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19 hours ago

An absolutely crazy box from @niketeesaretheshit came in today 😳 here are some of my favorites


There are a few people on here that own one of these but how many of them can say they thrifted it themselves? Paid $3.09 for this guy a few years ago from the goodwill and I’ll probably never let it go.

2 days ago

Come hang out with us at @200_south !!!!!!!

6 days ago

Today’s post had to be these two shirts, I remember when I first started collecting clothes I never thought I’d ever own a P-Wing or anything Tommy Lotus and with in a year period I bought these two from @fullcourtclassics . And yesterday the homie came up to the house and hung out, dug my collection and listened to me nerd out about clothes for a few hours and gave me some tips and tricks that have to stay 🤫 just want to say thanks again brotha, I appreciate everything and I’ll see ya again in a few weeks 😁

1 weeks ago

Today’s mail was really good. Big shout out to @thedailythrifter for the MSU splash and @ageezz_vtgsnap for the Air Force Sharktooth! My hat collection is finally coming back together 😁

2 weeks ago

I ❤️ buying hats : )

2 weeks ago

Had some extra time and figured I’d get out a few pairs for some fresh air! Shirts are cool but original Nikes and Jordan’s have always been my favorite things to collect!

2 weeks ago

I probably wear this shirt more than all of the hundred of tees in my stash

2 weeks ago

I haven’t shared a collection pair in a minute. I pulled these 1982 Nike Oceania’s out for a breather and to show them off! Size 13 1/2 with the original box I think I’ve had these for a few years now. Check out how cool the box is 👀 I think I might share a few of my pairs these week on here! Anyone else have a pair or two of these in there stash? 👀

3 weeks ago

Reposting this beat beauty to say congratulations to the LA Lakers!!!! Is Lebron the GOAT? Do you think he’s better than Mike? 👀

3 weeks ago

Found this guy yesterday! Haven’t found many Detroit Bad Boys shirts so I’m excitedX I’d sell it for the right price, I don’t mind keeping it though!

3 weeks ago

Today’s absolutely insane thrift store find! 1998 DAZ Dillenger rap tee!!! Size XL on a Winterland, not for sale unless ya wanna pay me something nice 😁

3 weeks ago

Today’s mail day brought back some great memories. For the people who have been following me for a while 5-6 years ago I hardcore collected Nascar Logo athletic hats. I had so many different ones it was hard to keep up with honestly, this Jeff Burton 99 Double sharktooth was one that I could never get my hands on. I am so happy to finally own this hat!!! From my knowledge there’s only a handful of these out there that have been seen. There’s more eyes out there than mine of course but from what I know its possibly 1 of 3?

3 weeks ago

Angels Eastport satin with the fur in the inside. Check that back hit. Really clean. $155

3 weeks ago

Nike international full zip, unbelievably clean size XL $75

3 weeks ago

Cradle of Filth bundle. Both Large, left ones missing the tag. $100

3 weeks ago

1998 Other ones shirt, new other than I tried it on. $60

3 weeks ago

I’d listen to offers on this 🤷🏻‍♂️ fits a XL, I’m 5’11 and it’s not crazy long on me.

3 weeks ago

1995 Skate Bugs no tag fits a large $70

3 weeks ago

1994 Harley Davidson x Rolling Stones $85

3 weeks ago

Jesus Air size Large $60

3 weeks ago

1995 Grateful Dead summer tour size XL some small holes on the sleeve $115

3 weeks ago

Nike Croquet council size XL $70

3 weeks ago

Few hats: West Georgia Golf Co splash $80 SS Bears Twill script $50 SS Dallas Stars script $100