Ethan Tidwell @mrtidwell.rg

Jul 2019

I feel as if I have lived the mercenary life style on the line. My converse look a like non slip shoes, my black chefs coat and black work pants,my hat on backwards all covered in pasta sauces,heavy cream,bread crumbs with sweat running down my face. The tickets all stacked up with more flying out of the printer, everyone shouting I need this, would you grab that, it’s in the walk in, they 86 it we don’t need it, the servers yelling did you get my order and in my prime, deep into the fire, hands all blistered from grabbing hot pans, the smell of pasta con broccoli and fry oil in the air, I would look down the line and yell WHERE HAVING FUN NOW!!!! #cooking #cookslife #linecook #anthonybourdain #kitchenconfidential #deepinthefire #lifestyle #lovedit #saute #pasta #saled #pastahouse