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ONU ‘21. Check out my podcast below⬇️

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4 weeks ago

Took a drive to the country 🌽 🌾 🌽

last month

Thank you @christianmusicbroadcasters for my Momentum box! I love this conference so much already! #cmbmomentum20

Apr 2020

Virtual COMM banquet is a go 🌸🌷

Mar 2020

I am beaming with joy to be a maid of honor! Cailynn and Jordan, I am so excited to see what your future holds. (Also yes, she asked me with a ring pop😊 ) #marryingmaroney

Mar 2020

Sometimes you gotta laugh your way though life

Feb 2020

Middle school me cried today. Meeting @coltondixonmusic was amazing!

Jan 2020

Taking a second video each day really made me enjoy the little things this year. I’m so thankful each and every person in this video. See ya in 2020 ✨🎊✨

Dec 2019

Hey friends! Yesterday I had the best time recording a podcast with 3 friends of mine, and it was all about dressember and fair trade. I learned A LOT! I was absolutely blown away about how prevalent slavery still is in today’s society. So I decided to join them in the dressember cause! For the REST of DECEMBER I will be wearing DRESSES! Yes that’s right! So how can you help? 1. Pray!!! Pray for the people that are affected! 2. Pray for me, and my goal of 200 dollars can be reached! 3. Donate! (Link also in bio! ) https://www.dressember2019.org/fundraiser/mikayla-browne?fundraiserPrompt=73309

Nov 2019

Probably the best day of my entire semester❤️ thanks for the amazing mems

Nov 2019

A year ago today I was in the scariest situation of my life. For those who do not know the story, my car got stuck in acceleration and I was not able to stop my car. The car raced up to 80 mph on a back road. In all the chaos and fear, the Lord guided my car and helped me think clearly enough to call 911. After talking on the phone for a couple minutes racing down the road, they told me to put it in neutral and my car came to a complete stop. Through this experience the faithfulness of the Lord was shown to me. During the time in the car the Lord told me to “just wait”. Those words rang through my ears and I knew that he was still with me. Just wait was something I had to keep learning following that day. Waiting on God’s timing was a big thing for me this past year. God‘s faithfulness was evident that day. When I was with the cop, I was smiling from ear to ear because I could not help it. He asked why I was so happy, and it was because I knew how much the Lord loved me at that moment. The Lord’s faithfulness and goodness was overflowing that day, but the truth is it’s evident every day. Even now, when I’m waiting on doctors to get back to me after a scary visit to the ER, I know that God‘s hand is on me. Words can not describe the fear I was in that day and words cannot describe the closeness and love I felt and feel from my Heavenly Father.

Oct 2019

Hey @janimmassey I got the orange pants memo too🧡

Sep 2019

Sep 2019

I could not be more proud of second place. All the sweat and tears that was put into this show over the last month, was well worth it! Excited to see what next year brings. Also pls like if you believe my hair belongs in the 80’s

Aug 2019

I was incredibly blessed to spend an entire summer with these interns. I would not change it for the world. I leaned so much about what God has done, is doing, and will do in my life.

Aug 2019

There’s nobody else I’d rather learn about gain structure and signal path with #worshterns

Jun 2019

A year ago I was just meeting you, and I had no idea I would be sitting here today and be missing you so much. 😢I am soooo glad you are my roomie💜 I couldn’t imagine college with out you. Pls be prepared for a huge hug when I see you in the fall. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FARLEY

Jun 2019

Are you sure we only met on Tuesday? Feels like a life time! Definitely excited for 10 more weeks!

May 2019

@epsivahmelissa appreciation post! From the first day of college (see 2nd pic😂 ) to the last day for freshman year, u were always there for me. I’m so glad we met at freshman orientation, because this year would have not been as wonderful as it has been. I am so thankful for you! Leaving today seriously made me cry. I know you are going to have a blast at camp all summer and God is going to use you is some pretty awesome ways! See ya soon bud

May 2019

Today I had to say a lot of goodbyes because freshman year came to an end💔 I’m looking forward to August to see all your beautiful faces again💜

Apr 2019

Wear your shades because our future is SHINEning bright 😎🔥 #cmbsummits19

Apr 2019

Filled with joy ❤️

Feb 2019

My twin is now 21 😳 happy birthday! Love u @cmbrownie can’t wait to see you soon

Jan 2019


Dec 2018

I can’t believe I just got home from finishing my first semester of college! It had a lot of ups and downs, and I would not want to have done it anywhere else! I can’t believe I have to wait a whole month until I see you all again. #lifeatolivet