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1997-2019 1/2 of People Under The Stairs...⁣⁣ • SINCERELY, THE P • the final album⁣⁣ Link for DogWhistles from 2018⁣ All proceeds donated to NAACP:

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5 weeks ago

After two years and countless trips to Catalina, I finally landed a “home guard”. These are Yellowtail that have left kelp paddies and taken up home on along the pinnacles on backside of the island. Elusive, massive and smart, I’m not ashamed to say the big one got the best of me and after a very long fight and I needed help from @catalinacoastaltours . Thank you guys for everything and for helping me feed my family! #fishon #yellowtail #hamachi

last month

It is with an absolutely devastated and heavy heart that I bid farewell to our OG, the one and only Blewfoot. May he Rest In Peace knowing he brought joy and funk to many lives all over the world.⁣ ⁣ I first met Troy in the mid 2000s after Mike said, “yo, I think I met the funkiest guy of all time, you got to meet him!” And indeed, whether it was his encyclopedic knowledge of funk or r&b, his ability to turn a drum kit into an astral traveling mothership, his deft unicycle riding, or his never ending collection of cassette tape mixes - he truly kept it funky. He welcomed me with open arms and heart and proceeded to continually whoop my ass in dominoes. Every moment I ever spent in his presence felt like it needed to be captured, he was too unique, too funny, too real - A human too funky for this cookie cutter plane and too humble not to share himself with us.⁣ ⁣ As time went on, moments spent on his porch listening to tapes, playing dominoes and telling stories basically became the FunDMC album - Just as he had opened up that world to us, we attempted to capture it and bring it you. The vast majority of that album was recorded live in Blewfoots backyard and front porch - it is as much field recording as rap album. He opened it all to us and his generosity knew no bounds. He would support PUTS to the ends of the earth and he would give a stranger his Funkadelic shirt off his back. And whether it was acting in the Highlighter Promo, Riding Unicycle and playing Keytar in the Trippin At The Disco Video, reading off your dedications for WRLA on 12SP, or countless other appearances - Blewfoot is as much a member of PUTS as Mike or I and I am absolutely blessed to have spent even one minute in his presence. ⁣ ⁣ Thank you Blewfoot. Thank you for everything. There will never be another. We love you. 🙏🏽

last month

Thes One “Dog Whistles” 2018.⁣ Successfully petitioned and re-added to all streaming! LINK IN BIO...⁣ All proceeds will be donated to NAACP. ⁣ ⁣ Dogwhistles in a no kill kennel of mutts⁣ They too Proud⁣ Got them riled up foaming at mouth & barking loud.⁣ Louder than their bite at least,⁣ They’re livin’ in their own sh*t⁣ They too dumb, protect the “DogCatcher” ‘cause he’s rich -⁣ A cartoon buffoon,⁣ A new money Royale,⁣ Fox in the henhouse to egg on the loyal⁣ Yes, he’s from the soil⁣ No, he’s not born in Kenya, or Bengahzi⁣ Emails or females, Shariah⁣ The enemies are you and me⁣ and anyone who disagrees with reason⁣ or logic, we’re committing Treason,⁣ No cohesion now but watch this⁣ Eyes on my right fist ⁣ To the sky hold it high while I yell RESIST!⁣ ‘cause orange Voldemort wanna deport my family⁣ Destroy my planet while insulting my damn sanity⁣ & Sean Hannity broadcast “alternative facts”⁣ We’re nothing but scary Mexicans & murderous Blacks⁣ And Liberal Gays - they can’t understand the youth⁣ They distort reality ⁣ at war with the truth⁣ But grab your thinking cap ‘cause it’s time to go to war⁣ Against hate⁣ Motherfu**er make America great.⁣ ⁣ they got Racists making noise⁣ Saying be good girls and boys⁣ But our time to stand is now.⁣ Do you wanna come with me?⁣ X2⁣ ⁣ Don’t get me wrong both (political ) sides may share blame ⁣ But the one driving the train is clinically insane⁣ He’s got the nuclear football, yep look it up⁣ He got the nuclear football, he’s one call away⁣ From erasing our small planet ⁣ Can you understand?⁣ That amount of blood on a small orange hand?⁣ From Heather Heyer to encouraging⁣ Police to beat ‘em on many sides⁣ On many sides ⁣ feed ‘em lies⁣ Unlegalize our progress⁣ I guess they beat the odds⁣ got you believing that the earth is flat and eating tide pods⁣ Social Media madness⁣ I vascilate between sadness and pure depression⁣ But the lesson’s possession of the top seat⁣ Doesn’t mean us people below⁣ Are powerless unless you throw up your hands ⁣ And don’t vote.⁣ So all of us off the boat ⁣ From “shithole countries” ⁣ Rapists, murderers, gays and junkies⁣ United for the fight⁣ If only for what’s right⁣....

Jun 2020

TONIGHT, THURS JUNE4th 6PM PST⁣ ⁣ Join me live on ig as I play some beats I made. No format, straight out the mpc, unreleased new stuff I made during this whole damn thing. They can’t curfew art, and I believe music has the power to both heal our people and tear down the fascists. This is but one small thing I can do as I stand in solidarity with our brethren on the front lines. See you tonight!

Apr 2020

More good news! If you missed yesterday’s live stream performance, it will be available to watch at your leisure for the next 72 hours 🙏🏽 link in bio!! puts.band/donate 📌

Apr 2020

⛺️Tomorrow night: Thursday April 2nd at 8pm PST, join me on IG Live as I peel back my favorite PUTS songs track by track starting with Swan Fever from FUNDMC. ⁣ ⁣ I’ve always loved sitting around campfires, talking and listening to music. Throughout my life it’s been some of my fondest memories. I know everyone is going through tough times right now and I have been humbled by the amazing work around me, from small business owners doing what they can to save their dream to those on the medical frontlines risking their lives to save someone else’s. I’ll leave the Dj sets to those who are so much more talented than me, but I wanted to contribute something, even if only for a moments distraction from the world. So I will begin doing these a couple nights a week when I can - just me, you and the master tapes of some classic PUTS songs and we’ll just have fun with it in the studio, soloing each part and talking shop - as if we were sitting around a campfire together. Music is healing, so let’s get to it. ⁣ ⁣ Join me around the campfire to watch the sunset and let’s drink a beer 🙏🏽⁣ ⁣ Spread the word! ⁣ 📸 @goneclamming#peopleunderthestairs #thesone #campfiresessions #puts

Dec 2019

As my last post of 2019, I want to thank each and every one of you for all of the support this year and I’ve just donated enough money to wipe out 23 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide on our behalf - offsetting the footprint of releasing our last album on vinyl. As I’ve noted in the past, the resurgence of new Vinyl is an absolute environmental disaster - whether its the paper goods to package, the plastics needed to manufacture or the freight to ship them, the carbon footprint of a single new lp is outrageous. I recognize we all love records and are unlikely to stop buying them, but I challenge other record labels and consumers to consider this before choosing a new vinyl issue (over used vinyl or streaming ). For our part, we will continue to selectively do small runs of vinyl for the true heads, and I promise to practice the stewardship necessary to offset our environmental impact and deliver quality tunes. “Out to rock the globe, while it’s still here to rock” - Dres Black Sheep 2020 brace yourself for new music. A lot of new music. Love you guys. 🙏🏽

Nov 2019

Growing up in LA, I looked up to dancers. When I was a kid a crew of Peck Park counselors would always Lock at the talent show, striped socks and all. Fast forward to PUTS - me and Mikey always represented that era, that pocket. It’s a certain swing a song had to have - we didn’t hear it in a lot of other hip hop beats but we tried to keep it alive. If you ever saw us on stage, we always danced. If you saw us in the studio, we were dancing too. If a track couldn’t be danced to, we trashed it. Seeing a video like this brings me more joy than I can even relate and takes me back to the days of watching ReRun flex on TV. Take this amazing video as Exhibit A in the PUTS legacy, it’s got to be funky so you can dance to it! VID: @sdeeohtee Late Nite Lock. Just like the title says, two lockers ( @haknlok & @solo_banks ) on a late night stroll. #asapfreedumwillyum $ #People Under the Stairs @blowmtvapps @blewfootfunk

Oct 2019

So this is 42.

Sep 2019

Tell me an OST story:

Jun 2019

First day of summer freestyle with the live sample chop. Howdy everyone 🧘🏽‍♂️

Mar 2019

Aye @hec_of_the_jungle we don’t know each other but I stumbled across this video of you playing over my beat and HAD to repost! Killin it!! #Repost : This joint grooooves 💯 #PeopleUnderTheStairs #bassplayer #markbass #groove #talesofjoy #dina @baixosong : repost me!! Hahaha @talesofjoymusic @suburbanct

Mar 2019

😓📦WOKE UP LIKE THIS.⁣ Vinyl will ship separately because the factory is taking too long - & I’ll cover that extra shipping. I’m here for you guys - I appreciate your support and won’t rest until I pack and ship every last order. Thank you for your patience and understanding, I never expected it to hit these levels.⁣ ⁣ When all is said and done, they may not remember me as a producer, or as an mc, or as a tour manager, web programmer, engineer, product designer, mailboy, financier etc - But best believe no one EVER ran the merch game even close to this level, and I couldn’t have done it without your support 🙏🏽

Feb 2019

My daughter tracking the guitar outro on Stars In The House. She said “Its a Hotel California for you and Uncle Mike” 😭 #girlpower #nobarbies #wishonastar 💫

Feb 2019

🙏🏽📰 @latimes today!! #putsmatters

Feb 2019

Outtake 1 #Repost @kato1o ・・・⁣ The take. Piano tracking “Sounds of a Memory” Sincerely, the P - People Under The Stairs @piecelock70 ❤️ @blowmtvapps ❤️ @tyler_karmen ❤️ @64sound ❤️ full video on KatO1O.com

Feb 2019

Damn.. Yesterday the album debuted as the #1 rap album in America and #11 of all albums on @itunes , with similar numbers on Google & Amazon. I almost missed it, I was busy trying to keep the website from crashing and replying to all of your amazing comments and dm’s 🙏🏽⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I honestly couldn’t have envisioned a better farewell. Making this album was extremely difficult for me, thousands of hours of work and I almost gave up numerous times, just feeling I couldn’t make it sound like what I envisioned - I thought I was losing my mind. Surrounded by an amazing group of musicians and friends we pulled it off though and the response has made the pain, cost and heartache of making this worthwhile. When I realized the album wasn’t even going to show up in the new releases, you all jumped in and turned the tables on the digital service providers by making us number 1 - your voice was heard... #putsmatters ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Lastly, I’ve always preached the importance of independence, hard work and DIY spirit to young musicians, but this truly proves that it’s possible:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ No label, no press team, no marketing team, no budget, no ads - just real music and real fans =⁣⁣ The number one rap album in America.⁣ ⁣ I’ve added more inventory to the store and I hope everyone who wants the LP gets a chance to buy it presale, the link is still in bio. Thank you all so much 🙏🏽 Now I rest.

Feb 2019

ALBUM RELEASE PARTY!⁣⁣ Love you all. Thank you all.⁣⁣ Sincerely, The P out now everywhere.

Jan 2019

🏁 In a few hours... thank you to everyone and if you haven’t already, please get that presale - it’s making a huge difference LINK IN BIO...⁣ ⁣ The support you all have shown has been overwhelming and Mike and I appreciate you all so much. A few days ago we weren’t even on the ITunes presale page and the album was nowhere to be found. You rose up on our behalf and made sure it showed, real people promoting us and not $, hype or press teams. This is real. ⁣ ⁣ Tomorrow at 10AM PST we’ll reopen the store with Vinyl, Cd and cassette presale as well as t-shirts and hoodies. I’m working hard to make sure it doesn’t sell out and there are enough units for everyone who wants one!! www.puts.band - Stay tuned... ⁣ ⁣ #sincerelythep #putsmatters #peopleunderthestairs ⁣ ⁣

Jan 2019

🏳️HELP! Friends, family, fans: Mike and I found out today that the launch of our lp - how easy it is to find, whether it shows up when you search etc is entirely on the presale numbers now 😩 - because we are stuck in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre, our album is currently slated to get buried beneath a bunch of lil Lil’s and yung Yung’s and we have to PROVE that People Under The Stairs matters and that our legacy counts. We’ve self funded this and it’s our final shot. But we need your help - CLICK THE LINK IN BIO and, if you can, purchase the album presale. We’ve even set it at the lowest full-length price we could. ⁣ ⁣ Better yet, post a pic of your pre-order with the hashtag #putsmatters to be one of ten randomly selected winners who will receive a giant package including a signed test pressing of the double lp.⁣ ⁣ please, please if you can click the link in bio and prove that #putsmatters 🙏🏽 #sincerelythep

Jan 2019

12. Letter To My Son⁣ (4:29 ) C. Portugal⁣ Produced by Thes One⁣ Saxophone - Sai Portugal⁣ Electric Guitar, Bass, Keys – Mikhail Galkin⁣ Fender Rhodes, Acoustic Piano – Kat O1O⁣ ⁣ “You know that I love you, and I pray your dreams come true. But if they don’t I’ll still be there for you”⁣ ⁣ On the 2008 album FunDMC, I wrote a song about the moment we found out we were having our first baby, and the realization that my whole life would change. At the end of that track, “A Baby”, you hear audio of my newborn son crying. He was one month old. A decade later, this song opens with him playing the saxophone, doubling a part he wrote on his own. It was a proud and surreal moment for me to sit in the control room and record my son; a reminder of just how much time has passed since FunDMC, our 6th album. After his birth, the sacrifices I made to continue on for another decade became immeasurable. Every milestone I missed while on the road, every dollar spent on daycare while I was in the studio, every smile, laugh and story I was absent for was a heavy burden to carry in a time before FaceTime. I addressed these feelings in a song titled “all good things” on our next album Carried Away. Meanwhile, my family would make paper chains with each link being a day I‘d be gone on tour, and they’d pull off a link until I made it home. Seeing him and his sister scotch taping construction paper together the night before I would leave on tour would always fill me with a deep sadness. Nevertheless, we made it through and I’d like to think - hope - that I did my best and that PUTS touched a lot of people around the world, even if It left a hole at home. And because life is fleeting and kids grow up too fast - I wrote this song to leave some parting words to my son and for every little boy whose dad is gone. Raising a young man is the heaviest and noblest of tasks, especially for single moms, and I salute all the parents out there struggling to give their kids a better life.

Jan 2019

13. Family Ties (3:27 )⁣ C. Portugal, M.Turner⁣ Produced by Thes One⁣ Acoustic Piano – Kat O1O Tuned Water Glasses – Thes One⁣ ⁣ “Family is not an important thing. It’s Everything.” – Michael J. Fox⁣ Both Double K and I, as do most of our generation, share a love and nostalgia of prime time television and the king of all lineups was The Cosby Show/Family Ties/Cheers run which occurred Thursday nights from 1984 to 1988 on NBC.  For the formative years of our youth, this was the evening families around the country would gather around a television – a night where time would slow down and we’d find humor in a diverse portrayal of class, race, politics and circumstances. In the moment of course, for a couple of young boys living on opposite sides of LA, it was just another night of TV and an escape from homework and the stress of growing up in homes with working parents struggling to make ends meet.  When the lineup died, Straight Out Of Compton dropped and again, another formative turn for a young Chris and Mike, but in those years, life really was simple and family was everything. And I remember most often, falling asleep during the latter half of the programming block, a 10 year old dreaming of being a rap star…⁣ #sincerelythep

Jan 2019

14.  Dream Sequence ’88 (3:06 )⁣ C. Portugal, M.Turner⁣ Produced by Thes One⁣ Electric Guitar, Bass, Keys – Mikhail Galkin⁣ Additional Drums – Max MacVeety⁣ Fender Rhodes – ⁣Kat O1O ⁣ “don’t wake me. I’m dreaming”⁣ Asleep in front of the TV, primetime is over, it was all a dream.⁣ ⁣ Initially titled “88 Girls”, this beat bounced around a few ways and after our first vocal pass, we decided to drop it from the album, never to be heard. The beat still ended up in a dropbox folder I sent @chiefbargus of beats to play on for the record, and I forgot to remove it when we scrapped it on the full length. Amongst all the amazing tracks he sent back, this one stood out the most to me – it had an Inspiration information vibe to it, a feeling of acceptance, of resignation. Hearing @chiefbargus stack up tracks of his playing is a thing in itself, so all of a sudden the song was back in play. I chopped up mike’s original verse into a few different pieces and laid it over the new guitar parts and it fit perfectly but still had some holes in it - leaving me an opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to try - transcribe a Jazz solo and write lyrics to it. I wrote a new verse to his solo, dropped it in between mikes verse and, like that, the perfect song and vibe to set up the last song on the album. And just when it couldn’t get any better, @maxatrillion_music dropped in and layered live drums on top of my programming, and the song was complete. The last voice heard on it is @pmuny - in his final words from his last interview with us. This album is dedicated to him and this song is dedicated to the memory of Aaron Anderson and all the fallen crate diggers, music lovers and djs around the world.⁣ #sincerelythep

Jan 2019

15. The Sound Of A Memory (5:00 )⁣⁣ C. Portugal, M.Turner⁣⁣ Produced by Thes One⁣⁣ Acoustic Piano – ⁣⁣Kat O1O Recorded at PL70B, 64 Sound ⁣ ⁣⁣ “it’s the sound of the memory of many living people”⁣⁣ A final dedication to those lost along the way. When we started out, we never could have imagined a career long enough to lose anyone, yet here we are. On Friday, October 12th, 2018, @kato1o entered the tracking room @64sound to play us off the album, a tradition we started on Stepfather. As she slid behind a behind the beautiful baby grand piano with a vintage U-47 slung low under the lid, I said “No Pressure” and half chuckled as I walked out. I was probably more nervous than she was, yet I didn’t give her any charts or direction so I definitely didn’t make it easy. She is the most talented keyboardist I’ve ever known, and I had full faith in her to kill it on her first take. I walked back to the control room with @tyler_karmen , leaving her alone in the tracking room behind the piano. He asked “do you want me to let the song run for her to practice?” I replied, “No, record it” then picked up the talkback mic and said, “alright, we’re just gonna let it play for you to practice some ideas, no pressure, just feel it out.” What you hear on the record is what followed, exactly as she played it on her first “practice take”. The beat faded out and she kept playing, and I began crying - I couldn’t hold back, she had captured the moment so beautifully and each note struck deep into my very purpose for existing – as I listened to the notes coming through the speaker I thought I could end it all in that moment – an existential completeness as the last note sustained and rang out. If it has to end, it should end as such.⁣⁣ #sincerelythep