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🤦🏽‍♂️ #facts


This shit made me cry real tears. To watch this was sickening. At some point it has to stop. Where’s the humanity in humans? I have many friends that are cops and this type of behavior is a black eye to the entire department. Not all cops are bad. And it’s a tough job. BUT this type of shit needs to have severe consequences attached to it. This is criminal. This type of behavior causes rifts and division between blacks and blues and blacks and whites.i appreciate the brother Jijitsu brother and the white fire woman who both united to try to stop this injustice. For every asshole there is at least one hero. This type of treatment has to stop. We need some real legislation on this issue


When you love your brother so much you name your son’s after eachother #marlon and #Shawn #marshawn


I know what I’m eating tonight @catchsteak

2 days ago

My son, my prince, my young king, my other half of legacy. I’m truly inspired by your will, your person, your quiet leadership, your character, your spirit, your choices, your call to adventure. You’re a legend in the making. I always tell you and your sister “don’t be me, be better than me”. And you have been thus far. Life is a quick funny journey. Be fearless, be righteous- even when you’re wronged, be kind, be Gentile, be understanding, be confident, be empathetic, be a man. Love is a practice so please show up everyday ready to learn. Success a process. It’s a road we travel not a destination. You can be anything you dream to be as long as you’re willing to do the work. My baby boy is a man. High school is ending and college is beginning. I am here for you. I’m with you. With love, attention and an open heart. You’re raised with WAYANS DNA. All you have to do is do the work and god got you from there. I hope to be your best friend, your greatest supporter and confidant. I’m so proud of you! Not just for what you do on the court but who you are as a person. You’re a true leader and a winner. I love you for life. And when god takes me, just know that you have an angel watching over you and propelling you and your sister way beyond what you ever Imagined. Congratulations on your graduation and your athletic and academic accompaniments. Daddy loves you to the moon and back around the stars and back again. Love you young prince you’ve always been a king. Go own that crown. #classof2020

3 days ago

Happy bday to one of the funniest, sweetest, angriest, loving people i know @cwayans so proud of you baby girl. I love you so much. One of my favorite people. Uncle adores you. Y’all wish her happy bday and check out her podcast #housearrest

3 days ago

Happy bday to my little woman. I’m so grateful that God blessed us with you. What an amazing child?! Your best is yet to come. You always was an over achiever and i have no doubts you’ll reach every goal you strive for. When you was born i grew up in the moment... as soon as you crowned. A wave of responsibility hit me. And i said to myself “i need to be better”. And i was... well, in someways 😂 but thank you for making me. Better communicator, and a more empathetic human. I love you beyond words. Thank u for challenging me, growing me, consoling me... and loving me unconditionally. knowing when to be what. Keep being you. You’re a gift to our family, to your friends and to the world AMAI WAYANS your greatness has a ring to it... keep studying. Daddy loves you waaaaaay more than himself. Smile all year baby

5 days ago

“Break yo’self fool” #LegoLoc

6 days ago

I honour this dude, honour this day, honour his legacy. Thank you for the words. They stick with me until this day. Love u Brody. Fuck the machine! I am a machine.

1 weeks ago

Happy born day to one of the realest my bro @bustarhymes i remember screaming to my bro’s “you gotta put LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL on IN LIVING COLOR”. And so became history. We did WAYANS BROS together, a shitload of parties, chilled and have had beautiful life talks in crowded clubs. We’ve rap battled (TMZ that shit ), we’ve played dice... well i took your money and most of all we just been friends. I love you king 👑 have a beautiful bday legend. People dying left and right. I just always want you to know that you my bro and i fucking love you. Keep killing them #theconglomerate got next! Get it mogul

2 weeks ago

Let’s go make a franchise. Getting my leading man on. 2020 a Year of transition. Who do y’all think my leading lady should be?

2 weeks ago

This is for our kids and our families! Go to KidNation.com and follow @KidNation NOW! Share This Positive Message with everyone you can 🙏 #StayClean #KidNation shout out to @ludacris for the cause... y’all repost!!! @nelly said he gonna repost as soon as his internet is fixed 🤦🏽‍♂️ 😂

2 weeks ago

My man Fred! Great times working with you legend. Love you. What a funny sweet man. Thank u for teaching me about this journey. Let’s do what we love and smile. #ripfredwillard blessed wayans bros and fifty shades of black. I’m blesssd to have worked with a legend. Greatness... you have to touch it to be it

2 weeks ago

Happy Birthday Big @ @ronmanbirnbaum Thanks for being a great human that created other great humans. Have a beautiful day big Ron

3 weeks ago

This woman... mother of ALL mothers. She had ten children and managed to make us all feel loved and all feel special. Her dreams became our dreams. Her biting sense of humor is the Wayans brand. I’m the baby of the bunch and I’m born her birthday July 23. Born a prince to a queen. And that’s why i smile. All my mom ever wanted was love and that’s all I’m gonna do while she’s here... love her. Thank u ma. U always made this crazy baby smile... and that’s why i love

3 weeks ago

Happy Mother’s Day to my baby... you have been wonderful, loyal, loving, compassionate, empathetic, courageous, humble, strong, responsible, sweet, intelligent, God-fearing , beautiful inside and out. And you managed to pour all of that into our children. How can i not honor you on this day and everyday. Shit after reading all that you are all i can think is “boy you really fucked that up Marlon”! 😂 😂 😂 this love is beyond the flesh... we’re in the blood. Love you for life... this one and all the ones after. Fellas i don’t care what she did, how you may hurt, why y’all broke up... it don’t matter. Be grateful or the gift of life she gave you. Honor that woman today... and everyday. She’s always your family

3 weeks ago

Legend. #riplittlerichard first artist with lil’ in his name

3 weeks ago

Gonna miss this dude. Always good positive energy. Always had a vision for your vision. Everybody’s mentor. A legend. A father. A mogul. A great human. You’re missed already. Prayers to his family and loved ones. See you on the other side champ

3 weeks ago

Damn. @andreharrell always had the realest shit to say. Always challenging your dreams and dropping jewels on how to achieve them. Loved this dude man. This life noose getting tight around my neck. I’m in prayer hard. Trusting God. All i can do. But today he gained an angel... a real one. Rest well Dre

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3 weeks ago

Stop posting about the two fuckheads that were arrested. They deserve no fame, no mention, no regard. Let’s celebrate this brother who died fighting for his life. Say his name ... #AhmaudArbery ... never forget it. Our lives are worth fighting for

3 weeks ago

Black love... ain’t it beautiful?! ❤️ #requiem

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3 weeks ago

That time i found out i could grow facial hair.