love is still showing. @omannadi @noni_enem @kenomatv

last month

An act of kindness. This is the kind of thing that appeals to my heart. May the good Lord continue to bless you my dearest friend @kingbobbymichaels ❤ with this act,you have touched me.thank you and God bless you

last month

😘😘😘 someone is really tired of this quarantine 🤣🤣

last month

This picture as casual as it is is my most prized possession and perfect to me.The only picture I have of my mum and my daughter. It was taken some months before she died.She has been sick for 11 years and this was the first time she saw my daughter. Even in her condition,she couldn’t stop holding her. I was still planning on how to take a perfect picture of them before tragedy struck. I miss her so much. It still hurts.

last month

Healing.....everyday is a gift,appreciate it . #someonespride 😍

last month

Stay safe dearies. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

last month


last month

Love over love. This Extraordinary Comedy has finally been uploaded on kenomatv youtube channel pls go and watch it and don't forget to comment. Directed by Okey Zubelu Oko @zubelu for @kenomatv @omannadi @noni_enem