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4 weeks ago

Hello there 👋🏾, sorry to disturb you. This is to inform you that CLARIONBRAND is offering a 3k discount on all braided wigs. . If you are in dire need of a Braided wig, you should really jump on this. This offer is valid from now till the 10th of June 2020. Closure wigs are available You can customize your wig All colours are available Ombre colours are available too. . Make sure you do not miss out on this. . All orders/enquires should be sent to the link here 👇🏾 https://wa.me/2347080429359

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SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR 💵 BOSS LADY @squishyskitchen8 @clarionbrand

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Business Page @clarionbrand @clarionbrand @clarionbrand Please follow, like, comment, patronize, refer Thank you Daalụ Eshe ☺️☺️☺️

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One of the many that ddnt make it here 😋 P.S dunno why I look short but I'm not short Staysafealways #stayhome #staysafe #tuesday

Apr 2020

Long time no post 📯 Happy Easter People ❤️❤️❤️ #heisrisen #lockdown

Jan 2020

WCW 🥰🥰🥰

Jan 2020

Happy new year 🎉 Happy first Sunday of the year Twinee ❤️ @fowe_tomi #2020 #newyear #firstsunday

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Some days are like this 🤗 🤗 🤗

Jul 2019

Somebody is adding weight 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽 💕 Black dress and wrap top tailored by my girl @pelpittas I love both of them girl 😘😘😘 💕 Braided Wigs by you already know 😊😊 @clarionbrand 💕 #ogba #lagosnigeria #lagos

Jun 2019

About Friday 🌟 SHECANNIGERIA Conference 2.0 was awesome. 🌟 Thank you @shecannigeria for the opportunity to serve. Let's do this again next year 💪🏾 💪🏾 💪🏾 🌟 My braided wig is from @clarionbrand and it is 5k only. 🌟 #shecandomore #shecannigeria #volunteer #volunteersinlagos #volunteering #eventinlagos #events

Jun 2019

Where are my ladies of value, substance, vessels unto honor, price above rubies. This is one event you should miss nor stream it online, you need to be there live and direct. It is happening at Muson Centre Lagos. On the 21st of June, 2019 (it is a Friday ) . 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 SHECANNIGERIA 2.0 . She can do anything she wants. . To register http://www.shecannigeria.org/events or click on the link in my bio 👆 . See you on Friday 😘 #bossladies #eventinlagos #lagosnigeria #shecandomore #shecannigeria @shecannigeria #clarion #naijabrandchick #owanbeparries #naijasmartbox #celebrity #parties #lagosevents

Jun 2019

LYDA USHERING TEAM . LYDA 7.0 was lit 🔥 . Thank you @lydafrica for the opportunity to serve. . Thank you @iambankole for responding to my email concerning being a part of this team, you could have just ignored it since I did not make it to the meeting, but you chose to reply. Thank you for this opportunity, LYDA 7.0 is something that I won't forget in a hurry. . The speakers were really amazing . . #LYDA7 #Showtime #june1st #itsshowtimebaby #lyda7 .0wasasucceess #lit #lagosnigeria #eventinlagos

May 2019

Hi there 🖐️ Trust you had an amazing day? I'm personally inviting you to a mind-transforming conference with a careful selection of articulated speakers with resounding track records of success in different career fields. This event will help you break free from limiting beliefs, discover & optimize your God-given potential & help you create & maximise opportunities to take your World by storm. Register here for FREE: http://www.lyda7.eventbrite.com You get the full info when you click the registration link. Pls, kindly register to confirm your 💺. Thanks For easier registration, click the link in bio 👆 to register #lyda7 #itsshowtime #showtime #june1st #bankolewilliams @lydafrica

May 2019

❤️❤️❤️ . . Wig @clarionbrand

Apr 2019

HSE SUMMIT 2019 . Health, Safety and Environment Summit 😘😘😘 . #hsesummit #hse #tonyalawani #lagosnigeria #lagosstate

Apr 2019

Late post Sunday volunteering . A quick visit to mushin, to visit the handicapped/disabled and elderlies. . I support . #isupport #volunteering #volunteeringisfun #letlovelead

Apr 2019

FREE CONFERENCE 2019 HAPPENING LIVE IN LAGOS STATE. . VOLUNTEER 💃💃💃 . #freeconference2019 #freeconference #freeconferencelagos #iamfree

Apr 2019

About last week Saturday. . LAGOSFOODBANK @lagosfoodbank . We visited Sogunro Slum in Yaba.. I'm sure they would not forget us in a hurry 😘😘😘 Helping hands Fight against hunger and malnutrition . You want to volunteer/donate to support our ministry? See @lagosfoodbank for more details . #lfbi #lfbivolunteers #lagosfoodbankinitiative #lagosfoodbank

Mar 2019

Where would you be this Saturday (6th of April, 2019 ) . It's less than a week to the conference. Clear your schedule and be a part of this. . COME AND BE FREE. . @onyema_wisdom @budoskysignature @mama_l .e.x @ms_ekemini @nazif .adedimeji LINK to register in my bio 👆 . #freeconference2019 #freeconference #lagosnigeria #unilag #lagosstate #lagos #jimitewe

Mar 2019

#Repost @thefreeconference Made by @Image .Downloader · · · Thank God it's Tuesday! Wow, it is officially 31 days to the most anticipated conference of the year... The Free Conference Lagos. This year we will be having 2 panel sessions inspiring and instructing us on how to live F. R. E. E. This first panel session is focused on inspiring us. They get to share their stories and inspire us to live FREE. Meet our first set of panelists.. The weight loss expert, Adedamola Ladejobi of @askdamz The event guru, Mr. Oyekola Smith of @marcusmith_events The the formidable actor, producer and director, Ufuoma McDermott @ufuomamcdermott Are you still yet to register? Click the link in our bio to do so now and share with your friends who should be there. #FreeConference #FreeConference2019 #thefreeconference #FreeConferenceLagos #freeconferenceglobal #fromenduringtoenjoying #livingfree #2019 #purpose #career #business #entrepreneurship #purpose #passion

Mar 2019

#Repost @thefreeconference Made by @Image .Downloader · · · The countdown to Lagos' most anticipated conference has begun!!! Are you ready? It's about 6 weeks away. #freeconference2019 will change your mindset and help you create and maximize all opportunities. More details coming soon. The conference is FREE, but registration is compulsory. Register using the link in our bio #watchthisspace #thefreeconference #FreeConferenceLagos #freeconferenceglobal #freeconference2019 #naijastartups #career #purpose #capacitybuilding #thesamakinlotan