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🙏🏾SOME WOMEN ARE LOST IN THE FIRE~SOME WOMEN ARE BUILT FROM IT🔥🙌🏾🦁 #Jesus ~TimeAllTheTime✨ #GoodGirlWraps @GreaterGoodFoundation #UNapologeticallyFree 🕊

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I keep trying to find the words .. I can’t ..

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Lostfiles 🔦

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🔊THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!! Welcome to the conversation !!! ——————————————————————— Happy Holiday Fam!! Join @lamyiagood @dijontalton + I For @CousinsTalk .Welcome to the family! ——————————————————————— (Link in @COUSINTALK 🗣bio ) @omnisplayer 🖲

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#Dating , #sex , #marriage , #singlelife and connecting during the quarantine is all being debated 😂🤣 Wednesday May 27th in the “family room” for the Premiere of @cousinstalk 🗣 with my Family @dijontalton @lamyiagood + I. We can’t wait to welcome you to the family! (Link is in @cousinstalk bio )

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🔊🙌🏾 ITS ALMOST HERE! Hear it from the male & female family perspective. As @lamyiagood @dijontalton + myself talk about real life topics 🗣we can all relate to, exclusively at www.CousinsTalkShow.com. Make sure to follow @cousinstalk + @omnisplayer for updates & information on episodes!! Welcome to the family! #cousinstalk

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EverythingEverything . My 💞

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———————————————————— This video is near and dear to my heart. When I first heard #RescueMe , I fell in love with it because it’s such a timeless 80’s vibe. As Joelle & I discussed what the video would be; we both became innately aware there was an opportunity for specific artistic expression here.. Joelle had just completed her sobriety.. She was in a transition between who she was becoming ..who she thought she wanted to be and what she was discovering about herself. She was having deep revelation about the genesis of some of the things she had experienced.. we wanted to take creative license to share her internal journey. Here is music video #3 . Artist: @IAmJoelleAshley Song: “Rescue Me” Starring: Joelle’s alter ego “Noelle” Director of photography: @CreativeHeadquarters Choreographer: @AdriansThompkins Special appearances: @AgostinaFitness @ErikAude ———————————————————— A very special thank you to @StevenLaMorte for figuring out how to create 2 Joelle’s on the screen at the same time. Thank you Agostina for being willing to help and blessing us with that body lol. With deep gratitude, thank you Linda for styling Jo & showing up for me 🙏🏾 ———————————————————— •{ Thoughts ~ This video is dedicated to Joelle’s Father “Lee Barchan”. Thank you Lee, for setting the example in your life’s work that put Joelle on this path to freedom & wholeness. We love you. We miss you, your laughter & light. But we feel you here. This ones for you. } ———————————————————— #DirectedByMG 🤍 •What message did you take away from the video?

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TOMORROW @ 7 PM 👀 #RESCUEME Followed by Instagram LIVE w/ @IAMJOELLEASHLEY 8PM .. only you can rescue you .. from you .

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ISSA SWIPE 👉🏾 ————————————————— #GOODGIRLWRAPS 👑’S.

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VIDEO #3 COMING THIS WEDNESDAY, 5/20 @ 7PM #RESCUEME @IAMJOELLEASHLEY .. Only you can rescue you ..from you .

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Jacuzzi dreams finally realized. 📸 cred ~ @LaMyiaGood

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YAAAAS 🙌🏾 !!! 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊”THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!!!” 🔊🔊🔊🔊————————————————————————And EVERY Saturday night, premiering at 10|9c. Get set for episodes of @OWNtv ’s new show “GIRLFRIENDS CHECK-IN”!!! ————————————————————————Join me + my sisters, @LadyGraceByers + @Tasha4RealSmith + @LaMyiaGood & other amazing groups of girlfriends 🤩, as we check in 💁🏽‍♀️ with a bunch of laughs 🤣 , Insights 🤔and full on shenanigans 😜!! I love these ladies SO much! And I feel so honored to have them in my life 🙏🏾😥. Tune in and get your dose of #comedy , #love + #sisterhood ! #GirlfriendsCheckin

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Sooo! VIDEO #3 👀 COMING SOON !!!! I received soo much love in sharing the first two videos I’ve ever directed 🙈 🎥 I just wanted to say : 🧡THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN 🙌🏾 ————————————————————————The next video I want to share with you is unreleased. You all will be seeing it for the VERY FIRST TIME!! This video is very near and dear to me because it’s a creative expression of my sister-friend @IAmJoelleAshley ‘s experience in life at that time. The message is deep .. Looking forward to releasing it and hearing your thoughts on what you think the message means! 🤔 Stay tuned !!! The count down begins now : 7 PM WEDNESDAY, MAY 2OTH #RESCUEME

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Where it all started. @LaMyiaGood and I. 6 and 4 years old. John Carpenter’s “They Live”. #PS #IWasTerribleAtSkippingEvidently

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When your beautiful cast-mate-sister-magical-unicorn-mermaid-friend showcases how she takes off her Good Girl Wrap! #IWasntReady @TheJerrieJohnson 😩👀🥰🤤🦄🧜🏾‍♀️ ———————————— #GoodGirlWraps Link 🔗 in bio👆🏾

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LOOK 👀 AT ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL QUEENS 👑 SPORTING THEIR #GOODGIRLWRAPS 🤯🥰☺️ ————————————————————————- • Helps prevent breakage • Locks in moisture 💧 • Makes hair manageable for working out🏋🏾‍♀️ • Acclimates to your body temperature 😲☀️❄️ • Assists in prevention of hair related breakouts 🥴 • Wrangles hair for nightly routine & for comfortable sleeping 😴 while protecting ————————————————————————- • 📸 POST A PICTURE WEARING YOUR GOODGIRL WRAP, using #GoodGirlWraps & tag me AND ILL REPOST 🥰 ————————————————————————-🤍 #UnapologeticallyGOOD 👑💋 LINK 🔗 IN BIO 👆🏾

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This is my #Prayersquare ✝️ in honor of @WinterNoelJoy ❄️🎉🙌🏾! This young Queen asked me to make one because she has experienced bullying because of her beautiful hair 😔 ..as a result has started a movement 💪🏾! She plans to take all of her squares both digital & physical to Congress!! And to create awareness & connection between those who not only survived but have thrived & are stronger through their experience 👊🏾 . I can relate to Winter. Can you? What was meant to break her; awoke #Purpose in this young Queen 👑. What they tried to use against her, God is using for her good & His glory 🙌🏾. #LetsSUPPORTOurYouth ✨ Please Design your own digital #Prayersquare 🛐 & tag us. using: #PrayerChangesThingsChallenge & #WintersPrayerSquares !!! 🧂🕯 Please get involved. It would mean so much to her.

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Dear Mama ..