Michelle Hunter @_michellehunter

2 weeks ago

Today I honour this Man👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Thank you and words can not be expressed enough when I think or talk about him !! From day 1 you have taught me that I can let my walls down, that true love exists and when I say true love I mean fully wrapping yourself around and embracing me and 3 kids! You have Loved them as your own from day one. Thank you for all that you do and how much love for all of us! You’ve always looked at them as your own for that I am truly grateful!!! 🙏 Through all of the ups, downs, thick or thin, death and life, all the moves, to take on so much baggage I had, look after, support and love. From where we started and till now there has been so much healing and change and so much laughter!! And there is so much more ahead 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 You are softhearted, kind, hardworking, loud, funny, stubborn as all heck, set in your ways🤠 sometimes corny 🤪 You love my cooking and I love how much you love spending your time with us!!I think the kids call you annoying sometimes lol So Todd Hunter I speak for myself, Raeanne, Noah and Asha We Love You!! So hurry up Friday and come home so I can hug you!! 🥰 Today’s let’s honour and thank someone who makes you smile 🤩 And don’t forget Someone needs your smile today😀😇😍 Blessings in Abundance💕 #loveyou #lovehimsomuch #myheart #mysoulmate #wednesdaywisdom #wellness #enjoylife #embracethejourney #marriage #farm #farmlifebestlife