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last month

I couldn’t help it. I know there’s a virus going around. I know it’s safer for me to stay at home. But the thing is, there’s another virus. The other virus, is the racist police officers. And the complacent police officers. It’s the system that protects the corruption and refuses basic human rights to black people. Like the right to breath. For the crime of writing a bad check. That’s a death sentence? I wrote a bad check once. Did I deserve to die, too? Words matter. Yes they still do. But I feel like mine matter less and less in regards to black lives, because I keep saying the same thing, in new ways, about new black deaths. And it feels like my words are ringing hollow. Words matter, but they aren’t enough. So I put words into action. I drove 3.5 hours to my dear friend’s neighborhood. And we walked about 5 blocks from her house to where #GeorgeFloyd was murdered. I marched with her, because I don’t want her black husband to be next to die. Or her brown sons. Or her brown daughter. Or a random homeless minority, who I don’t know, but still has a right to live his life. #nojusticenopeace #stopprotectingkillercops #ifyouseesomethingsaysomething #icantbreathe #sayhisname #killercopsoffourstreets #demandjustice




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last month