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5 days ago

Oh hello again 🌞 It has been a little while, hasn’t it!? I think that taking a little break is no bad thing - I really needed a bit of ‘recalibration’ 😂👌🏻 Yesterday I spent a lovely day in the sun with my handsome hound and my wonderful friends and family 🌻 We’ve been coming to this place for a massive picnic with a big group of friends every summer for nearly 20 years. This year was a bit different with social distancing! It was so amazing to be able to bring @willsimo3 with me this year - normally it’s not even thinkable as it is harvest time, but this year we managed sort some cover! Very very special. Catch up soon, Lucy xoxo p.s - I filmed 3 videos on Friday 🥰❤️ P.p.s Oh gosh I am so out of practice! here are the outfit details: Dress - @melissaodabash Lead and collar - kind #gift from a subscriber who works with leather! his Instagram is @wheat_leather

Jun 2020

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” - Martin Luther King Jr #blacklivesmatter

May 2020

4 MILLION @YOUTUBE STUDENTS 🌎❤️🥰 My classroom has doubled in under 1 year! It’s madness that a girl from Bedfordshire who started a little project making English videos in her bedroom can reach so many amazing learners of English. Will and I are going to eat a celebratory cheese sandwich and play a celebratory round of our favourite board game, Patchwork, and then I’m going to get back to editing part 2 of the Australian, American and a British pronunciation video! Thank you so much to everyone who tunes into my channel from time to time - you’re the best! 🥰👏🏻 Love, Lucy xoxo P.s thank you again you really are the best! P.p.s no seriously you really are P.p.p.s ok I’ll stop now

May 2020

There is so much beauty in nature ✨ There is also so much pollen in nature and my angsty little immune system is struggling to cope with that 🤧😂 I know a lot of you are missing nature right now. I feel you, I used to live in a flat in London with a teeny tiny balcony overlooking an illegal rubbish dump. I stuffed that balcony so full with flowers and little vegetables that i’m surprised it didn’t collapse! Even then, it wasn’t the same as being in the countryside, so I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be locked inside. This WILL pass. You WILL be able to escape to pastures greener. I’ve just uploaded another farm vlog, where I do a lot of gardening and exploring of the farm and the wild flowers there. I realise how lucky we are to be here right now, so I’m happy to be able to share it with you. I also successfully give @willsimo3 a super-stylish haircut (subject to opinion ), cook one of my FAVOURITE dinners, and open up about a little sadness/disappointment that has fallen into our paths. Special shout out to @flowers_at_fifty_eight who feature heavily 🥰 You can watch on the Lucy Bella Earl channel or click on the link in my bio! Outfit details: Gilet - @schoffelcountry Top - @poloralphlauren Lucy x

Apr 2020

When the sun hits your split ends just perfectly 😋 Feeling so touched and happy with the response to my Farm Vlogs 🥰 You’ve made me smile so much! I didn’t think anyone was going to be interested in the silly little parts of my everyday life, so I’m very pleasantly surprised at the reception. If you’ve missed it, the link is in my bio. Vlogging is starting to feel a little more natural now - I’m slowly working out how not to cover the camera microphone with my finger, and how to balance the camera on a stack of books whilst cooking! There is so much I want to show you, but I also want to focus on what YOU want to see. Do you have any requests or recommendations? Photographer: @lensandhound (taken waaaaay back before lockdown ) Outfit Details: Boots - @fairfaxandfavor (gift ) Belt - @mackenzieandgeorge (gift ) Skirt - @vantageatelier Socks - @houseofcheviot Jumper - @marksandspencerfashionpr

Apr 2020

It simply doesn’t feel right to post about new luxury fashion when so many people are struggling so much, so I’m not going to do that for a little while. I also don’t want you to feel like I’ve forgotten about you, so here’s me in my fave coat and scarf, taken a couple of months ago in happier times. Times are tough. We’ve lost loved ones and family members. We’re not sure what’s ahead. I am really really missing my mother, father, and brother...this must be the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing them. I’m happy that I can share a little bit of my daily life with them, and with you, in the form of my farm vlogs. I’ve just uploaded one on my ▶️Lucy Bella Earl channel. We go on a long walk and get excited about new crops peeping through the soil. We look at my new miniature garden, and meet some friendly horses. I also suffer from a hair distaste, and show you my filming setup. These vlogs are mundane, designed to make you relax and escape lockdown for a while. I hope you enjoy it - the link is in my bio. Photography: @lensandhound 📸 Outfit: Cashmere blend wrap: @pink_avocet (gift ) Coat: @schoffelcountry

Apr 2020

Wow. When this photo was taken back in early February, I had no idea how much life was going to change. We’ve been lying low here on the farm, and I’ve been focusing on getting everything in order. I’ve been doing lots of cooking and organising...and I’ve documented it all in my NEW FARM VLOG. It’s peaceful, chatty, and fairly unexciting - because let’s face it, who wants to see someone having the absolute best time ever when we’re all stuck at home and worrying about our loved ones!? Come and spend a simple couple of days in the farmhouse with me...the link is in my bio or on the Lucy Bella Earl channel ▶️ Photographer: @lensandhound 📸 Outfit details: Shirt: @harrisraecollection (gift ) Handbag: @fairfaxandfavor (gift ) Belt: @mackenzieandgeorge (gift ) Skirt: @vantageatelier (custom made - ask her if you have an idea that you can’t find in the shops! She’s amazing! ) Boots: @fairfaxandfavor The ability to just pop out and have a coffee: truly a gift 😂 wish I had appreciated the moment more!!

Mar 2020

I’ve been incredibly nervous to post this...but my first ever #farmvlog is here 🥺 I had been putting this off because I didn’t think it was the right time, but I want to give you something relaxing to take your mind off everything that is going on. So, I invite you to spend a day with me here on the farm, see what I get up to, where I buy food, what I eat, what I cook, what I do for exercise, where I walk Diego, and how I pick beautiful flowers for my kitchen. All the mundane little things that you might be missing right now in this horrible time. The link to watch this #vlog is in my bio, or on the Lucy Bella Earl channel ▶️ Please let me know if you like it! So many of you have asked for vlogs, exercise routines, food diaries etc. @jacqueline .gibbons it was actually you who inspired me to film this blog, because you sent me a very sweet message and I thought you made a great point. ❤️ Hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and well, Lucy xoxo

Mar 2020

When I moved to the farm I was worried about being lonely and isolated. Now, I am relieved because I am lonely and isolated 🤦🏼‍♀️ We are living in unprecedented times. People I love are losing their jobs and watching their businesses struggle. My own business is seeing an impact, but I am fortunate to be ok for now. I’m seeing weddings cancelled and postponed, loved ones worried, and shelves empty in the supermarket. Yesterday in the UK it was announced that all schools will be closed from Friday afternoon. This will have a huge impact on parents across the nation, and the economy. How is #covid_19 affecting your country? Please tell me where you are from, and if your daily life has been impacted below 👇🏻 Sending all of my love, Lucy x Photography 📸: @lensandhound Outfit Details: Jumper: @pink_avocet (gift ) Boots: @dubarryofireland

Mar 2020

To anyone who had a crappy week last week - let’s make this one a little better 🌞 Sending my love to anyone affected by #covid_19 - directly or indirectly. I’m appalled at the selfish behaviour I’ve seen in the supermarkets. Toilet roll is one thing, but I’m very concerned about the baby formula situation. Not everyone is able to breastfeed, whether they want to or not, and it must be very very scary for new mothers. Sending my love and best wishes. After 3 weeks of moving, we are finally in the farmhouse. We’re still living out of boxes, but it’s starting to really feel like home 🥰 I’ve put flowers in every corner and have a new obsession with the @neomorganics reed diffusers 🤤 They smell DIVINE and you can buy refills for when you use them up. @diegoandlucy has been LOVING life, especially all of the long walks around the farm. It’s been really cold and windy, so I’ve been swathing myself in my @pink_avocet wraps - my absolute obsession 🤗 Photographer @lensandhound 📸 Outfit details: Wrap: @pink_avocet Hat: @mackenzieandgeorge Shirt: @harrisraecollection (all gifted )

Mar 2020

🥂Cheers to the 3 BEST years of my entire life - Happy Anniversary @willsimo3 ❤️🥰 I remember first meeting you, and thinking that whoever gets to marry you will be a lucky lucky girl...so now I’m thanking my lucky stars ✨ Photographer: @lensandhound 📸 Outfit Details: Silk scarves/tie: @clarehaggasfineart Coats & Gilets: @schoffelcountry (bought from @lodgewaycountrywear ❤️ ) Jeans: @levis & @freddyukireland Boots: @lechameau1927 (mine gifted ) Dog: sent from heaven, 💄 and all 🙌🏻

Feb 2020

I have an exciting announcement to make - I’ve been invited to speak at @hihosilveruk ’s Hiho & Co instameet 🎉 It’s a get-together of like-minded bloggers & brands. I’m REALLY looking forward to meeting loads of creators and small business owners with the same passions and interests as me. I enjoy following so many countryside/rural bloggers & brands and it’s going to be lovely to meet the faces behind them in person! I’m also excited about sharing my social media journey and strategy, and giving you an open insight on how you can apply what I’ve learnt to your own pages and profiles. Please let me know if you’ll be there👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 You can find out more on @hihosilveruk ’s instastory! Photographer: @Lensandhound 📸 Outfit Details: Coat: @welligogs .ltd Belt: @mackenzieandgeorge Shirt: @harrisraecollection (all gifted ) Skirt: @frenchconnection Cheesy grin: gifted 😂

Feb 2020

That new handbag feeling 🥰 it’s like falling in love with someone new! I have the sudden urge to introduce it to my friends and bring it to dinner with my parents 😂 My new fling is made by @hydeandhare - they do the most gorgeous, cleverly designed cowhide accessories. I’m a sucker for black and white, but they’ve got the most beautiful range of browns too. I do love seeing a #britishbrand make beautiful, well-priced products ❤️ I’m feeling an interesting blend of stress and excitement this week - we are moving in 6 days (on our 3 year anniversary! ) and we have to buy sooo many appliances (fridge, washing machine.. ) and so much furniture (beds, sofas, tables 🤦🏼‍♀️ )! I don’t want to buy a load of cheap stuff because I know I’ll want to change it down the line and it’s really not good for my wallet or the environment - I’ve made that mistake before! What do you think? - Should we just deal with having a really empty house for a while, so we can slowly fill it with pieces we really like? Eager to hear your thoughts and experiences! Lucy x Photography: @lensandhound 📸 Outfit details: Handbag: @hydeandhare Jersey shirt: @harrisraecollection Belt: @mackenzieandgeorge (all gifted ) Skirt: @frenchconnection

Feb 2020

We WON 💪🏼❤️🌹 We had the most incredible day yesterday watching the England vs Ireland rugby match at Twickenham. It was my first time watching rugby and I loved it! @willsimo3 is a huge fan so he was particularly excited. A huge thank you to @o2sports for taking us there. They have a really awesome tent/bar in the West Fan Village called ‘The Blue Room’ - if you’re an o2 priority customer watch out for offers - you can get a free pint and a pasty, and watch the entertainment they put on for you. #gifted #weartherose #rugby #ENGvIRE #twickenham

Feb 2020

Stepping fearlessly into a daunting new week of change 💁🏼‍♀️ (Just kidding, I’m petrified 😅 ) Last week was intense 😷 I’m going to make a video about WHY and what happened as the surgery was, genuinely, a life-changing experience. It was also an incredibly interesting process, by which I think you’ll be fascinated. Watch this space...it’ll be going up on the Lucy Bella Earl channel. This week I have some more “life-changing”, slightly bittersweet news to share...we are leaving the village and moving to the farm...in 13 day’s time 😱. Will and I have been trying to buy a house in our village for over a year, and the process was fairly brutal and disappointing. We waited 6 months for one property, and 9 months for another. In the end, whilst we feel a bit burnt and let down the whole experience, we have decided that this outcome is the best possible. @willsimo3 can be close to his work, I can have lots of peace and space for my work, and @diegoandlucy can have lots of fields and garden space for his very important “work”. I feel like we are taking one step closer to that ‘work-life-balance’ people talk about so fondly. We now have the mammoth task of packing up, clearing out, and moving in (hence why I’ve been selling loads of my clothes on depop.com/lucybella 😂 ) I’m excited to show you our new house and life on the farm ❤️🥰 Photography: @lensandhound 📸 Outfit: Jersey Shirt: @harrisraecollection (gifted ) Handbag: @fairfaxandfavor (gifted ) Belt: @mackenzieandgeorge (gifted ) Skirt: Custom @vantageatelier (she can make your custom fabric dreams come true!! ) Boots: @fairfaxandfavor Lucy x

Feb 2020

I’m going in for surgery today, so I might not speak to you for a little while. I’m very nervous and apprehensive, but I luckily have @willsimo3 by my side to hold my hand. I’ll explain everything to you in good time 🙏🏻 Just wish me luck for now 🙌🏻 Outfit details: Photographer: @lensandhound 📸 Double sided cashmere wrap: @pink_avocet - Pink Avocet’s wraps are my new obsession! I have them in beige/cream, khaki/green and light blue/dark blue 🥰 They are HUGE, soft, and look so warm and dramatic when you fling them around your neck and shoulders. They come in lots of two-tone combinations, with one side darker than the other, creating amazing depth and contrast. Every girl needs a massive scarf in her life! (This one Gifted ) Boots: @dubarryofireland Top: @karen_millen Jeans: @freddyukireland

Feb 2020

OMG ❤️ I’VE JUST BOUGHT MY WEDDING DRESS 😱👰🏼💍 I’ve tried on over 60 since November! I was starting to think I would never find the one, but then I walked into @morgan_davies_bridal and fell in love with the first one they handed to me. I tried on a few more for good measure....but no. It’s the one. I am so excited and just counting down the days until the big day now👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻 The ladies there were just incredible - I saw Laura and she just asked a few questions and then magically worked out what would suit me - highly highly highly recommend. Another thing I’m excited about - this glorious @Welligogs .ltd Demelza coat. It’s woven out of freshly spun strands of heaven, I swear. I don’t know what it is about Welligogs’ coats, but they always make me feel like a taller, sleeker, more elegant version of myself. Someone somewhere got the patterns and cuts of these very very right. Photographer: @lensandhound Coat: @welligogs .ltd (Demelza ) Boots: @welligogs .ltd (Artemis ) Shirt: @harrisraecollection (gifted ) Skirt: @frenchconnection #countryfashion #countrystyle #countrygirl #countryblogger

Feb 2020

I just adore you 🥰 Does anyone else’s leg automatically kick up where they’re kissed? You could nail mine to the ground and it would still wrench its way back up🦵 Life is starting to get really exciting... I can’t wait to fill you in more. A big change is happening in our life (no, I am not pregnant ) and I have a strong urge to document it. How would you feel about vlogs? I’d put them on my ‘Lucy Bella Earl’ channel which has been lying a bit dormant for the past few months. Let me know if you’re interested in gaining an insight into our little countryside life on the farm...the link to subscribe is in my bio ▶️🙌🏻🥰 How lovely are our matching silk scarf and tie!? Designed by @clarehaggasfineart , they are made in England and are beautifully presented, making perfect gifts. I’d never previously considered pairing a bright silk scarf with a green @schoffelcountry coat, but when I put them together I fell in love! Photographer: @lensandhound 📸 Silk tie: @clarehaggasfineart (gifted ) Silk scarf: @clarehaggasfineart Boots: both @lechameau1927 (Lucy’s gifted ) Coats: both @schoffelcountry - bought from @lodgewaycountrywear Forehead kiss: gifted 😂❤️ #countryfashion #countrystyle #couple #kiss

Jan 2020

That feeling when you’re on top of everything...until the next 💩storm, that is...🤪 The days are getting longer now... snowdrops are pushing their smug little heads out of the earth... I broke down and bought some damn tulips... Spring is on its way 💐 Spring is bittersweet for us because Will and I spend all summer looking forward to 🙌🏻the Winter🙌🏻. Will works UNBELIEVABLE hours through late Spring, Summer and early Autumn, and I spend a lot of time alone, filling the days with work. We always tell ourselves to not worry, that we’ll see all of our friends and tick off everything on our bucket list in the winter. Then Spring races around the corner and we realise that winter has escaped us once again. However, this year we have a secret. 🤞🏻 Hopefully....if everything goes to plan...this summer on the farm will be a lot more bearable... as will the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that. ....more to be revealed soon 🥰 Hoping for a better work-life balance, one small change at a time. Photographer: @lensandhound 📸 Outfit Details: Skirt: @harrisraecollection (gifted ) Fleece: @schoffelcountry Shirt: @alanpaine1907 #countryliving #countrystyle #countryfashion

Jan 2020

Wait just one minute...I’ve just seen a load of tulips and Easter eggs in the shops...I’m not finished with winter yet 😭❄️ I’m not ready to start wearing pastels again 😭 I don’t want to have to change my home fragrance from ‘winter spice’ to ‘spring flora’ 😭 These are the real first world problems!! This winter has been really wet and mild, much like the curry I attempted to make last week. I’m still holding out for snow, winter sun and frosty mornings 🤞🏻 Away with your tulips and chocolate eggs!!!! 🐣 Photographer: @lensandhound 📸 Skirt: @harrisraecollection (gifted ) Shirt: @alanpaine1907 Fleece: @schoffelcountry #countryliving #countrystyle #countryfashion #schoffel

Jan 2020

🏰 👸🏼Queen(ish ) of the Castle 👸🏼🏰 I’m back after a long rest with my family. It was so nice to spend some time in nature and try and recover from this ridiculous cold that has plagued me for far too long now. I can’t wait to use my normal voice again and not cough every 5 seconds. Feeling sorry for @willsimo3 😬 How nice is this coat from @welligogs .ltd? 🧥 A really nice feminine take on the wax jacket. Not gifted, just appreciated (I will always tell you if something has been given to me or if I’m posting sponsored content - I’m not trying to ‘show off’ when I say something is #gifted , it’s transparency as per the ASA’s guidelines ) I’ve got lots planned for you in 2020 and I am very excited to get started - lots and lots of English videos, some exciting secret projects, lots of country fashion, maybe the odd wedding related post 🤪. I’m going to really focus on my personal ‘Licy Bella Earl’ channel again - time escaped me last year and something had to give! ❤️ Wishing you all a great 2020. I hope it’s got off to a good start. The news is looking pretty bleak and I am sending my love to those who need it. Photography: @lensandhound 📸 Turtleneck: @pink_avocet (gifted ) Boots: @welligogs .ltd Coat: @welligogs .ltd Socks: @houseofcheviot #countryliving #countryfashion #countrystyle

Dec 2019

2019 has been great, but I’m sure that for a lot of people it really hasn’t. I’m not doing a #topnine this year. I’ve spoken enough about my highs this year already - more than enough for one year! You don’t need to hear any more about it 🤪 🥂 Wishing you a brilliant new decade with great mental and physical health, happy families, wonderful pets, good friendships, new goals and fewer bad habits 🙌🏻 I do have a new year’s resolution - to be better at being on time. My standards have slipped recently. Do you have one? Let me know below 😊 Sending all of my love and see you in the new decade! Xoxo Photographer: @lensandhound 📸 Coat: @schoffelcountry Hat: @alanpaine1907 #countryliving #countrygirl #countrystyle #countryfashion

Dec 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone ❤️ We had a lovely day. It was the first xmas since we lost my grandad so we were really focussed on keeping my grandmother smiling and happy. We spoke about him a lot and remembered the good times. Sending my love to anyone who is missing a loved one right now. We are now on our way to Scotland to spend some time with friends. Hope you all have had a lovely December, no matter what you celebrate and believe ❤️ Photographer: @lensandhound 📸 Boots: @fairfaxandfavor (gifted ) Belt: @mackenzieandgeorge (gifted, but loved it so much I bought one for Will for Christmas 😍🥰 ) Socks: @schoffelcountry Skirt: @vantageatelier (Both bought from @lodgewaycountrywear ) Jumper: @marksandspencerfashionpr Love from Lucy xoxo #countryliving #countrystyle #countryfashion #countrygirl

Dec 2019

The more people you reach and the more people you meet, the more people there will be that simply don’t like you. 💡 I was brought up to be a people-pleaser, and whilst I wholeheartedly appreciate the values that my upbringing instilled within me, I am finally managing to get my head round the fact that I cannot please everyone and I cannot make everyone like me. It would actually be incredibly arrogant of me to even dare to think that I could be universally liked. I feel a huge sense of relief now I am able to just accept that I’m not someone’s cup of tea, instead of ‘tailoring’ myself to what I think they would approve of. All in all, this has reduced the size of my group of friends, but deepened my important friendships. I wonder if anyone else who is naturally inclined to ‘make people like them’ will relate to this? It isn’t about suddenly developing a sassy attitude and cutting out anyone who doesn’t put up with my crap - it’s about realising that I can’t force what’s not there. Sorry about the deep and meaningful post. The end of a decade does bring reflection, after all. 💕 Photographer: @lensandhound 📸 Outfit Details: Skirt: @harrisraecollection (gifted ) Shirt: @alanpaine1907 Gilet: @schoffelcountry (bought from my favourite place @lodgewaycountrywear ) #countryliving #countrystyle #countrygirl #countryfashion