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last month

Anxious to always feel like a “Walker Gal”. #madamcjwalker #netflix #perspective #netflixandchill #network #womenempowerment #socialdistancing 🤷🏽‍♀️ #eh

Mar 2020

Living only for temporary gain leads to eternal loss. ~ Trap Queen Big S/O to @what_is_tim @themeparkfrog #universalstudios #undercovertourist

Feb 2020

In honor of Black History Month coming to a smooth end; I’d like to give props to my Father on his promotion and Success in the United States Air Force.

Jan 2020

“Call me butta cause I’m on a roll.” Last year I learned the impact of Presence not presents 🥳 #J13 This year I will capitalize on that. Thank you for the birthday wishes; undoubtably had an amazing trip with my childhood BFF. #costarica Friends and sisters please continue to hold me accountable for my goals, as I will for you. Here’s to 20/20🙏🏽💓🤞🏽

Oct 2019

They were calling me Ranch cause I be Dressing. #pbr #pbrfinals #dip Thank you Chuck, David, and Crew. 🙏🏽💯

May 2019

I’m the Granddaughter of the best Comeback Story of a lifetime. -“Let me tell it.” Just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month. Nothing gets thicker than this blood. R.I.P Paw’Paw. You know I Held it together just for YOU. Soooo Happy that everyone knows how you’ve inspired me for the greater good❣️Despite what the world continues to give me... I’ll keep making my own lemonade. ♾

May 2019

God knew what he was doing when he sent me my sister. It’s in her name! Leah Joy, I can’t wait to be apart of the next journey in your life. Howard/Aggie Pride This homecoming is going to be beyond spectacular sis. 😩👏🏾 I’m still shook on how grown you are! Beyond proud of your accomplishments, and the ones to come! #J5 #OG

Mar 2019

Back to Back; to Black. 💓 #amywinehouse

Feb 2019

Content. Canary In a Coal Mine. Moody. #tb

Feb 2019

Seeking and Saving In the City Of Sin. -Let that sink in. 🔥🗣 #vegas #tgbtg

Jan 2019

-Say no to the plate; instead of the oil. #forevermood

Jan 2019

Twenty;Fine Forever. 🌹 #DMV I’ve tagged the best Hairstylest! He’s super amazing and blessed! TY for the Birthday love. #J13 💓

Nov 2018

Surround yourself with Positive People, Doing Positive things; So you can have a Positive outcome. -Thanks Daddy ✊🏽 #OnlyBlackFemaleNotServingFood ☘️ I’ll never forget this Alum charity auction event and how much money and power I saw in the room. 😅 Ohhh, the looks I got from EVERYone. Remember my Face. 🙈 #muffinlanguage #growthmindset