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Let’s RIDE. I’ve accepted the #ALLINCHALLENGE with my @harleydavidson OHANA. Check out their site to ride with me. Donations benefit @nokidhungry , @mealsonwheelsamerica and #americasfoodfund . Aloha J

3 days ago

The first shipment of So iLL x On The Roam masks are heading out. Masks are still available for shipping in June. Thank you to all those who have supported this project. We're humbled by the response and grateful to be able to give to  @1strcf and  @1climb_official as a result. Aloha j @soill #soill #takehold #ontheroam #mask #firstrespondersstrong

6 days ago

SEE BTS - DOWN BY THE RIVER Trailer - Aloha everyone Check out our full video of second BTS episode for SEE Link In bio. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel! If you haven’t checked out season one @SeeOfficial please do these episodes have tons of spoilers. Mahalo to my cast and crew I love you all . aloha j @AppleTV @SeeOfficial Shot / Edited / Directed - @i .am.aurelius Shot on @RedDigitalCinema & @leitzcine , @leicacamerausa Music : @Colterwall Song : The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie Composers : @benchetrit_small_music #ShotOnRed #Leitzcine #Colterwall #See #AppleTv

1 weeks ago

WE WANT finally it’s happening. your welcome. justice served. all my aloha to everyone who made this happen. all the fans. we love you. ALOHA J #releasetheSnydercut @HBOmax @ZackSnyder

2 weeks ago

BTS: So iLL x On The Roam mask production. The  @wellmadeworkshop is sewing and the  @artfarmstl crew are screenprinting for the May 22 shipment. There are still masks available for June ship dates. We're thankul these are made in the USA and we're able to support  @1strcf and  @1climb_official . Stay safe. Aloha j #ontheroam #soill #DirtyPink #BlackWolf #FirstRespondersStrong

2 weeks ago

So Stoked for my friends Ty and Annie and their new business @redtailoverland . Go check it out and show some support to a small business, take care of each other aloha j REPOST: Introducing Redtail Overland and the first ever hard-sided rooftop camper - The Redtail RTC. We are excited to offer something totally new in the overland world, a tent/camper hybrid offering the nimble freedom of a rooftop tent with the security and comforts of a hard-sided camper. Constructed with lightweight carbon fiber and packed with solar, lithium batteries, heat, LED lighting and so much more, the Redtail RTC offers more access to adventure and greater peace of mind in the wild. Handcrafted. Built-to-order. Pre-orders available now. Check us out at www.redtailoverland.com

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CAUTION This episode Not for kids. SPOILERS if your haven’t watched SEE yet Shame on you check it out on @appletv Here is it our first BTS episode of five that we will Be launching every Thursday. Stay tuned tomorrow we will go live to answer some questions and talk about the episode. If you haven’t yet go subscribe to our YouTube channel & watch @seeofficial at @AppleTV Big Mahalo’s to everyone involved and the cast and crew and my team I love you all. Stay home and stay safe if you can Aloha J @AppleTV @SeeOfficial Shot / Edited / Directed - @i .am.aurelius Shot on @RedDigitalCinema & @leitzcine , @leicacamerausa #thalialens Music : @Metallica - Album : KILL ‘EM ALL Song : Whiplash #ShotOnRed #Leitzcine #Metallica #See #AppleTv #respectallthecrafts #KillemAll #dontfuckwithbabasbabies

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Slaver Fight Trailer - Aloha everyone here is a sneak peak to our very first episode of SEE season one behind the scenes! launches Tomorrow ! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel link in bio! If you haven’t checked out season one @SeeOfficial please do these episodes have tons of spoilers. Every Thursday we will be dropping a new video, I will also be joining you live the day after for some Q&A, see what you guys thought of the episode and where I can interact with all of you, super excited for this and all the art and content me and my team @on_the_roam will be putting out on top of this in the next coming months to keep us entertained during this difficult time @i .am.aurelius @da_bray @Captainriff Big mahalos @kim_fardy for keeping me alive i love u. I’m nothing without my Stunt team and aloha to my cast and crew i love you and i miss you soooooo ready to get back to work but stay home stay safe aloha j @AppleTV @SeeOfficial Shot / Edited / Directed - @i .am.aurelius Shot on @RedDigitalCinema & @leitzcine , @leicacamerausa Music : @Metallica - Album : KILL ‘EM ALL Song : Whiplash #ShotOnRed #Leitzcine #Metallica #See #AppleTv #respectallthecrafts

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ill get better. but long story short my team @on_the_roam @i .am.aurelius @da_bray @odeumfilms .tv @captainriff we are releasing a bunch of content we been working on kicking it off with SEE. behind the scenes. season 1. super stoked to share. go to our youtube channel and subscribe link in bio. aloha j. if u haven’t seen SEE. @appletv please go watch. otherwise. spoiler alert @seeofficial

3 weeks ago

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL. it’s hard out there for everyone but trying to support our small businesses. THE OLD PLACE one on my all time favourite places is open saturday and sunday for take out. steaks for now. sorry vegetarians. have to wait till they can open fully. hopefully soon. i brought my mask but i forgot to put it on cause i was happy and i was smiling. don’t be stupid like me. wear it. love ya @morganrunyon your one of the greats aloha j

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the great response to the @soill x On The Roam mask launch. We are proud that these are made in the USA and that we are supporting the First Responders Children's Foundation @1strcf and 1Climb @1climb_official New shipments have opened up to make more masks available. Stay safe. Aloha j  @wellmadeworkshop #ontheroam #soill #DirtyPink #BlackWolf #FirstResponderStrong

4 weeks ago

@soill x On the Roam Dirty Pink and Black Wolf masks - Aloha everyone we are trying to do our part with COVID and at the same time help people in need and support a charity. When you purchase this mask, you are supporting the First Responders Children's Foundation,1Climb (a non profit who funds climbing walls for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America ), and you're helping maintain the local small business economy by supporting the production of this USA made mask. Proud to announce they are available now! LINK IN BIO. Stay safe and stay home if you can. ALOHA J Handmade in St. Louis, MO by @wellmadeworkshop . @snakebiteco @soill #ontheroam #soill #DirtyPink #BlackWolf

5 weeks ago

i’m so proud of my lil sis. @pet_dress_ please go support and check it out. she’s on billboard. Cheeehuuuuuu. happy birthday roo Aloha j Repost : @pet_dress_ My first single “It’s Your Mind,” is out exclusively on @billboard today, and drops everywhere tomorrow on my b-day! It’s the first song off of my debut Pet Dress EP, “Fear of breakdown,” out 6/12! Link on the bayou to read about and listen to the song! I have so many people to thank for this: @gradystrange .mp3 for helping me every step of the way, Mark Rains at @stationhousestudio , @keevinstinks for slaying on drums, @xanderzellner for the killer article, and @nicky .plz for the artwork (photo by @meetliam , collage by Grady ). There is so much incredible music coming out right now, and I’m grateful to be a drop in the pond.

last month

I MISS MY FRIENDS I CANT WAIT TO RIDE WITH YOU AGAN IM SO THANKFUL FOR MY TEAM WHO SHOT AND EDITED THIS WONDERFUL INSPIRING PIECE @odeumfilms .tv @da_bray WELCOME TO THE TEAM MAD RESPECT TO OUR RIDERS IM SO THANKFUL FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND @harleydavidson FOR MAKING THE GREATEST MOTORCYCLE EVER. YOU GIVE ME FREEDOM WE MAKE THE WIND #Roamfree #betterinthewind #UnitedWeWillRide ALOHA J Location: Wildwood Beach, Home of The Race Of Gentlemen - @t .r.o.g._official Riders : @yeoleghost @knucklebuster1939 @50el_nick @antisocial83 @briancharles_85 @briancannon @desoucey @joshkohn77 Crew Credits Director/DP/Editor - Todd & Chrissy @odeumfilms .tv Camera Op @da_bray - Damien Bray Drone Op @therobertthomasproject Color @nick__metcalf @mill_ny Mix @decibelny Shot On: @RedDigitalCinema @leitzcine #HarleyDavidson #ShotOnRed #Leitzcine #Trog #RaceOfTheGentlemen

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@soill @donthechan we wanted to make a mask to help with COVID and to raise funds for charity. this is my first look with wolfie super stoked to share and get it out. we launch a week from today more details to come. your favorite dirtbag ALOHA J. PS our new 15L mini dirtbag is coming soon #pinkonpinklookgood . PSS i think these are going to sell out to quick because everything is handmade @snakebiteco so we may start preorder very soon

last month

UNITED WE WILL RIDE two of my favorite passions creating art with friends and riding @harleydavidson we shot this before the great pause and in our isolation and reflection we wanted to share our journeys and adventures friends and inspirations you can check it all out on our Youtube channel link in bio, please subscribe Mahalo for watching more behind the scenes and videos coming soon stay home stay safe united we will ride. aloha j mahalo nui to todd and chrissy @odeumfilms .tv our new members of @on_the_roam super stoked to have u apart of the pride big mahalos to @t .r.o.g._official , @yeoleghost & the riders that are now my Ohana, @da_bray and everyone who made this possible. Location: Wildwood Beach, Home of The Race Of Gentlemen - @t .r.o.g._official Riders : @yeoleghost @knucklebuster1939 @50el_nick @antisocial83 @briancharles_85 @briancannon @desoucey @joshkohn77 Crew Credits Director/DP/Editor - Todd & Chrissy @odeumfilms .tv Camera Op @da_bray - Damien Bray Drone Op @therobertthomasproject Color @nick__metcalf @mill_ny Mix @decibelny Shot On: @RedDigitalCinema @leitzcine #HarleyDavidson #UnitedWeWillRide #ShotOnRed #Leitzcine #Trog #RaceOfTheGentlemen

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UNITED WE WILL RIDE - To honor not only our love for @harleydavidson but the racers, riders, mechanics, and lovers of speed a dedication to the ones wrenching away in our sheds and garages itching to test our designs and will. PRE COVID-19 my crew shot a bunch of wild men on @harleydavidson shredding up the wildwood beach, Home of The Race Of Gentlemen @t .r.o.g._official. During this challenging time in isolation, we are reminiscing about the adventure we had together BEFORE Quarantine. We decided to use this time to inspire and share short films, behind the scenes, commercials, and fun moments over the next few months while we stay hunkered down editing away. Stay tuned and buckle up as we share our journeys on our ON THE ROAM YouTube. Subscribe to our channel if you would like to join us on this experience I am honored to announce @odeumfilms .tv into the @on_the_roam ohana. Todd and Chrissy, you are lovely, and extremely talented I look forward to many more shoots. @da_bray for rising to everything I expect out of you and becoming a great artist. To my brother MEL @yeoleghost for dreaming up this beautiful world of T.R.O.G, where we can gather and appreciate each other’s art. To all the riders and racers, I now call brothers. I’m so proud of you. Stay home, for now, stay safe. We will learn from these lessons it will pass, and we will be stronger than ever #unitedwewillride . ALOHA J The Race Of Gentlemen @t .r.o.g._official @yeoleghost @knucklebuster1939 @50el_nick @antisocial83 @briancharles_85 @briancannon @desoucey @joshkohn77 Crew Credits Director/DP/Editor - Todd & Chrissy @odeumfilms .tv Camera Op @da_bray Drone Op @therobertthomasproject Color @nick__metcalf @mill_ny Mix @decibelny ALWAYS SHOT ON @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine #ShotOnRed #harleydavidson #leica

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Today is the day! Check out this amazing story on Plastic with @discovery hopefully inspiring all of us to do our part to fight against single use plastic. Mahalo everyone hope everyone is safe and at home Aloha J Watch on Discovery & Discovery.com/Plastic #StoryOfPlastic #discovery #Earthday

last month

Aloha everyone, we wanted to share this beautiful piece from the Navajo Nations and Hopi Families during COVID-19 Directed by @deidrapeaches Check it out now! YouTube link in Bio. We are so Proud to Donate and deliver MANANALU. Thanks again to @navajohopicovid19relief for the help and Mahalo Nui @theellenshow for always helping spread the Aloha and all the love on the show. Special thanks to my producing partner and cinematographer my Son Nakoa WOLF for taking this video. Watch out my On The Roam Crew @da_bray & @i .am.aurelius Wolfe is coming for your jobs 🤙🏼 Aloha J @mananalu .water #NavajoNation #mananaluwater

last month

we are all trying to help as much as possible. lately my team has been editing lots of cool things (coming soon ) to entertain. doing our best to help with charity’s and also creating some goods to help protect ourselves @donthechan and i are working on hand making masks in Saint Louis w/ @soill & @snakebiteco More info to come. Prototypes are coming out amazing and i’m stoked we should be ready in the next few weeks to do our part. stay safe stay home if u can. ALOHA J

last month

Repost : @renan_ozturk This video is hard to watch but covers some cold hard truths a lot of us have been thinking about... felt compelled to re-share this am ❤️🌍🙏🏽 ~ “What comes after COVID-19? This video message from the virus to humankind is a chilling reminder that our future is intimately connected with all other life on Earth. We know where the pandemic came from, and we know how to stop the next one. It's time to make our voices heard. Enough is enough. Now that our own vulnerability has been laid bare, it's time to demand #ExtinctionEndsHere -- for all life on Earth.” TAKE ACTION: ExtinctionEndsHere.org Video: @SeaLegacy & @global_wildlife_conservation . #covid19 / thumbnail photo by @paulnicklen Aloha J

last month

Aloha everybody, Hope you and your loved ones are all safe during these crazy times.  If you’re looking for a great documentary to watch, please check out an amazing, and timely film called Story of Plastic, which premiers on Discovery Channel on this Wednesday  as part of their celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  You can also watch the film on DiscoveryGO like I did. I had nothing to do with this film, but the message couldn’t be more near and dear to my heart.  Spanning three continents, the film illustrates the ongoing catastrophe: fields full of garbage, veritable mountains of trash; rivers and seas clogged with waste; and skies choked with the poisonous emissions from plastic production and processing. THE STORY OF PLASTIC features interviews with experts and activists on the frontlines of the fight, revealing the disastrous consequences of the flood of plastic smothering ecosystems and poisoning communities around the world –and the global movement rising up in response. It’s important that we do everything possible to protect the earth and eliminate single use plastics, not just for ourselves but for all the generations to come.  Mahalo.  Aloha J Watch #TheStoryofPlastic on Discovery April 22nd or on #DiscoveryGO . Discovery.com/Plastic” @discovery

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SUPER STOKED AND PROUD TO DELIVER @mananalu .water Last week we sent a full truckload (20,000 cans ) of Mananalu water to the Navajo Nation. My water company is still small but I’m doing what I can to help those that need it the most MAHALO NUI @theellenshow for helping us spread the aloha Thanks to the Navajo and Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief campaign ( @navajohopicovid19relief ) for helping us distribute our water to the families. This is a grassroots effort led by a group of Navajo women who work 14 hours a day with no pay in order to raise funds and support for Navajo families in need during this terrible pandemic. That’s amazing. • Native American tribes are among the highest risk communities during the corona virus pandemic, and a lot of them haven’t gotten the resources they need to fight the virus. This includes medical equipment and basic goods like food and clean water • About 40% of the residents live in rural areas and have little to no access to running water • They’re literally living in a “food desert” with very few grocery stores and the land is very spread out. Many families have to travel several miles just to haul water. FILM COMING SOON BY @deidrapeaches on our youtube channel. #mananalu .water #navajonation . ALOHA J

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Stay home stay safe, Watch me at home on @theellenshow I talk about @dunemovie and donating clean plastic free water from @mananalu .water to those in need prayer and big alohas to my fans friends and ohana. Aloha J