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Apr 2019

Thank God for life. Happy birthday to me 🎉🎉🎉. Hair: @hair_by_haybie 📸: @misterdozie assisted by @mz_adetoun

Jun 2018

Black is ✨✨✨

Oct 2017

My Port Harcourt / ijebu fine girl👧, i actually don't know where to start from .... Have know this fine girl since October 2012 with her orange top looking very tired. She was actually. I met her asking buzor is this psy 104 class and since then it all began, friend turned sister and there has been know regret, you are a very opened minded , disciplined and brilliant, very jovial, most socialable, try meeting her for the first time then you would know wat am talking about. There are so many words to describe you. You are so loveable😍 ... To my Adeola, Remilekun, Hannah Onamade, i wish you a prosperous day, many more years to come and may the Lord sustain your life to see many more of your generations to come, i wish you all your heart desire and every good thing on earth. Av fun dear. HAPPY BIRTHDAY love 😘😘. @remzy10 P. S: wen they are coming for 💍 , make sure you tell them to go through buzor and I. @silverdelphine

Sep 2017

It has been 5 years now and 5 days that av know you and have not regretted ever knowing you. I know am partially an Ofodile's. And bcos of you and your entire family, one can say Anambra people are awesome. I pray that as you grow older, may God blessings abide with you, good home, good husband, money, NBA star so that i can get some money and other things that you desire for. As my step mother, may you give birth to beautiful children like me, if not black as you call it even though he is black too ... Lemme stop here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUZU have fun dearie and grow with grace. Praise loves you. @silverdelphine

Apr 2017

Wen slaying in your dress #slayqueen #onyiyke 2017. May God bless your Union and make your home fruitful in Jesus name @onyinye_ofodile . Dress by @gap_couture @asoebibella @asoebispecial

Apr 2017

My smile tho 😘😘😀 ... Well I try small for this my makeup ooo

Sep 2016

It's been four years and our friendship still counts and matters to us. I would miss you guys and i love you guys so much 😊😊😍😍😘😘. @remzy10 @silverdelphine

Sep 2016

B.Sc Business administration 🎓🎓🎓

Apr 2016

@gradday hanny and I

Apr 2016

In his mercies, favour and grace am alive. Thank you Lord for adding another year to my life yesterday. # like #older #birthday vibes

Jul 2015

bae and me