Epi :) @epsivahmelissa

4 weeks ago

Wow... so far, it’s been a wild 2 years. Mikey, I never expected us to be in this place when I first met you. You have stuck around through my fun and my (incredibly ) annoying moments. I’m fairly surprised and impressed. You are truly one of the greatest friends I have ever had. Not only do you accept others and show kindness, but you encourage others to be greater than they think they are. I mean... I’m co-hosting a podcast that encourages others to tell their stories with you!!! That’s crazyyyy! And remember when we “dreamed” of having a radio show on Shine.FM? LOOK AT US NOW!!! Little orientation me did not know the epic ride that was about to take off when we first met. I love you so so so much and wish nothing but the greatest for you. Thank you for being in my life. Welcome to your roaring 20s.




Umm wow! Thank you! I may have just teared up 😬 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

4 weeks ago