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Aug 2018

Self love ‘ 😩💓

Jul 2018

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Mar 2018

Tbh?? 🤪😘 #boredasf

Feb 2018

Happy birthday to my babyy 🤪🖤

Feb 2018

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Jan 2018

Itss my dayyy 💗🤪😘🤘🏾

Nov 2017

Snap seen it first 😍😂💗

Oct 2017

HOCO 2017 😍😘

Aug 2017

Just something to post 🤤🤞🏾

Feb 2017

Double the trouble 😝😍💕🤦🏾‍♀️😋

Jan 2017

"Blood couldn't make us any closer" 😝🤑🔐💯 #tb

Dec 2016

Wce 💕😍😍👶🏾

Sep 2016

Happy birthday Twinn love u bubby hope u enjoy ur day 😍😍

Sep 2016

Gang gang gang ⛽

Aug 2016

Gang L's up

Aug 2016

Ion know how much longer I can live without u here. I try to keep a smile on mi face to hide da pain buhh I can't no mo. I kant keep strong or keep my head up no mo. Without u I dnt feel complete. It's a big whole in my heart that can't b filled. I'm not even da same I've changed so much. I just feel like giving up man I swear.

Aug 2016

#MCM I love and miss u twinn

Jul 2016

#WCE picture credit Shayy Shayy

Jul 2016

Man nobody knows how losing u changed me man. Idek how to explain da shii I swear I would give up everything including my life just to have u bck. I try to act like it dnt phase me buhh I b wanting cry every minute of da day. And seeing Novah just kills me inside. Idk I just can't explain how I truly feel to people kuz ion think they'll understand it. I kant loose another family member man dis one painful enough 😭😭😭

Jul 2016

Dis video b having me dead asf bro 😂😂😂 #repost

Jun 2016

#wce iz my sister she's been there for me wen nobody else wuz. She's the person I feel like I can tell anything too. Shes the person I'm closet too. That's my ride or die my everything. I b der for her no matter wat. And I'll drive any distance to come help her. I'll make a trip real short for her l?love you

Jun 2016

#mce to my bruvas. 1 gone foeva 1 in jail and 1 still out here with me. My bruvas r my world idk wahh i would do without them. Free Gucci bandz and long live the King love y'all bubbys

Jun 2016

Man I kant do it anymore you've been on my mind so much. I just dnt wanna live another day without you. Its like my heart breaks more and more everyday. I still dnt understand y u had to go so soon. Ik its supposed to get easier and better buhh its getting harder and worst I still remember dat day like it happened yesterday. And every little thing reminds me of it. Love u bubby rest in peace 😭😭💯😍😘❤

Jun 2016

Man I swear its only been 2 days and I'm already missing dem like crazy may even b homesick 😭