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7 hours ago

I’m not sure if this will solve the problem but marching and jogging didn’t work either. They need to arrest those cops for murder asap, the whole world saw the evidence so go and lock them up. Meanwhile destroying people’s business won’t bring George back to life so let’s be smart. #RipGeorgeFloyd

21 hours ago

We just jogged for Ahmad a couple of weeks ago and now this. I try to just keep my page as place for you guys to come for relief during times like this but it’s hard to sleep when our brother was killed like an animal. Those officers need to be arrested and put on trial for murder as soon as possible. My condolence to #GeorgeFloyd ’s family


Hope this comedy can heal some pain.


Budget was so low that we couldn’t afford Drake so we got his dad, couldn’t afford W hotel valet area so we ended up at Walmart parking lot. We had 20 neegas but only 7 beeches. Covid19 fucked my money up lol



2 days ago

What’s the easiest way I can end up in jail? Help me with my Gangsta Rapper Starter Kit

2 days ago

#IWantYouRemix featuring @5ive_mics and @therealkapg .

3 days ago

Guess what i did to get this neega from not killing himself today?

4 days ago

After 12 bars I was about to quit but after a million views in 9hrs on a snippet I think the world is ready for me. Which rap name ya like best? #50CentADay , #VillageAssasin or #KodakBlacker ?

4 days ago

Who’s ready for this?

5 days ago

I thought it was a man, cmon ya thought it was a neega too.

6 days ago

What should my rapper name be?

6 days ago

Sorry Kap G we ran out of beeches, low budget music video. Oh say hi to Drake’s future stepmoda

1 weeks ago

I accidentally put diesel gas in my car looking at her ass, you owe me a new engine modasucka @whopperme

1 weeks ago

Lmao see the rest on my YouTube, link in my bio. My wife I never met @uldouz

2 weeks ago

#AWAY by @oxladeofficial 🇳🇬 🇳🇬 🔥 🔥 🔥

2 weeks ago

Nothing like a woman that allows you to be yourself. If you can’t beat him join him. @mzradadarling

2 weeks ago

Lil nas x. Full video on my YouTube link in my bio

2 weeks ago

she said she missed your performance at jewels not met u at jewels lol. She likes her men tall, dark with a third leg not short with 3 balls modasucka lol. @torylanez

2 weeks ago

I just followed this juicy chocolate from London @amber_gabb

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago