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Say less.


Bout to match up against my lil bro @qcook323 on @nba2k in a best of 3 series...... tune in now on the @caffeine app & lock into my channel: thegame !!!!! @Ronnie2k should’ve told “Q” bout me 🤣🤣 #Legggggggo #CB4

6 days ago

#ThrowbackThursday to a time in our past lives when clubs was poppin 😩 #WhenWillThisShitEnd

1 weeks ago

TAG AN ARTIST Yooooo.... May 26th imma be dropping a different volume a day we lit, was gonna originally drop 1 tape on June 16th but due to the high volume of artists & the dope music I’ve been hearing we had to push the date up to start giving these artists, producers an avenue to showcase their talent. Then in late June imma do another set of series. I know quarantine got everybody in the crib, bored out they mf mind so that’s why I decided to present the opportunity to y’all to be apart of these mixtape volumes. I want to get y’all heard & trust and believe I know the underground hustle/struggle when you tryna get your music in the right ears so I’m listening. Might fuck around & find the next big artist while I’m at it..... [ANY SHOWS, BOOKINGS ETC..... hit @wack100 DM for that]... this is strictly for up & coming artists ONLY... so, if you know dope artists, rappers, singers, producers etc... TAG EM BELOW & have em DM 💯

2 weeks ago

If we can’t quarantine like this, lee me lone 😤 #StaySafe #StayHome

2 weeks ago

How I look in the mirror every morning during quarantine.

3 weeks ago

I’ve literally sat here an hour & thought of how to start & end this post to no avail. There’s so much I want to say to you about what you’ve done in my life as a mother to my kids but I can’t pinpoint one thing to focus on because you’ve broken the barrier when it comes to motherhood.... So I figured it’d be best to just let the words flow.... Tiffney, you are one bomb ass mom. Our children are so beautiful, educated & wise even in their early years. We have a long time to go still but up to this point you have done nothing short of an amazing job being their mom. The love you give them is just altogether different from anything I’ve ever witnessed in all of my life & that deserves more than I’ll ever be able to give you in return. So strong, so sophisticated & ive watched you push out two baby’s & I can truly say, since then you’ve made it very easy to be a father. From the time you wake, until the time you close your eyes at night... you are 100% parenting. That is the reason why after 13 & almost 10 years our kids are up under you every time I’m looking for them. I bet that feels good huh ??? To have two little people love you that much. Two people you created, bore & raised to be just as amazing as you are. Wow... what a friggin mom you are. Especially to my daughter... what a role model. She should be & I bet she is so happy to have you as a mother. The way she loves me is proof alone that you’ve shaped her heart almost identical to what yours & your mother’s is may God rest her soul. You had the best teacher & that has transcended a generation to our child & I’m so honored she has you. She may look like me, but trust she is ALL YOU. I want no smoke with TWIN LEOS lol... I also thank you as well for my son who is my pride & my twin flame. In part, I love my children with you.. thank you for them & everything that you are.. This is your day & I promise to not let anyone steal your joy.... Happy Mother’s Day & I love you - Jayceon 🙏🏾

3 weeks ago

Aye man... look here, if you want to see what the perfect baby mama look like, here’s the picture. Almost 18 years, not one argument nor fight & her motherhood is on some next level shhhhh on urrrrthang. A-Boogie... my dawg, the most quiet & innocent girl on Crenshaw that night... I’m so grateful for not only meeting you on that day but for you giving me a chance to take you on a date back then because God only knows what you saw in that bald head, tatted, 50 in the waist khakis, pants saggin’, never left home without his gun, red rag wearing, straight outta Compton gang bangin head ahhhhh boy... but it must’ve been something cause I got the digits & the rest is history... Our baby is almost 17 years old & I’ll give you all the credit for raising him, especially during the early stages of my career when in times I was absent due to its demand. You supported my dream & held our son down as I got it done. I appreciate you more than these words can ever show. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my son. I love him & everything he has become & that’s solely because of all you’ve instilled in him. I’ll only take responsibility for his nose.. the rest is all you baby girl. “Happy Mother’s Day”. Enjoy it.... I love you - Jayceon

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Grab if it you ain’t got it.... west !!!

4 weeks ago

Driving down the street acting like I got somewhere to go & coming back home has become a hobby 🤣😷 #StayHome #StaySafe

last month

My son @iamjusticetaylor at 4 years old when you couldn’t tell him shit about @justinbieber lol.... his words “Um um I’m The Game son, and do some rappin music & stuff... and play video games” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #Happy13thBirthdaySon #iMissTheLittleYou #ButiLoveTheYoungManYoureBecoming 🙌🏾

last month

I woke up this morning as a father of a teenager for the 2nd time in my life. I cannot believe it’s been 13 years since you were born. Looking at these baby pictures trying to figure out which to post on here to celebrate you got me teary eyed as hell. I can remember one time when you were about 5 years old & I cried because I didn’t want you to get any bigger... that was the age where you depended on me the most for some reason & used to look up at me & smile like I was a super hero every time you saw me. Guess I just never wanted to lose those moments. Little did I know you’d grow older, get taller & become more & more like me with each passing year. My middle child.... one of my life’s greatest joys... I’m so happy & honored to be your father. The son who went from just wanting to be picked up, to using my credit cards for what feels like a million dollars on fortnite lol... Apologies that the world is locked down & we have to spend your bday at home but I promise you I knew this day was coming & I was already well prepared to put the biggest smile on your face when you wake up this morning.... & just like the 12 birthdays before this, I got you bro... on my momma.. or on yo grandma.. mannn, you get it.. Happy 13th Birthday baby boy..... I love you with all my heart !!!!!!!!!!!!! [EVERYBODY HIT THAT FOLLOW ON @iamjusticetaylor ’s PAGE & WISH HIM A HAPPY BDAY FOR ME] 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

last month

If my heart was a person 🤍 #GirlDad

last month

Rest in paradise bro.... & everyone else stay safe. This corona virus is getting way too close 🙏🏾

last month

She said she hate niggas wit six packs... I said, give them muscle neck niggas a chance, while warming up my pop-tarts.... handsome fat boy shit this week in my @fashionnovamen #QuarantineLife #GymRightThere #PopTartsCloserTho #OpenUpOutsideNowBihhhhh #ImGoneEatHerLikeTheGroceryStoreLockedUp 🤷🏾‍♂️

last month

1st night out after quarantine 🥴

last month

One of the coolest things about being quarantined is, I get to be my daughters Tik Tok camera man 🤣 [Follow her Tik Tok: love_cali.1] & support my baby’s videos... she’s cool 😎 & getting too big too fast..... where’d my lil baby go 🤷🏾‍♂️ #GirlDad

last month

Hu$$le man..... can’t believe it’s been one year since you departed from this krazy world. “Time flies” has an entire different meaning these days. I know you’re proud of what your life’s mission has accomplished in the past 12 months. You have truly touched the hearts of people all around the world. Your face is everywhere... your music is timeless & your words are heard loud & clear. There are newborns named “Ermias” & I can’t get on anything and not see someone quoting you. A true KING to his people with a heart of gold. A pure soul who knew exactly what the world needed for motivation. My only wish is that you could’ve been here to see it all unfold yourself. Here for times like now when people need to be uplifted the most. The ultimate sacrifice: surrendering your life to God so that others would learn that there is much more to life than to care only for ones self. The world is about to hard reset & I’d like to think that you were one of the reasons for what’s to come in the future. A world where we have to think before we act. Care for those around us. Remember the importance of the everyday essentials, clean food, water, herbs & taking care of the most important thing on earth.... HUMANITY. Being forced to stay inside & with those closest to you is not a bad thing in my eyes. Yes, the pandemic is claiming lives & my loves goes out to the families of those lost.... But, I see this as a peaceful time that we will never see again in our lifetime. A time to reflect, empower, strategize & focus on how to make a true impact to what will soon be the new world. Things will never be the same after this & it is on all of us to adapt efficiently & contribute positively for all of us so that we can live in a world as ONE. The earth as we know it is sick... We are all home waiting for what’s next. While we’re waiting, let’s not add to the problem but prepare to be apart of the solution. We all need US. Especially now.... my love is with every single person on this earth during these times. This is the mark of a NEW BEGINNING. I’m ready enough for all of us. #TheMarathonContinues #LongLiveNipseyHussle 🏁 [ @madsteez thank you for this piece, can’t wait to hang it]

Mar 2020

Closest I ever been to a camel toe without any women around.

Mar 2020

She said she gone wait for me.

Mar 2020

Out the mud wit it.

Mar 2020

I am the vibe.