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6 hours ago

Day 18 of lockdown and I’m now literally becoming one with the house 🏠 #stayhome . Some good things that has come out of this situation: it’s made me find new photo corners in the flat, and I don’t think our kitchen has ever been this clean! 😂 Cleaning the kitchen has become a weirdly therapeutic, and maybe some form of substitute for feeling in control, routine I do many times a day now. Do you have any daily routines or things you like to do that make you feel calmer? (Ps. Head to my YouTube channel for a new Self Portrait Tutorial video and to see the behind the scenes of this photo😃 )

6 days ago

#proudpartner Bringing nature indoors - sticking flowers in your shoes and your noses in your roses... Just as good as walking in a floral meadow, right? . I went on a mission to create a little urban jungle corner here at home to #lethopebloom . I teamed up with @howflowersdothat to spread the message of #lethopebloom with the power and brightness of flowers. I really miss spending time outside right now, but these little flowers and plants are my new best friends while staying home looking forward to days spent out in nature 😌

2 weeks ago

If I can’t go to the cherryblossom, I will bring the cherryblossom to me 🌸 . I’ve reached the point where the days just sort of mush into a mash of lots of slouching in my PJ’s and going to the kitchen for snacks. I’ve been attempting to bake banana bread for the past 2 weeks, which has proven to be a real challenge with various ingredients constantly being out of stock at the supermarket. But, now I’m only lacking flour, fingers crossed they’ll have it restocked tomorrow! Small accomplishments feel like big victories right now 🤗 #stayinghome

3 weeks ago

Which edit do you prefer: warm, cool or original? 🕊 . Spring is my favorite season, but this year it’s about finding ways to enjoy it from indoors instead. Maybe I can read a book about It and it will almost be the same? 😅🌸 Ok, ok, the lockdown hasn’t been *that* long yet. Although, I did take out the juicer for the first time in 9 months, would it have happened without this quarantine situation? Probably not! 😂 Have you done anything you’d normally not do because of these unusual circumstances right now? (Ps. Still have not assembled the ikea table, send help if it goes that far 😆 ) #createwithkika

3 weeks ago

How are you spending these days at home? Yesterdy I finally de-cluttered the bookshelf I’ve been meaning to tackle for the last half year. It apparently took a whole lockdown for that to happen 🙈 Maybe next I’ll assemble the Ikea kitchen table that’s been standing in it’s cardboard box for 4 months 🤪 #stayinghome

4 weeks ago

Go with slow? 🌿 . Temporary tattoo from my favorite magazine @flow_magazine

4 weeks ago

Brininging a little rainbow to you wherever in the world you are right now 🌈 Times are weird and scary, but I’m trying to stay positive and use this time to do some creative projects I otherwise tell myself I never have time for. So, naturally I just poured out all the contents of my crafting box over the livingroom floor and have made a beautiful mess. But that’s ok, I’m planning to stay home for a while anyways 😌 Sending you positive thoughts and hope you are safe & healthy 💕 #createwithkika

5 weeks ago

I think I know what you’ll say, but: with or without the cats? 😻 . It’s my birthday tomorrow so I decided to give my classic knitstack some proper headwear for the occasion. If you count all the knits and multiply by 2, you’ll find out how old I’ll be tomorrow 😅 For some behind the scenes shenanigans and lots of sneaky cats, check out my latest YouTube with creative photo ideas for celebrations & bdays 🥳 Yay hope you have a nice evening! #createwithkika

last month

Oh *eyeroll*, here we go again, Kika repeating herself riding on a ridiculously huge bike made out of food 😂 Well, it so happens that *repeating* myself has been one of my secret tips to grow my brand and presence here on IG. I talk more about this in my latest YouTube video, check it out if you’re looking for Instagram growth tips 🌸 Have you ever used repetition when trying to find or build your style and brand? PS. We now have a hashtag 🥳 #createwithkika Can’t wait to see your photos!

last month

Trust the timing of your life- These are the words I wrote down in my bullet journal in 2018 when my goal was to hit 100k on Instagram... well, it took me another year to hit that goal, and these words kept me motivated along the way 😌 And to be honest, the first part of year 2019 was a sticky one in terms of IG growth, but then I had a video go a little viral on YouTube and that really gave my channels a boost. What gets you and keeps you motivated on Instagram?

last month

Cone on Spring! Which version is your fave 1, 2 or 3? . Could not resist pairing my cream puff shirt with some botanical ice cream shenaningans. Although, to be honest it was just below zero degrees when I took this photo this afternoon- quite far from Spring still haha! 😅🌸

last month

What is your favorite word? I really like ”Serendipity” 😌 I heard it for the first time a few years ago, and I can’t get over how delightful it is that there is a word for “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”. Ah! Also, it was total serendipity that I found these shells laying around in our hotel room (I’m guessing they were there for decorative purposes ), little did they know they’d end up in this photo 🐚 #myfoundwings

last month

A beautiful mess - which edit do you prefer 1, 2 or 3? 🌺 . I had forgotten all about this photo that I took months ago and discarded at the time, I thought it looked too messy and dark. But now after some months, I actually like it because of the mess and random pile of knits in the background. Or maybe it’s because I’ve just been on holiday and I’m more relaxed about my own work and less self critical right now 😌 Do you ever notice you’re being overly self critical towards your own creations? Any tips on how to beat that? Asking for a friend haha 😅

last month

You know how you take 10 books with you on holiday thinking you’ll read all of them, and then if you’re luck you barely finish even one? Well, that’s basically what happended to me on this holiday, but with photos 😂 I had so many ideas planned, but the days ran like sand between my fingers while I was busy just being, and not so concerned with doing. So, I’ll just pop the sun in my pocket and bring it back home with me 🌞 When is the last time you took a break or did nothing at all for a while?

last month

AD What do you do when you feel you need to gain a bit of perspective in life? 🕊 Also, can you see what the main material I used in this photo is? . I think it's so easy to take things for granted, and that's probably why one of my favourite things to do in my photos is to take something ordinary for us, and turn it into something out of the ordinary. When @AndrexUK approached me about their Toilets Change Lives initiative launched with @WaterAid , and told me that a staggering 2 billion people still do not have access to a decent toilet of their own, I knew I wanted to transform something as ordinary as toilet tissue into something a bit magical. How do you think this photo did? 😀 The Toilet Change Lives initiative is now in its third year, and to help families in Bangladesh get one step closer to having decent toilets and good hygiene you can choose a special WaterAid pack of Andrex Classic Clean when you shop. And, to find out more about the initiative visit www.andrex.co.uk/wateraid #ToiletsChangeLives #AndrexClassicClean

last month

Which one of these sea shell photos should I try to re-create while in Burma? 🐚 . And yes, that’s right- soon we’re off to the airport! 😆 First stop is Bangkok where we’ll spend one night, and then onwards to Burma. For the long flight I’ve equipped myself with cosy socks, a knit project, downloaded podcasts and 2 audiobooks, I’ve got my Nintendo Switch, my bullet journal, some muesli bars and dried fruit and my laptop so I can do some work too👌🏼 Have you ever been on a really long flight somewhere? What do you like to pack for ultimate comfort and entertainment? 😌

Feb 2020

AD Which do you prefer, with butterflies or without? Oh, and can you guess what my wings are made of? . That's right, toilet tissue! I made this photo as part of a collaboration with @andrexuk ’s Toilets Change Lives initiative. The campaign is in partnership with @wateraid and helps to build clean and safe toilets for families and communities in Bangladesh – something a lot of us often take for granted. What’s amazing, these toilets have now seen over 1 million uses across 9 public toilets in 3 cities in Bangladesh. You can help Andrex and WaterAid continue to build or renovate toilets by picking up a pack of Andrex Classic Clean. Find out more at www.andrex.co.uk/wateraid #ToiletsChangeLives #andrexclassicclean

Feb 2020

Which glitter pic rocks your world more: rainbow or stars? 🌈⭐️ (see how I just assume that obviously glitter would rock your world, or at least nudge it a bit side to side 😆 ) . Just 4 days and I’m going to Burma with my family!!! I’m trying to think about what to pack, and I feel seriously tempted to bring some glitter just in case I get inspired to do more of these type of photos 😂 Hmm, what else? A big sun hat? Some books maybe? And definitely taking the camera with me! 😎

Feb 2020

Which one is your favorite: back, front, profile or standing with my head cropped away? 😂 . As you can see I’ve been very into pastels and neutrals with my knits lately, so I’m thinking about making my next knit project in a bolder color. I’m thinking a cropped cardi with big buttons 😍 What color should I make it in? Maybe turqoise? Or mustard? Ooh, or pink? 🧶🤔

Jan 2020

Letting my imagination (and frizzy hair ) fly 😂🦋 . This photo was taken on a very cold day in one of the probably most photographed allies in Hampstead. And yes, I do now have a sore throat after standing in the cold without my coat on waiting for passers by to move from away from my shot 😅🙈 Well, it was still worth it as I’ll now have a fond memory of this freezing day in one of my favorite corners of London ♥️ Hope you have a lovely rest of your evening! Ps. If you need me I’m on the couch editing tomorrow’s video 😆

Jan 2020

”Don’t look at me, don’t look at me, gaaah hello look at me!” 🤣 Do you prefer the ”normal” edits or the ones with some scratches and dust speckles? . Last photo is taken two seconds before I realised sprinkling glitter above your face is not a genius idea- it will take me weeks to get it out of my hair and face! Still, very much worth it 💫 I’ve just arrived back to a very grey London, but I don’t mind. Gloomy days actually make me feel calm 😌 How’s the weather where you are? What is your favorite type of weather?

Jan 2020

Which photo composition do you like better, the one taken in profile or eyes closed? . I’ve spent a week in my old city Stockholm, and took this photo in one of my favorite spots close to where we used to live. It’s strange, I’ve lived in 5 different countries in my adult life, and at the moment I feel like I have 5 home countries, but at the same time I feel a bit rootless. Like ”home” is chopped up in five different pieces scattered all over Europe. Although, of course Helsinki is where I grew up so that is still the most ”home” 😌💙 Do you also get nostalgic when visiting old neighborhoods you used to live in? Have you lived in different cities or countries?

Jan 2020

Hello Sweden here I come! How do you like my ride? 😂 If you could go anywhere, where would like to travel this year? . I just landed in Stockholm to visit my sister for a week and it’s so nice to be back in my old home town! I lived here for 2 years before moving to London and it was here my Instagram journey began. I’m preparing for a very nostalgic week and going to have fika every day ☕️🥐 And next month I’ll be travelling to Burma for two weeks! So excited! Do you have any travels planned this year?

Jan 2020

Which one of these photos would you choose as wallpaper 1-6? They’re all taken out in my favorite spots out in Hampstead Heath 🌿 . Sometimes I feel a bit sad I don’t have more photos from my dancing days, so I was happily surprised when I found this jumping one on my camera roll that I’d forgotten all about. It might not be a photo taken from the stage but at least I feel like it’s a pretty epic jump 😆 Do you have a period in your life you wished you had more photos from? I guess nowadays most of us actually have too many pictures 🙈