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2 days ago

My younger BRADPITT . Mera chhota ❤️ @kaul_me #Repost @kaul_me ( @get_repost ) ・・・ Happy birthday meri jaan , mere jigar ke tukde , mere bade bhai. Jab jab kismat ne neechey giraya aapne uthaya , Jab jab andhera hua aapne light jala di. I owe you almost everything i have . Love you more than you know . You have taught me how to aim for the stars and keep your feet on the ground. You taught me how to be a good person no matter how bad everything gets. You taught me to love everyone else before you start loving yourself. Happy birthday brother.

3 days ago

The purpose of life is getting clear and clear . THANK YOU will be an understatement . All these lil ones , you are angles and it all goes to you all , NOT ME ! @proudpriyankian @adorespri @tusti175 @_priyankster_ @priyankadmirer @priyankmyromeo @__riyuu @priyank_sharma_page @aastha_mendiratta23 @nupurkharangate @gauravoidian @admirespri ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #goosebumps #bestbirthdaygift

4 days ago

Celebrating birthday with my friends from a distance this time, with #OPPOReno4Pro helping me out. I wish I could have more friends this time,as i get younger and wiser :P #OPPOReno4Pro #SenseTheInfinite #TrueBorderlessExperience @oppomobileindia

6 days ago

28th birthday !

6 days ago

Happy birthday to me ! #28

2 weeks ago

12kgs up and was still maintaining these muscle ups ! #gains #throwback

2 weeks ago

Your talent , success , money , fame becomes ZERO if you're not a good HUMAN BEING . IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT #straightup Styling : @medhabahuguna Assisted by : @kashishsgaur @haranshk Click by : @rahel_quershi

2 weeks ago

Stay strongest 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

3 weeks ago

Little bit freestyling and grooving is not injurious to health . Feel how you feel ,aayeeeeee ! @quavohuncho @travisscott

3 weeks ago

Thick skinned ! #gains

3 weeks ago

Gains are good 💪

4 weeks ago

And I am just getting warmed up ! WHATS NEXT ? SOONEST ! #patienceisthekey ❤️ #throwback 📸 Credit : @karanveermehra

4 weeks ago

Once upon a time we used to shoot and used to tan ourselves . ONCE UPON A TIME ... 📸 : @vinaysharmaofficiaal #throwback

last month

We had too much Fun making this Video, but guys the real minds are the poker minds Unlike other games, poker involves permutations and combinations of various Skills. SPARTAN POKER @thespartanonlinegaming presents — India Online Poker Championship 2020 If you have the what it takes, The biggest poker spectacle is here and is Awaiting its Champion to claim its PURE Gold Crown. Play Smart! Play Hard! Intuit – strategize – apply logic – give it a tilt – chill out – decode..Whats your Next Move? #theintuitivemind #thestrategicmind #thelogicalmind #thetiltedmind #thechilledoutmind #thedecodingmind #BattleForTheCrown #GetReady #SpartanPoker #Unstoppable #Gameplay #Win #Rewards #Guaranteed #Poker #Gamer #PokerForLife #PokerLife #PokerTime #Excited . @suited .connectors

last month

Favourite frame ❤️❤️❤️ @mallikasharma02 @eshakukreja @venu_sarda #throwback

last month

And we are THE SONS ❤️❤️

last month

The famous V - CHANNEL ! 😅 #stretch #quarantine2020 #gains

last month


last month

My Cuttoooooo 🥺🥺❤️❤️😂🧐

last month


last month

P.s. please ignore my stiff TWERKING in the end ! ACTUALLY DONT 😉 Thanks @benafshasoonawalla for collecting my workout routines and keeping em safe with you !

last month

We 'THE BOOGS '❤️😏

last month

Think about the smile you can get on the face of those you love the most and then ask yourself what is more important for you ! You will get your answers . MY SENORITA for life ♥️♥️ *I don’t own rights to the music *