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We work to empower underprivileged women and provide every girl child her right to education 🧚‍♀️ Established in India 🇮🇳 Operated in Belgium 🇧🇪

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4 hours ago

Meet Nishu Kanwar, our first high school graduate through our programme. A young lady that defines dedication and hard work, fighting new battles everyday. Paving her way to college, and bettering the future for all young girls. 👩‍🎓 💛🎓 #hearHERstory #khiltipari

4 days ago

Our Mission III: HEALTH & HYGIENE Maintaining mental health and physical health is very important, especially in your teen years. Equally important is hygiene and unfortunately girls in rural India are taught very little about menstrual hygiene. In rural villages, being educated about health and hygiene is very rare and in addition being able to follow these are even more difficult. Khilti Pari works to bring changes around female hygiene stigmas by educating both the women of the village and young girls.

5 days ago

Our Mission II : GIRLS EDUCATION Education should not be a privilege or luxury, but a human right. However, even today young girls have not been provided with this. At Khilti Pari we believe each child should receive a fair and right education in order to truly flourish and achieve their goals in life. To do so we expand our programmes to address all the issues that accumulate and deprive girls from the right to education.

6 days ago

Our Mission I : WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Khilti Pari understands the importance of existing in an environment where both genders are equal and aims to tackle the issue of gender gap in rural villages in India. Therefore Khilti Pari reinforces this by empowering girls from a young age and works to help make women financially and emotionally independent through their projects so far and the ones planned ahead...

2 weeks ago

• Meet the Team • Describe Khilti Pari in one word - Vidhi says “Inspiring”. Meet Vidhi Parikh. Vidhi is in charge of Communication, Passive Fundraising and Merchandise. Vidhi makes sure that the team is informed clearly about Khilti Pari’s status, guiding the team in the right direction so that they make the right decisions to bring Khilti Pari forward. She is responsible for creating the merchandise line with Brinda Patel. Outside of Khilti Pari: Vidhi is an Architecture student at De Montfort Univerity in Leicester. Her hobbies include dancing, playing the guitar, and watching sunsets.

2 weeks ago

• Meet the Team • Describe Khilti Pari in one word - Simran says “Rewarding”. Meet Simran Sejpal. Simran started out as a head volunteer of Khilti Pari, representing her school. She has recently joined the Khilti Pari team, with the role of managing finances and recruiting other volunteers with Brinda Patel. Outside of Khilti Pari: Simran is a high school student, in her senior year, studying at the International School of Breda (ISB ). Her hobbies include volunteering, Fashion & Art, and learning about Politics and Law.

2 weeks ago

• Meet the Team • Describe Khilti Pari in one word - Janvi says “Stimulating”. Meet Janvi Kakadia. Janvi’s main role in Khilti Pari is Fundraising and Marketing. She is responsible for organizing fundraisers with Sakshi Shah, and organizing fundraisers at schools with the Belgium volunteers. Janvi also handles the Khilti Pari website and also helps in Marketing. Outside of Khilti Pari: Janvi is a third year biomedical science student at Maastricht University student in the Netherlands, soon to be graduating from her final year this summer. Her hobbies include badminton, art, crocheting, yoga, and singing.

2 weeks ago

• Meet the Team • Describe Khilti Pari in one word - Brinda says “Empowering”. Meet Brinda Patel. Brinda is in charge of Merchandise and Recruitment. Her role entails of creating a merchandise line (Khilti Pari hoodies ) for Khilti Pari along with Vidhi Parikh, and to recruit volunteers in Belgium and India. Outside of Khilti Pari: Brinda is now a third year student at Queen Mary University in The United Kingdom, pursuing a degree in Business Management. Her hobbies include cooking, dancing, volunteering, and watching sunsets.

2 weeks ago

• Meet the Team • Describe Khilti Pari in one word - Sakshi says “Gratifying” Meet Sakshi Shah. Sakshi is in charge of the Social Media and Marketing as well as Fundraising in Khilti Pari. Her role is to take care of multiple social media platforms, keeping Khilti Pari supporters and planning fundraisers with Janvi Kakadia and volunteers in Belgium. Outside of Khilti Pari: Sakshi is a third year economics student at the University of Bath in The United Kingdom. Her hobbies include badminton, bowling, dancing, and watching tv shows.

2 weeks ago

• Meet the Team • Describe Khilti Pari in one word - Arnav says “Resilience” Meet Arnav Kothari. Arnav’s main role in Khilti Pari is handling the logistical details and the implementation of the work in India. Overall, he makes sure that the team is being productive with our time and funds. Outside of Khilti Pari: Arnav is now a third year computer science student at Tufts University in Boston. His hobbies include playing video games and learning about startups and companies.

2 weeks ago

After our yearly visit in 2019 to Jaipur, our team realised a lack of strong teaching faculty in various schools and in particular for the subjects of English,Science and Maths. That’s when our team realised, an action needed to be taken to provide all the girls in the village with a brighter future. We are happy to announce the 1 year anniversary of our after school tutoring programme. This programme is targeted to help those in their board years achieve the grades they deserve, and succeed further in life. Keep supporting and help us expand in more areas 🧚‍♀️🤍 • We do not own any rights to this music • #khiltipari #changingIndia #makeadifference #freeeducation

2 weeks ago

Introducing the Khilti Pari Charity Bingo, a fun way to make a difference. As you may know Khilti Pari is currently running an after school tuition programme for girls in their board years in the village of Toonga, situated near Jaipur, Rajasthan. This programme has completed 1 year in Toonga, and it’s time to expand now, with YOUR help💛 Repost this fun bingo on your story, and with every repost one girl will receive free after school tuitions for an entire year for the following subjects: English, Maths and Science. This programme is subjected to begin in the academic year 2020-2021. All it takes is ONE REPOST, to make a DIFFERENCE! Rules of the Bingo: - Tag and Follow Khilti Pari’s insta handle 📌 - Repost on your story or feed 🔄 - And don’t forget to nominate a minimum of 3 people ahead to spread this message 👭 - BINGO HAS NOW ENDED -

2 weeks ago

**COMPETITION ALERT** Here’s your chance to show your creativity and create a unique design for our merchandise collection🤩🎨💛 Khilti Pari is reaching out to all of those who want a chance to showcase their talent and bring it to life! Here’s YOUR chance to create something that displays what Khilti Pari truly stands for. Rules of the competition : - Design can be accustomed to any form of merchandise 🧢🎒👕 - Competition closes 31st July ⏳⏰⌛️ - Design needs to be sent as a PNG to khiltipari @gmail .com 📩💬📧

3 weeks ago

Like every long-distance relationship story, ours is equally as warm, strong and full of love! Working from uni has been tough, but our helping hands, KP volunteers never let us down. From planning fundraisers to the execution, there is nothing our KP heroes cannot do. So let’s shed a light on the 'behind the scenes' of Khilti Pari and thank everyone who has contributed to help us grow and gotten us one step closer to our goal. Lets put our hands together for Khilti Pari’s backbone, our VOLUNTEERS, becuase without them KP is incomplete. Video editing by @Diya2705

3 weeks ago

Round 2 of Pre-order! We have heard your requests and are excited to announce that we are now taking Pre-orders for the “frosty white” hoodie. DM us for further enquiries. #khiltipari #kphoodie

3 weeks ago

Khilti Pari is very proud to join hands with a brand new app called “Co-Ready” which aims to help maintain social distancing by nudging members with the help of their phone. We encourage all members of society to download this app to ease the process of lifting the lockdown worldwide and ensuring all social distancing measures are followed. #coready #khiltipari #collaboration #coronavirus #covid19

last month

Today is menstrual hygiene day! A day as Important and odd as it may sound. Khilti Pari provides all their KP girls with sanitary pads. However, 23 million girls in India cannot afford pads and are forced to drop out of school after starting their periods every year. And 36% of 355 million menstruating females use sanitary pads. Which increases chances of diseases and infections. Today is important because not enough girls in India are taught about menstrual hygiene before they get their periods and it has a negative impact on their education. Lastly there has always been a period stigma present globally and not only in india. And the biggest issue arises in societies that consider periods a “taboo”. In other words, something to be embarrassed. @menstrualhygieneday is working believes that TOGETHER - we can end period stigma - we can end period taboo - we can end period poverty By 2030! Help the cause and create the bracelet! And Khilti Pari truly believes in their mission. They arranged a live session with some incredible speakers that are still available on their pages!

last month

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Khilti Pari’s take on Kudi Nu Nachne De, here’s your chance! Show some love and keep spreading positivity 🌸 #khiltipari #kudinunachnede #womencan #girlpower #angrezimdedium @aliaabhatt @kritisanon @katrinakaif @anushkasharma @janhvikapoor @ananyapanday @radhikamadan @kritisanon @kiaraaliaadvani @irrfan @bollyshake @homster @vishaldadlani

last month

This is to our mother's, who have supported us through thick and thin, who have always been there for us and who empower us to be the best versions of ourselves #mothersday #blessed #khiltipari

Apr 2020

As we are all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many lives of the poor in numerous ways. One of the main problems within the poor, rural communities is their access to food. The Khilti Pari Foundation has already supplied 50 families in Toonga (a village near Jaipur ) with food for a week. After doing this, we realized how grateful and necessary this offering really was. We would like to continue helping the ones in need by donating more food and care packages to more underprivileged families. The goal is to help more than 500 families in these villages. 1 bag of food per family is a 1000 rupees and it can feed a family of 6 for 2 weeks, and if it is a family of 4, for about 3 weeks. The average family size in the villages is 6. 1 donation bag contains 10 kg flour, 2 kg rice, 2 kg mixed dal, 1L oil, 1 kg salt, 2 kg sugar, 500g tea, indian spices, and soap. Please Donate Now! Help make a difference, today! LINK IN OUR BIO. Dislaimer: Due to legal reasons (specifically not obtaining FCRA permission to receive international funds yet ), we can only accept donations online coming from Indian bank accounts and people residing in India . Incase you would like to donate in any other currency, please contact one of the following: Sakshi Shah: +32495656560 ( Whatsapp: +447593764278 ) Janvi Kakadia: +32489898931

Apr 2020

Khilti Pari has donated 50 food ration packets to the poor families who are in troubled situations due to Covid-19. We are thankful to be broadcasted on the AR 24x7 India News. Here is our snippet from the telecast 📽🎞🎥

Apr 2020

AND THE VIDEO IS OUT! Watch the Khilti Pari girls’ remake of #KudiNuNachneDe Go watch the entire video on YouTube. Link in our bio section 🌸 Edited by @krishparikh2004 #khiltipari #womenempowerment #makeadifference #equality #girlpower

Apr 2020

Khilti Pari has managed to donate 50 food and care packages to the KP families and so many other in Toonga. Some of the items in these ration packets are: flour, rice, dal, salt, oil, soap, masala, sugar and tea. All this was was possible because of Shankar ji, a dedicated team member of Khilti Pari and our biggest support! #Khiltipari #COVID19 #coronavirus #donation

Apr 2020

Khilti Pari has managed to donate 50 food and care packages to the KP families and so many other in Toonga. Some of the items in these ration packets are: flour, rice, dal, salt, oil, soap, masala, sugar and tea. All this was was possible because of Shankar ji, a dedicated team member of Khilti Pari and our biggest support! #Khiltipari #COVID19 #coronavirus #donation