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I’m disgusted. I’m heartbroken for George Floyd and his family. I’ve observed people focusing on all types of things recently. Mindlessly focusing their energy on drama, scandals, cancelling people, pretending to get offended at literally ANYTHING (like bending a knee? ) and it honestly enrages me. Why? Because THIS is a problem and THIS DESERVES YOUR ENERGY. We need to get our priorities straight. Things like this should be bothering you. Black people are being killed and people are still out here acting aloof about it. Learn about what’s happening and speak up anyway you can. And why there is ANY question that these officers should be prosecuted just makes me want to scream. I’m sorry this country isn’t doing better for you 💔 #BlackLivesMatter


Windy day on the beach? Someone as extra as me knows how to make it count... until I realize running in the sand is hard haha 😂 • Love goofing around and doing the most. As you may have noticed, my Madhuri video got taken down because some company somewhere got mad I used 4 seconds of their song in a fun little tribute that I made zero dollars from. So in the spirit of not learning my lesson, here is me Laal Dupattaing and if anyone is upset about the Dupattaing then I’m sorry but the Dupatta was Laal and the video basically made itself. I’m sorry for copyright infringement to all the Laal Dupattas out there, please apologize to them for me 🙏🏽

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Cheers to the weekend baby! #ad My fav @ciroc Summer Watermelon is back for a limited time. Grab yours ASAP because I swear it’s one in a melon... 😂🤓 #glutenfree • And now a toast... cheers to you, my friend, for waking up today with your magnificent energy. Cheers to you for pressing on, shining bright and being resilient. Cheers to everyone trying their best and conquering their day. Cheers to all your imperfections because boo, they make you so perfect. Cheers to friendship, family, good times, great memories, forgiveness, gratitude and spirit. Cheers to all the good in the world, and that includes you. *glass clink* ❤️🍉 tag someone who deserves a cheers and I’ll respond.

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Showering, clothing and make up has all become optional. You know what’s not optional? Helping each other during this time. The GoFundMe I started for a dear fan named Torie still needs your love. Please help cover the costs associated with her mother’s passing. She’s young and sweet and shouldn’t have to deal with this alone. If you’re not able to help rn I understand but I also know some of y’all have a little extra to spare. Aka all my rich friends reading this, click the link in my bio and let’s get this to the goal. I see you posing in your pools... 👀 c’mon boo, it’s for a good cause. I’ve made the first donation and will continue to tend to this like my baby but your help is appreciated. ❤️ thank youuuuuuuuu x

2 weeks ago

Candid photo while attending a wedding or poster for a new Bollywood movie where @humblethepoet and I both like the same girl and now we have to dance battle to prove our love? You decide. Also, don’t let this photo fool you. During quarantine, I’ve grown a longer beard than Humble. #MuchaKundiyan (outfit by @sahibafashions )

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Had some of my friends guess what my big announcement was. Needless to say, it was a mess 😂😂 thanks for trying @priyankachopra @drphil @andybovine @mythical @karliekloss @kingbach @rosannapansino ❤️ #AightSayLess

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The real reason I got a season two 😂 thank you @snoopdogg ❤️

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Earlier today I announced that @nbc ordered a second season of my show, @LateWithLilly . I’m very proud and definitely celebrating because I know how immensely hard my team and I worked on season one. However, it does feel bittersweet because I know right now is a challenging time for so many people. So it only felt right to share the blessings. As part of my announcement, I tried to help as many people as possible and now I’d love for you to further support them, if you’re able. Please keep reading: • Please help Torie with medical bills and costly expenses associated with her mother’s passing. Link to the GoFundMe is in my bio. I’ve made the first donation. • Follow @LoveSpruceKimJoy and if you live in the Seattle area, book an appointment once her shop reopens. I will be covering costs of the first appointments. • There has been an influx in dog rescues during COVID19 (yay! ) but this comes with the need for supplies and funding. Support @TheLabelleFoundation by donating to their GoFundMe (link is in their bio ) • Follow @Jayatewart for art and commissions. • Sending you all my light and love. We are in this together and although times are a tough right now, please join me in celebrating this beautiful silver lining of togetherness and support. This is what matters in life ❤️

2 weeks ago

Had a wonderful conversation with @variety this morning regarding all things @latewithlilly season two. It was open and honest. In case you missed it, we spoke about all the challenges and beauties associated with season one, including a dope team, a very hard schedule, supportive fans and a steep learning curve. I’m really proud of the dope stuff we were able to accomplish in season one, our first rodeo, but I recognize there’s lots of room for improvement as well. Tbh, first season Lilly reminded me a lot of first Youtube video Lilly in that they both need time to make it their own. Everything takes practice. Did you know once upon a time I felt too awkward to dress up as my parents in front of a crew? Can you imagine?! Now I go to the mall as Manjeet and forget I’m wearing a beard lollll. You gotta stay at it and put in the hours and that’s what I plan to do! I want to thank everyone who not only supported this show but also gave me constructive criticism. I appreciate it so much and I can’t wait to implement, grow and get more comfortable in this new space. Forever grateful for your support on this journey. Also, since we’re being honest, I had to make my mug honest too haha!! Love y’all. What was your favourite episode of S1? ❤️❤️

3 weeks ago

I shot this video on December 13 2019, and I’d love for you to join me in watching it today. Never underestimate the power of manifestation and hard work. We got a season two baby. Let’s do this ❤️

3 weeks ago

If you’ve never experienced your parents lie to and argue with a sales rep from the phone company, did you even have a childhood? 😂 MANNNNN. My parents “taught” me so many “lessons” like this. That’s why I stay trying to return things to the dollar store 😂😂😂

3 weeks ago

Y’ALL. I. AM. WEAK. 6 years ago, I put The Simpsons on my vision board because that show literally RAISED ME. My first language is “quotes from The Simpsons.” I’m beyond thrilled and grateful and AHHHHH to say I’m doing a voiceover on @thesimpsons tonight! Words cannot express what this means to little Lilly. I’ve kept this secret for 7 months. Swipe right to experience the journey and watch tonight at 8/7c on Fox. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU @humblethepoet ❤️🙏🏽 and if you call me to congratulate me, you’ll have to speak up because I’m wearing a towel. So so soooo grateful. ❤️🙏🏽😭

3 weeks ago

Sitting at home in quarantine like... 🤞🏽😂THE ANXIETY IS REAL. About to slide into mother nature’s DMs like “yoooooo soooo you working on another season or?!” Comment below some hopeful emojis! 🤞🏽🍀 (also thanks for letting me harass you @terrycrews )

3 weeks ago

If my mom taught Communications 101 😂 Oh you thought my parents spoke Punjabi? No no. They speak passive aggressive and guilt trip fluently. Show your parents... so they can deny it 🙃 (full video in my bio )

3 weeks ago

Tonight is the season finale of @latewithlilly with @mcuban and my oh my, what a wild ride it’s been. Mostly because the main reason I wanted my own show was to shamefully rep the @raptors and try to impress my celebrity crushes. Thanks for doing this adorable shoutout for @selenagomez Mark! You’re a real one, even though we have our sporting differences. Thank you so much to everyone who supported season one. There are no words to describe what your love means to me, while I stumble, make mistakes, grow, step outside my comfort zone and learn. Here’s to hoping I get to do all that and more in a second season. 🤞🏽

3 weeks ago

One of the most real and tragic sentiments I’ve ever heard is “people want us to Rest In Peace but don’t want us to live in peace” (I believe it was @russ who said it ). That’s unacceptable and selfish and something marginalized groups experience all too often. By now you’ve probably read about Ahmaud Arbery and in case you’re not sure how to voice your outrage at the injustice, you can text 55156 and it’ll prompt you to sign a petition. Furthermore you can go to runwithmaud.com. These issues are more than a hashtag, trending topic or flavour of the month. These are lives. We need to do better. I don’t have all the answers but I know this disrupts me to my core and can’t imagine what it must feel like to his family/community #blacklivesmatter #justiceforahmaud (if I didn’t mention a valuable resource or way to help the cause, plz comment below )

4 weeks ago

One year ago today at the #MetGala I made the choice to have my hair be even longer and heavier. My neck still hurts. Shoutouts to all the wonderful fans who have been recreating this look. Y’all need to be my dates next year ❤️ #FASHUN

4 weeks ago

May the 4th be with you. In space and stuff during the war. And may obi one chloe protect your moon sign. R2T2 has got your back because spoiler alert, he is your father. #NailedIt (ps. follow @scarbrothedawg or else dark Vader will blow up your space satellite )

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I swear my parents have no chill when it comes to Bollywood... 😂

4 weeks ago

I have learned that as much as we were taught as children that life can be a fairytale, the world can be an unjust place. There are hurt people who hurt people. There is war. There are people who will not hesitate for a moment to kick you while you’re down. There are people who don’t have something nice to say but scream it anyways. So we have a choice. We can be sad about it or we can love relentlessly, with all our heart. Be louder with your love. Scream it from the rooftops. Blast it from your boom box. Practice your compassion. Share your support. Let your love be so deafening that it drowns out the sound of anything else. We must be louder than the noise. I love you ❤️ let’s reply to eachother in the comments with love love LOVE!

4 weeks ago

Now that I have your attention by reminding you of Princess Jasmine, please keep reading. For so many reasons, India holds such a special place in my heart. My parents were born in the state of Punjab and my childhood consisted of trips that took 21 hours in a plane and then 9 hours in a car to visit their family. I’ll never forget my first trip to Mumbai as a YouTuber, when so many of my wildest dreams came true meeting my Bollywood heroes. Aside from that, through partnerships with various charities and organizations, I’ve had the privilege of meeting young girls across the nation and learning about their life experiences. It was in India that I was named a UNICEF global goodwill ambassador. Ill never forget when I performed at YouTube Fanfest Mumbai with the worst fever of my life, in front of the sweetest crowd. It’s in this beautiful country that I continuously meet people who impact me for a lifetime, from riskshaw drivers to artists. And it’s in this country that my bittersweet relationship with a McSpicy paneer burger exists because ya girl is a pansy with spices but still orders it because it’s amazing. All this to say, this pandemic does not affect everyone equally. In places like India, it’s almost impossible to practice social distancing. Please join me the #IFORINDIA concert on May 3rd at 7:30pm IST/ 10am EST / 7am PST. We’re raising funds for the COVID response fund set up by @give_india . Link in bio to donate. This is my second home and often times, feels like my first. Any help is appreciated ❤️ love you India! 🇮🇳

4 weeks ago

Vulnerable post. Sometimes I feel like I don’t really belong anywhere. Just me, or do you ever experience that? I mean, I’m very grateful for the friends and communities I have but sometimes I get too in my head. Culturally for example, sometimes I’m made to feel like I’m not Indian enough. On the other hand, so many times in my life, I’ve felt like I don’t fit in because I’m not American enough. Because I discovered my truth later in life, sometimes I’m made to feel like I’m not queer enough. Other times, it seems people have a problem with how queer I am. Sometimes people tell me they don’t know how to approach me because they think “I’m too big for them now”. But then I enter a room filled with people who were raised to believe true success equates to marriage and children and I feel like a failure. I feel like I’m constantly on a balance beam that lives in my mind, trying to figure it all out. Like it’s the scene from Mean Girls and I’m trying to determine where I’m allowed to sit. All this to say that sometimes I feel out of place and maybe you do too. I can’t control the world and god knows I can’t change people’s minds but I can control what I do and the energy I choose to spread. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that I’m dedicated to creating a community here where everyone feels welcome. That’s important to me. Tell me your experience in the comments and I’ll try to respond to as many as I can. You are welcome here as you are... ❤️ #YouCanSitWithUs .

4 weeks ago

In case anyone is feeling like they’re not working out as much or eating too many cookies during quarantine, I’m right there with you boo ❤️😂 #BehindTheScenes #LoveYourself

5 weeks ago

This one is for my sisters around the world. No matter your colour, shape, size, orientation, preferences, abilities or style… BADGYALL PULL UP!!! I had a blast remaking one of my favorite old school Dancehall songs called “Badman Forward, Badman Pull up.” Much of my upbringing involved mashing it up on the dance floor when this tune came on but it was always directed to the boys, so I thought I’d switch it up a bit. I think the beauty of music and art is how it speaks to different people and how we can build upon it as time goes by, while still paying tribute to the original. The original song is by Ding Dong, so be sure to check it out. And if you’re not familiar with Dancehall, it’s a wonderful genre from out of Jamaica so be sure to peep that too! Now… the real question is, which badgyals know how to pull up? Tag me in your videos and I’ll repost. This has been a #ForTheRecordRemix , dedicated to all the badgyals. If you know one, TAG EM! (Mix by the wonderful @durranibros ) #GirlLove ❤️