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4 hours ago

#GoBlue wherever you go! Thanks @nelles .noah for sharing this pic! @michiganaero ____________________________________________ "My name is Noah and this summer me and a friend, Bryan are taking summer classes up in Alaska! We're both in the aerospace engineering program and thought this would be a great photo to share of our amazing hike in Denali National Park."

6 days ago

Who else is geeked for the launch of NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover? One thing most people don’t think about is what goes into landing safely in space. During descent, exhaust plumes fluidize surface soil and dust, forming craters and spray coarse, abrasive particles. This action presents a host of variables that can jeopardize a landing. Prof. Jesse Capecelatro is doing fascinating work with NASA to make future space landings safer for robots...and astronauts. Link in bio.

2 weeks ago

Regram @umrover Hey everyone, meet SPIDER (Surface Positioned Investigative Device for Exploring and Roving )! SPIDER is a summer project that members from our team have been working on to submit for the #indianroverdesignchallenge . SPIDER was designed to operate on Mars alongside an astronaut, and is to complete tasks such as servicing a Mars lander and taking soil and rock samples to analyze them for signs of life. This project culminated in a 26 page design report that was submitted earlier today. #engineering #mars #rover

3 weeks ago

Prosthetic legs get a makeover — quieter to use, longer battery life, and best of all, more comfortable. Michigan Engineering and UT Dallas researchers are taking a motor originally designed for an arm on the International Space Station to streamline a robotic, prosthetic leg with a free-swinging knee. Their robotic leg is quieter, more energy efficient, and comfortable than other state-of-the-art prosthetics.

3 weeks ago

Brand new Solar Orbiter images captured the closest ever pictures of the Sun—just 77 million km (48 million miles ) from its surface. 🤯 We're proud to have researchers helping lead this mission.

3 weeks ago

By twisting magnetic fields, Michigan Engineering researchers can curb “sausage instability”—the term for the way plasma cylinders implode under magnetic pressure. The research could improve materials science, nuclear fusion research, X-ray generation and laboratory astrophysics.

3 weeks ago

Regram via @justin_schachter . Taking a quick work break to say COVID can’t stop NASA JPL interns from winning college t-shirt day, even if we’re all spread out (Michigan will beat Cornell this year ) 😛 #jplinterns #umichengin ...Also, peep our names

3 weeks ago

U-M engineers have developed a new robotic prosthetic leg prototype that walks with a more natural gait while also being quieter and more energy efficient than other designs. The key is the use of new small and powerful motors, originally designed for a robotic arm on the International Space Station.

4 weeks ago

A new coating makes plastics more transparent while adding electrical conductivity—the researchers behind the work say it can improve touchscreens, LED light panels and window-mounted infrared solar cells.

last month

Did you see this story in @mlivenews yesterday? Excerpt from story by @dana .afana: Delivery robots are being deployed to ship groceries to #AnnArbor residents during the coronavirus pandemic. Ann Arbor-based robotics startup @refraction .ai created the self-driving Rev-1 robot to deliver food from restaurants to customers, launching the service last year, but amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the company announced Tuesday it’s expanding its reach to grocery delivery. Refraction AI partnered with Ann Arbor’s Produce Station to deliver goods to residents within three miles of the store at 1629 S State St. in Ann Arbor, free of charge. Photo: Prof. Matthew Johnson-Roberson cofounder and CEO at Refraction AI rides behind one of the autonomous delivery robots created and currently being tested by Refraction AI Wednesday Oct. 30, 2019. via @nshester Tell us what has been your go-to food delivery or takeout option lately?

last month

When summer internships fell through due to COVID-19, the Multidisciplinary Design Program rushed to fill the gaps—creating 84 internships and research fellowships to make sure students still have access to experiential learning. Where did you intern this summer?

last month

“If you had more people that were working in the technology field that truly represented society, I think you’d get better, and potentially fairer, facial recognition systems and AI systems,” —Chad Jenkins, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

last month

Across University of Michigan, people are coming together to recognize and take action this #Juneteenth . Many of these events start this afternoon at 1pm, including one sponsored by @umece and organized by the Graduate Society of Black Engineers and Scientists. Link in bio has all the ones we can find today!

last month

Via @stemliz | Why start an insta blog and my goals for it 👇👇👇 At first I was hesitant to start this account because I was afraid I would disappoint. Im not an outstanding student. I enjoy laying in bed all day over being productive. Quarantine has definitely proven that to me. I wondered if I was deserving enough to attempt to inspire others in STEM when I too am in need of motivation. But I love hearing about other people in STEM on what they’re doing and how they stay motivated. I am also comforted when people willingly share their failures because it reminds me that it’s ok to struggle, fail a class, have absolute no idea what my passions are, feel unmotivated, etc etc. So I want this to be a place not only to inspire but to also relate to each other. Everyone’s journey process is different and hearing about others opens up my perspectives about the world and the opportunities stem fields hold. 🌟 With this blog I hope to be as real as possible with everyone. Expect posts of me in distress in tears over a class I’ll probably forget about in a few years (and possibly some quality memes ). I hope to document the good, the bad, the in between. I’ve also been thinking about what kind of content I seek to post. I hope to incorporate more than just stem because in reality my life does not revolve around stem nor would I want it to. Stem is amazing in its own ways but there is a balance needed in my life outside of building a career. I hope to include posts about future travels and my faith! 🌟 Overall, I hope to inspire and support and also be supported by other women in STEM. There is a lack of female representation in STEM fields. I have felt this especially during quarantine where I am no longer living with other women in STEM (freshman year I was a part of a living community where I lived with female stem majors check it out at @umich_wiserp ! ). Social media is a great way to connect with other females in STEM and reach out to each other. I’m excited to see where my journey takes me and how we can all (female or not ) work together to close the gender gap and increase diversity in STEM fields!

last month

Main Street and other major thoroughfares in Ann Arbor were shut down to traffic on June 12, 2020. Restaurants, stores and clubs are utilizing the space to observe health recommendations as things begin to slowly re-open after almost three months since the statewide stay-at-home order was announced. To help the transition, Ann Arbor plans to keep these streets closed to cars until the end of August. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being very comfortable ), how would you feel about eating at an outdoor restaurant this week? Totally judgement free zone. Just curious about how our community is feeling. Photos by Joseph Xu ( @jxu .photo )

last month

Today #ShutDownSTEM moved across academia. This is an opportunity to reflect on the progress that needs to be made and the potential actions that will move our country and campus forward. Dean Gallimore challenges us to move forward together in his letter to our community. (Link in the Story! )

last month

Last Friday, @uofmichigan leadership, students, faculty and staff had a live discussion about racism and how to combat it. Link to the recording in the Story.

Jun 2020

🔗 link to thread (with links ) in bio By now, you will have seen Prof. Sara Pozzi’s message to the Michigan Engineering community. “It is past time to stop and reflect upon the racial inequities that still exist in society. More importantly, it is past time for us all to take concrete actions to help correct them.” Black Lives Matter. Help eradicate the virus of racism. To all Michigan Engineers, if you feel comfortable and want to share, feel free tag us in your activism and events or share them with us in our DMs. And if you are struggling to deal with difficult emotions, know you are not alone. Engineering students can receive support through the Michigan Engineering CARE Center or U-M Counseling and Psychological Services.

Jun 2020

Last week, the first wave of faculty, staff and graduate students returned to the lab after more than two months - with strict limitations based on public health guidance. We caught up with a few of those people to see how they were feeling and adjusting. Click the link in our profile to read the story. #umichengin

May 2020

Regram via @umichners . $5.2M to develop digital twins of nuclear reactors that could help make nuclear power safer and more affordable. The project SAFARI the team will validate and demonstrate their digital twin software using our experimental flow loop, which will be used to emulate the cooling loop in a molten salt reactor. Congratulations to NERS Professor Annalisa Manera, principal investigator on the project. Link to story in @umichners bio.

May 2020

Throwback to that time when @bandalooping performed an aerial dance on the Robert and Ann Lurie Tower to help celebrate its 20th anniversary (2006 ). Who was there with us that night?

May 2020

Have you heard about the COVID-19 Campus Challenge? Almost 600 students have signed up to propose ideas to build a safety-informed campus! They are kicking-off the challenge tonight. Learn more at the website: https://covidcampuschallenge.engin.umich.edu/

May 2020

When she isn't studying macromolecular science and engineering, Bouchet Honor Society inductee and U-M engineering PhD student Nisha Rosita Hollingsworth mentors undergrad students & volunteers to teach local area youth about polymer engineering. shared via UmichGradSchool. Last week they did a series on this year's Bouchet inductees.

May 2020

Throwback to 2014. That time when hackathon participants took a break to play laser tag on the Wave Field on North Campus. Good times. Have you ever done a hackathon? What year? Whatcha make? Photos: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing