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God 1st. Little brown girl with big dreams. ⚪️ VOGUE: Liza Koshy Reacts to Her Met Gala Videos • WATCH NOW. 👇🏽

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3 days ago

pictured: ariana grande's stand-in for "rain on me" • swipe for versatility and personality

1 weeks ago

thanks for not drawing me cockeyed, @reichen_art . this is a look, i see you girl. keep creating y'all! i like what i see 👀

2 weeks ago

buffering beauty • we are experiencing technical / emotional difficulties at this time, please try again later

2 weeks ago

i miss hugs. this was one of my last lucky recipients, pre-quarantine • if you need a dose of love & hope, i prescribe watching the phenomenal BECOMING documentary on Netflix to experience a spiritual & virtual embrace 🤟🏽

2 weeks ago

watching a movie with my neighbors... watching my neighbor's movie... same same

3 weeks ago

happy 24th birthday sarina

3 weeks ago

my mother is an artist, and i... her work of art. or as she says, "a piece of work.” but here's another of hers • PICTURED: "a strong Native American woman taking a moment to meditate during her work." NOT PICTURED: the three strong daughters she also made. big fan of your work, mom. i can't wait to become a masterpiece of a mother like you.

3 weeks ago

the most chaotic, yet baby-smooth skincare routine on youtube. watch harper's bazaar most bizarre video, out now.

4 weeks ago

remember when 2018’s Met Gala theme was “Heavenly Bodies” and I misread it as “Heavenly Booties” lol, i made an ass of myself

4 weeks ago

Met Gala 2019 • I miss my pink poptart dream boat. If you recreate this look using whatever you have at home, I WILL repost you. That’s a challenge and a threat. Good luck. May the 4th be with you. • Made a video with @voguemagazine to make up for this years. Watch and stifle tears with me.

4 weeks ago

put your leg in the air if you have a new dance show and zero teeth • comment below if you've watched FLOORED or have a tooth

5 weeks ago

the only dance show where the floor is just as unstable as the host • you're stubborn, so i stole the first full episode off of @quibi and posted it here to convince/bribe you to watch 11 more episodes releasing daily! thank you to our first guest judges @adaripp and @amandaseales for your jaw drops, and to our dancers for your body slams. watch more people get hit on our hit show, #Floored lol.

last month

opening my fridge at 4am for my eighth meal of the day... in full glam for no reason

last month

happy every-day-should-be earth day! this was the last time i was outside. can’t wait to wiz in the ocean again. love you, mama.

last month

spread your wings, but don't fly (air travel isn't safe yet )

last month

zebra prints on a cheetah prince

last month

My deeply rooted trust issues brought to you by @chancetherapper

last month

last year when my friends gave me a wig vs. this year when i quarantined in one • thank y'all for the double dozen birthday lovin' 🤍

last month

happy belated birthday to the friend i used to touch, and the one who's touched my heart. walk six feet in front of me soon please @kristenmcatee

Mar 2020

live footage of the inside of a lava lamp (scroll ) • stay groovin' and movin', my friends

Mar 2020

Mar 2020

a look on the sunny side • staying inside & ONLY touching my face with my clean @cestmoibeauty ⛅️ stay distant, my friends.

Mar 2020

Mrs. Obama and I both clutch our invisible pearls when we laugh. We also both enjoy binging the same documentaries while we self-quarantine. While our normal lives are on pause, push play on our special on girls’ education around the globe. Although we each own our unique narrative, we also share in creating our interconnected, collective story. This @youtube special & the remarkable women in it will reinforce how empowering a girl through education transforms our world. After all, girls with dreams become women with vision... and I envision... ...you thoroughly enjoying this. Group FaceTime and watch together. Stay distant, my friends. 🤍

Mar 2020

crack a window, crack a book, stay home & stay balanced, my friends. find yo peace in the pause.