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3 weeks ago

Last week we shared Nik's tutorial about Bass Harmonics on our Patreon, and it has been received with a lot of enthusiasm. We're happy that you like this format. What other topics would you like to see covered? 🤓

4 weeks ago

Noisia is 20 years old today! Hurray! We probably should have taken a 'before' photo before cutting the cake though 😂

last month


Jun 2020

🎛 We did a walkthrough of our track ‘Foundations’ (with @martinmefjus ). Available now on the @visionrecordings YouTube 👀 (Link in bio )

Jun 2020

#blackouttuesday ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

May 2020

Last week we uploaded a new track walkthrough for our patrons in the Producer tier and up. Nik is taking you through the daunting track "The Hole pt. 1" for an hour. Make sure to check out our Patreon for a monthly tutorial. 🎓

May 2020

Just uploaded a HQ version of the Noisia DJ set we did for the @beatport ReConnect: Drum & Bass livestream. Enjoy!🥰

May 2020

Nik's nephew in law built us a stage that we could still perform on ❤️

May 2020

In late January and early February we had Sonny over in the studios. Thijs and Sonny caught a super last minute idea to do a surprise back to back breakbeat/house/electro/techno dj set of stuff they were feeling at the moment, and luckily our friends at @komoost were able to accommodate us! ILY? 📹 @3goldchainz

May 2020

'Foundations' is named after a big part of our early inspiration in the drum and bass world: the rolling and funky but dark sounds of Ed Rush & Optical, Matrix & Fierce and Cause 4 Concern. This release is dedicated to the memory of Edd Holmes, aka Optiv, who was a big influence on us both with his solo work and as member of Cause 4 Concern. 'Foundations' with @martinmefjus is out now on @visionrecordings

May 2020


Apr 2020

Noisia Farewell Tour extended and rescheduled! 🔔

Apr 2020

We are still struggling to get used to the fact that our dear friend, our serial collaborator and our inspiration Ebow Graham is no longer with us. Everybody we spoke to agrees that E was one of the warmest, kindest and smartest persons we knew. Ebow had a way of charming you immediately. But he also had so much depth behind the charm and the looks, he had a depth that kept all of us honoured to be his friends orbiting back to him perpetually. We will miss you forever, Ebow. We love you. Sending love and strength to everyone dealing with this grievous loss. If you haven't already, please consider pitching into the fund to support his son's future. @foreignbeggars have set it up, you'll find the link in their bio.

Apr 2020

NEWS: Our Patreon page has been updated, because we have new things we want to share. It's structured into 3 Tiers: Radio Tier, VISION Tier and Producer Tier. Which one suits you? Check out the link in bio. Love, and stay safe. Noisia Oh and we just uploaded another 1 hour long production tutorial in which Nik takes you through the Decloak project.

Mar 2020

Legendary night 🤘

Mar 2020

Mar 2020

Our last @blackout show felt really special. Thank you.

Feb 2020


Feb 2020


Feb 2020

Last saturday @thysmusic and @nicholasrobertthayer played a piece Thijs wrote for full orchestra, cello and electronics. Thijs also won an award that's usually given to classical musicians only. It was a beautiful experience 📸 @3goldchainz

Feb 2020

Last week we posted a 35 minute video on our Patreon, of Nik walking you through the Cubase project of Noisia - Wallhack (Armajet OST ). We plan to do more of these, so become a patron and let us know which songs you want to see dissected.

Feb 2020


Feb 2020

Blackout 2020. Thank you 🙏📸 @3goldchainz

Feb 2020

Did you ever wonder what would happen when one of us would write for a full orchestra? Well, Thys is performing with the NNO Symphony Orchestra in two weeks! They're playing "Eclipse": a piece he wrote for electronics, orchestra and solo cello. A great reason to come out to a concert hall! Thys is playing a dj set in the foyer after the concert as well. February 15th in Oosterpoort, Groningen. More info & tickets: www.nno.nu @noordnederlandsorkest Additional shows in Assen and Leeuwarden on the 13th and 14th.