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Wont change for nothing and nobody 💯 Live your life the best way and enjoy it 😁 Have a blessed day 🙏🏾

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last month

Someone took they sweet time and did me an edit awww 💙💙💖

Jan 2020

Chapter 17 👑🤪❤!!! Birthday Weekend 💙 Thank you for all my Birthday wishes, When things don't go as plans so to heck with them and keep on being a QUEEN 😁 #birthdaygirl #chapter17 👑

Dec 2019

Nothing but Me, the sun, happiness 🤪💛

Jun 2019

"No, I'm not lucky, I'm blessed, yes." Ain't posted in a while 😁❤

Feb 2019

Don't judge...it's ugly ik but I like it 😍👍🏾 Roll Some Mo @iamluckydaye 😍

Jan 2019

It's my birthday ✨👑 thx u @_ .may._villalta sis for my video ❤❤

Dec 2018

How can something so great, beautiful, and ugly. Have so many issues?? 😑😂✨❤

Oct 2018

Omg... I miss y'all ALREADY 😭. I'm shoock that we have no more rehearsal... We've came along way. With hell and back. Yall were there when I didn't do my best, be the best , and feel the best.💯💣. ILYSFM❤❤. Y'all are my life and I'll cry my eyes out if we ever break our relationship up. I'm so proud, happy, and honored to call y'all my friends and my lovessss❤💜✨. Y'all my 😇s sent down from heaven and I still ❤ y'all for who are!!!!

Sep 2018

These people are me in many bodies... I can explain how they make me feel every day with them... Y'all are my heart, my everything I miss y'all every day. Y'all make my depression just melts away. And I can't explain how grateful I am to have y'all in a family but as friends. 😊❤😂💯💣✨

Sep 2018

I had Soooo much fun with my family last night at Debbie's and Brooklyn's party. Everybody who dressed up looked amazing✨. I miss y'all and Debbie Soooo much. And ilysm 2❤❤‼✨💣

Oct 2017

It's cute ig 😋