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17 hours ago

Happy World Chocolate Day🍫😍 Here for you and your pets💚 We all love eating chocolate but it's important to understand why chocolate can be harmful to dogs. Read our latest article to learn more 👉 Link to Bio 📸 ( @good .girl.zora )


Anyone else's camera roll look like this? 😆😂 Tell us below👇 📸 ( @rascal_wild ) #petsathome #catsofinstagram #cats_of_the_day

2 days ago

Happy 72nd Birthday to our amazing NHS🌈💙 from these gorgeous dogs and everyone at Pets at Home 💚

2 days ago

Join us with your pets at 5pm tonight to mark the 72nd birthday of the NHS🎂💙 We will show them how much they mean to us with a big birthday round of applause👏👏 Comment below if you and your pets will be joining in later👇🐶🐱🐹 📸 ( @leo_therapy_dog )

3 days ago

'I'm pretty certain I'm going to win this staring contest'👀😆 📸 ( @callmenoots ) #petsathome #russianbluecat #russianblue

3 days ago

Many of us will be rejoicing this weekend as hairdressers start to re-open in some areas of the UK! It’s not just humans who need to take care of their locks, it’s also important for our furry friends to be regularly groomed 🛀💦 Our Groom Rooms are back open working their magic to make your dog look and feel amazing😍🐾 Upload your before and after pictures using #doghairdays Click the link in our bio to book in at your local salon now👆 📸 ( @petsathomebridgend )

5 days ago

We are completely obsessed with these two😍🐾 Tag your best friend below👇 📸 ( @aloe_the_dalmatian ) #petsathome #dalmatiansofinstagram #westiesofinstagram

6 days ago

Here for you and your pets💚 When getting a new puppy, deciding which breed to go for can be a tough choice. Our latest article gives plenty of advice on finding the right breed for you, practical tips on finding a reputable breeder and even naming your new puppy🐶👉 Link in Bio 📸 ( @dalgirlpiper @lordbyron_thespaniel @sunnycreeklabmom

1 weeks ago

Did you spot your adorable new fur baby in our latest campaign!? 🐶🐱 You can join our FREE puppy and kitten club today to receive exclusive offers, advice and rewards throughout their first year 💚 Link in bio 📲

2 weeks ago

Monday got us feeling like...💤💤 📸 ( @daisyandrebell ) #petsathome #puppylife #puppies_of_instagram

2 weeks ago

How gorgeous does this pup look after her first puppy groom 😍🛀💦💚 📸 ( @trufflethecockapoo_ ) #petsathome #cockapoo #cockapoo_of_instagram

2 weeks ago

Need a reason to download our VIP app? 📲 We've got 5 🖐️😻 Search 'Pets at Home' in the app store 🐾

2 weeks ago

It's bring your dog to work day, even if this does mean taking a couple of steps with them into your home office😆😂 Is your dog being your co-worker today? Tell us below👇👇 - 📸 @ernieoodle , @sir_charlie_of_london , @wils on.goldenretriever

2 weeks ago

We'd love to know more about your dogs during the summer months☀️🕶️ Comment below which options your dog would pick😆👇

2 weeks ago

Did your superstar make it into our new summer campaign? 📺🐾 Thank you to everyone who sent in their clips, we loved watching them all!💚 Shop all our essentials for keeping your pets cool 💦 Link in bio ☀️

2 weeks ago

How gorgeous does Barnaby look in his @mariecurieuk daffodil charm💛🐾 Order yours online and remember to tag your pictures with #PetsWithDaffodils 📸 ( @barnabypoo ) #petsathome #petswithdaffodils #cockapoo

3 weeks ago

Caption this below👇😆 📸( @frankiethelabradoodle ) ⠀ #petsathome #captionthis #labradoodle

3 weeks ago

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Fathers💚🐾 Tell us below how you're planning on spending the day👇 📸 ( @kono_in_orlando ) #petsathome #petfather #fathersday

3 weeks ago

"Will it ever stop moving?"🙄😆 📸 ( @adventuresbyindy ) #petsathome #puppylife #puppiesofinstagram

3 weeks ago

We think Ruby's got the right idea of how to spend a Friday night 😆😍 📸 ( @rubyycavapoo ) #petsathome #cavapoo #cavapooworld

3 weeks ago

Of course we do💚😆

4 weeks ago

'Why's he copying my every move?' 😆😂 📸 ( @toypoodlecharliebear ) #petsathome #toypoodle #toypoodles_of_instagram

4 weeks ago

Happy National Bath Day🛀💦 To celebrate we're giving away a FREE groom for at your local Groom Room 🛀🐶 Head to our Facebook page to enter!💚

4 weeks ago

Can you spot your dogs name!?🐶🐾 Tag your fellow dog lovers below💚👇