@kylefen Kyle Fenlason

18 6/12/2020 💞🔒 "tell me u luv me baby say it again repeat it over and over until it's in my brain"

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2 days ago

Just an appreciation post for the loml ❤️ Thanks for everything you do and are 🥺

4 weeks ago

I don’t know what I did to deserve you 🥺 Thanks for being a part of my life 💞 I love you @duhitzjennna

5 weeks ago

Fresh Kicks 😍🔥 also happy 4th everyone. I hope you have a fun time💥

last month

“Every day’s a party don’t let no one tell you different” 🎉 🔥 🤟

last month

The @off____white Air Jordan 1s just never get old 🔥

last month

Had a cool chance to catch up with some old friends recently, congrats on graduating to everyone who is part of the Class of 2020! 🎓

Jun 2020

May 2020

Happy Mother’s Day Mom ❤️ I love you and am happy to have the privilege of being your son.