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21 hours ago

I came for that throw back 😉. Can’t let all of that go to waste 😃. I hear it’s Africa Week so I’m gonna celebrate you African Queen. I love you Michie darling ♥️. A life gem 💎 that I will treasure forever and a day.

4 days ago

Be bold in your new season. You have the vision, trust your creativity.You have the ability, implement your knowledge.You have the time take yourself serious. Always remember you had a purpose before anyone had an opinion. Enjoyed doing this show with @hudheifaden we killed it🔥. 📸 by our predecessors and show stoppers as well 💯 @officialsharonmachira @georgiendirangu @_ciiruk All the pinks are courtesy @webstarstailored Thank you for everyone who watched and showed us love . #imovedifferent 👑

2 weeks ago

Top Shotta 🔥 #sundayvibes

2 weeks ago

We stay ready 💯 Standard Operating date pick up drill 😎. Drip essential services from the DON. @webstartailored

2 weeks ago

I changed my thinking, it changed my life 💯.

2 weeks ago

With the rising cases of the corona virus across the world many parents might not be aware that during this time the mental health of their kids should also be of great concern. I had a chat with LisaMarie her mum Eva @drreign @dr_vundi about the current state of our kids mental health. This is so vital for our upcoming generation. #bbcwhatsnew

3 weeks ago

Making news pieces for the youth across the continent has always been fun 😎. If you haven’t checked out our YouTube page go there now #bbcwhatsnew and you might just see me being a serious on screen presenter haha I’m kidding I’m always having fun whilst still getting the job done. #bbcwhatsnew #inspiringafricasyouth

3 weeks ago

Never let your fear decide your future . Most of us are hindering our growth because of fear. Self doubt ,constantly asking for validation before you do anything. Constantly fighting that voice in your head that fire in your chest to just do what you NEED to do. Today stop seeking validation, stop holding back , listen to that inner voice and break out and do what you got to do!! You will shine , you will be amazing and the world will be blown away by your glory and you will wonder why you ever doubted your potential 😊.

4 weeks ago

In a world where everyone puts on a mask it’s so hard to find a genuine soul ~ @youcancallmeolango

4 weeks ago

Back in 2018 I interviewed Khaligraph Jones and he talked about his plans and looking back now in 2020 he has achieved everything 💯. He talked about his challenges and what he went through to get there. One solid guy can’t wait to catch up with you again soon for more prophecies about the future 😊 @khaligraph_jones @bbcafrica

4 weeks ago

This new normal has got me missing Christmas A lot. Just because it’s a little bit similar we are talking to God even more, we are cooking more for friends and family. Decorating our houses and listening to some jams from the past. We are sharing the Christmas cheer with our intimate circles. I am so close to putting up my Christmas tree 🎄 lol 😅.That’s for me though 😊. What are you guys missing ? #thereisalessonineverything

5 weeks ago

If you win they will gossip , if you lose they will laugh at you and gossip either way they will still gossip. So stunt on them and be your best version!!! It’s your time remember 👑. Happy new week. #imovedifferent 👑

last month

last month

Because I'm certain brighter days are yet to come Ain't no question that tomorrow there'll be good times. I believe with every beat of my ♥️. #sautisol

last month

You can steal the recipe but you cannot fake the taste ~A wise man Aka Mr Kwaka. @teamd2d @webstarstailored Designed it 💯🔥 @tintseh Creative director 🔥

last month

Calm like the wind and wild like the raging 🌊. A mix of both makes me rare 😉. Quarantino 😎. Ya’ll already know @webstarstailored got the fit just right 💯. 📸 : @tintseh Always gets the angles right 💯 #imovedifferent 👑 #Checkmate #quarantinedrip 💧

last month

Optical nutrition is important so enjoy 😉 . @webstarstailored did it again Eeeiishhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥 📸 @tintseh A concept thank you my brother. PS: Human only accessible to my Quarantine bae 😘

last month

How are you coping? It’s day 51million of quarantine and I am about to chew all the wood in my house 🤣. Also I miss chilling by the beach and taking all this Sexy pics under the sun 😎. 📸: the baddest by now you all know 😉 @michelle .ntalami you need a Michie in your life for such pics ♥️.

last month

This was so much fun 😎 head over to my IGTV to watch the full video and see all the fine lads 🔥🙌. I have tagged them on a separate comment so enjoy 😉 . @kibos You are a legend 🙌. #stayandhomeandhavefun #dontrushchallenge 🇰🇪🌍

last month

Me and my friends from different times zones decided not to rush 😉. #dontrushchallenge 🌍 @kibos and squad. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

last month

I like to do something’s the old fashioned way 😎👑. #imovedifferent 👑

last month

Playing small has been canceled here 👑. When I chose to be a journalist I didn’t know how challenging it was going to be from the get go. Going through university had it’s own challenges, traveling abroad had it’s own challenges, hustling out here to get a job wasn’t easy but when I did I put my blood and sweat to it. Yesterday watching the show I work on #bbcwhatsnew being nominated for the Emmy’s reminded me that all those challenges are paying off now and we are just getting started. I want to encourage everyone who is looking for that breakthrough, who is hustling right now trust me your future is brighter that what you think.Your struggles right now are building the foundation you will need in the future. Forever grateful to God who never leaves my side. #imovedifferent 👑 #emmyawards 📸 : @niyati .patel10

last month

My Guyzoooss!! @niyati .patel10 Nyetanyahu 🤣🤣. May this be our forever mood in our long time friendship. You really like messing up with my nerves at times but it’s okay we always find a fair ground to play 🙂. Now that I have accepted in public that I love you and you are an amazing human please send me that latest PS 😎 tomorrow morning. Thank Youuuuu . Also it is illegal to look this hot on the second picture during a pandemic reduce please. Love you ♥️!! Photo captured with love by our princess 👸 @michelle .ntalami We love you 😘

last month