P @scattered_goals

Apr 2020

Today’s workout from @sbactive ‘s page. I’ve had this gym for about 2 years. I never use it. I was afraid- to work hard, I guess. I told myself I didn’t like it in my dingy basement. But it’s not a bad space. It’s pretty sweet, actually. A little musty. A little damp. It’s pretty sweet. Since I’m stuck at home, I have to find something to do. And I made this nice space to use, it feels good to use. It feels good in my body. Do something good for yourself today, too. Also, I realize I’m a horrible camera person. 😂. I’ve got some learning and some growing to do. I post here for myself. If you get something out of it, great. If not, Godspeed. I want to watch myself grow, and evolve. There’s so much potential. ❤️ #workhard #basementgym #makingmuscles #pumpiron #sohardthings #useyourspace #strongertoday #strongasamother #moveit