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14 hours ago

Stop that shit.

19 hours ago

We don’t choose “black or white,” but we DO choose “right or wrong.” 🖤🤍

3 days ago

What we WISH your birthday looked like...🆚...the quarantine reality 🥴😆 (SWIPE ) Happy Birthday my love, @bebesefo !!! 🍰🥂🎈

4 days ago

The world is changing. We’re ALL having to pivot. But pivot into purpose. There’s something that you’re passionate about and there’s a reason for it. And it’s not always about philanthropy, you are also serving the world by living out who you truly are, doing what you are designed to do. You become a positive energy & light for all who encounter you because you’re HAPPY. And passionate. Give meaning to your life. Tap in. I just think that’s what time it is. #theshift 💞 @shantidas404 & I had a wonderful chat about mental health, self-care, grief, & purpose as it relates to the current state of our world. I think it’s the most important quarantine interview I’ve done yet...maybe there’s something in there for you. You can watch our convo on @shantidas404 IGTV.

2 weeks ago

I’ll be talking “the craft” & “the journey” with the first songwriter to take me under his wing as a mentor—THE INCOMPARABLE, @therealjohntaaustin . You don’t wanna miss this. EDIT: If you missed this conversation, it’s up on @therealjohntaaustin ’s main page & IGTV. #TheMasterySeries

2 weeks ago

Two living legends celebrating 20 years in the game. 👑👑 At first I was a lil torn cuz I got joints w/ both of ‘em, THEN I remembered only one of em gave me a Grammy! 🤷🏾‍♀️🏆😂 He ALSO happens to be from the A... @ludacris , preciate “the flowers!” 💐 Love you too, @nelly . Thank you both for a great night in Hip Hop. #RunawayLove #PimpinAllOverTheWorld #LoseControl #LivTonite

2 weeks ago

I remained focused on the positives...all the opportunities & gifts this time has provided as opposed to all that I’ve lost. Now it’s all I see... 💝

2 weeks ago

Happy 70th Birthday #StevieWonder ! 🎉 Feb 13, 2011. I performed the Official Grammy After-Party, jumped off stage & my team informed me that Stevie was waiting in the lounge to meet me. 😯 Oh word?! 🏃🏾‍♀️I did NOT pass “GO.” Only thought: “You know how the big-wigs move, you betta run!” 😂 Then, to take it a step further, HE complimented MY writing career, said he loved my tone & sang my music back to me??! 🤯 Listen. Stevie is, to me, one of the greatest singer/songwriters to ever step foot on God’s green earth. 🙌🏾 Not to mention musicality & tone. I have never felt so unworthy & proud at the same time. Needless to say, I couldn’t get many more words out after that. All in my head. Prolly said some generic shit (that I also meant ) like, “YOU’RE THE GREATEST” and “I LOVE YOU!” Anyway, one of the super cool moments of my career & I’m wishing him the happiest of birthdays! 🎈

3 weeks ago

My desire to hide may be stronger than my desire to “be seen.” But I always want to express...

3 weeks ago

I’ve always known my Mother was strong. There are so many boxes she checks to that end. ✅ But this particular year, we’re in a few uncharted territories...(a minefield might be more appropriate 💣 )...going thru SO much as a family. I’m constantly in awe of how she manages to truck thru the emotions, responsibilities, managing our fam AND her business, and still be able to smile & laugh with me the whole way through. I look for ways to keep her up just cuz she deserves it, but it’s like she never really needs me to. So if I didn’t know before, I certainly know NOW. MOM, YOU are unbelievably STRONG. You flow gracefully thru life’s highs & lows. And I love you more & more as I witness your superpowers in action... 💪🏾👸🏾💖 #HappyMothersDay

3 weeks ago

We lost a legend tonight. A pioneer. An icon. Andre, thank you for your constant words of encouragement. Thank you for all you’ve done. You were a lot of people’s angel in this industry. Time well served on earth. You’re going to make a great angel above. We’ll miss you though. 🕊👓💜

3 weeks ago

#NOMINATE yo damn self!! 😝 Couple months ago on set of @stonebwoyb & I’s new single, #Nominate 🎶 Shot by: @jaironyc Styling: @jilenecoggins MU/Hair: @saishabeecham

4 weeks ago

‪TODAY is National Silence the Shame Day! Join me in raising awareness and funding for mental health programs and resources. To Donate: Text SILENCE to 707070 or visit www.SilenceTheShame.com‬ ANY AMOUNT HELPS! 🦋 #SilenceTheShame #mentalhealth #givingtuesday

4 weeks ago

I’ll tell you one thing—My hair is getting alllllll the moisture & care these days. I haven’t played in my own hair this much since college, prolly! 🤷🏾‍♀️😆 I’m loving it, my curls are loving it, my arms are NOT, but hey 🙆🏾‍♀️ —under the dryer I go! #deepconditioning

4 weeks ago

@theethiopiandream once blessed me w/ a gem that has really stuck w/ me. She said, “Having a good or bad life has more to do with COURAGE than anything else. You’ll only have the life (the love, the job, the things ) you have the courage to pursue.” And sometimes it’s what you have the courage to let go of.... Everything you really want is going to take courage. Even patience takes courage. Cuz there’s always something lesser you could grab on the way to what you really want. Temptations to settle. Right now so much is being tested, and I’m talking to myself, too. But now that I’ve lived a little more, I know she’s right. Be courageous. Have a life that courage built. I think you’ll like it better. 💎✨

4 weeks ago

Everything ain’t planned...I met a guy on a flight who knew @stonebwoyb & he put him on the phone when we landed. Stone was coming to Atl that next week while I was working w/ @drebombay . I told him to pull up, and this happened. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow, meet new people, try new things, and oh, HAVE FUN WIT IT!!! But one thing remains: musical chemistry still can’t be faked. And a hit song isn’t always the aim, but...BHIM!!! 🚀 #Nominate OUT EVERYWHERE! #Lessons #StayOpen #BeFree #TheMakings #BehindTheScenesForReal

5 weeks ago

Have you checked out the #Nominate video yet? “Wha’ya say, na?” (Whatchu think? ) 😉 @stonebwoyb ft @kerihilson produced by @drebombay directed by @dz_williams hair/mu by @saishabeecham styled by @jilenecoggins #AnlogaJunction

last month

Behind the scenes... @stonebwoyb #NOMINATE song & VIDEO OUT NOW!! #AnlogaJunction Directed by: @dz_williams Produced by: @drebombay Styled by: @jilenecoggins MU & Hair by: @saishabeecham Braids by: @ezbeautified

last month

When I think of Mother Earth, I think of the Motherland. Mother Nature in all of her majesty. Pics in my phone from Nairobi. Can’t wait to travel & be captivated by nature again. #earthday #kenya #africa 🌍🖤

last month

Oh, we’re very excited! @stonebwoyb ’s album OUT THIS FRIDAY w/ a verrrry rare feature from yours truly 😉 #Nominate prod by the legend @drebombay ! 🇬🇭🇺🇸 #AnlogaJunction

last month

Northside Hospital front-line healthcare workers received 150 wraps & immune shots this morning from the Buckhead @kalemecrazy . 🏥 Thank you to Kelly & Christen ( @tootietickles & @styledbychristen ) for your donations! 🙏🏾💚 There are approximately 60 employees in Respiratory, COVID, & ICU units at each of the 11 hospitals we serve across 3 states. Please help fund the mission or donate $9 lunch boxes (with immune shots ) at the link in my bio so we can continue sending healthy meals for as long as it’s needed. 💚🙏🏾

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When we are serving others, we are serving God. That’s why we’re here. ❤️ #tolove #toserve LINK IN BIO #helpmeserve #frontline #essential #healthcare #workers #selfiesgetmoreattention 🙃 #justusingmyvessel #forgood #linkinbio

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Join us in #KeepingOurHeroesHealthy in the fight for #COVID19 by donating as many $9 lunch boxes as you’d like to front-line essential workers in 11 U.S. hospitals. Every box includes a healthy meal and an immunity/wellness shot to help keep them safe in COVID & Respiratory Units & ICU. Tap the link in my bio or visit any @kalemecrazy location in your state. Let’s send some love to those who are putting themselves at risk & making great sacrifices to keep our loved ones alive. 💚

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