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When I watched the video for a split second I saw a relative. That’s how close to home it hits and that’s how easy it is to see these images and get paranoid and anxious wondering if someone you know will be next. Imagine getting a call that this is how your father, brother, cousin, husband DIED? On the ground with a knee on his fucking neck cutting off his main artery as onlookers beg to get him help. I’m angry asf and I feel like that’s the point. Praying for George Floyd’s family and everyone honestly.


just regularrrr. But, I’m dropping something this week that y’all been asking abt. 😜


Heeeeeey yaaaaaallll (do u see the fly away? I just caught it, faaaack 🥴 )

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WHAT!!!! Yallllllll, this crazyyyyy!! Shout out to the entireeeee @strahansarakeke team!! I wish I could tag every last one of you but I know I’d miss some so I just say everyone because truly it takes a team. The hosts may be the ones standing up there but there is a whole production team and crew that make what we do easy. We are nothing without the team and I am blessed to be apart of a great one. This is truly thrilling and unexpected. ❤️❤️❤️ oh and I MISS YOU ALL INCREDIBLY!!!!!

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Y’all like my new jingle? 😭 dOnt bE mAd At mE

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Just add something that makes a DRIIIIIPPP 😏👅. (STICKY - link in bio. )

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Quick question

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Yes. She’s beat. Reminding you to click the link in the bio and get into this new STICKY VIDEO. That’s not a request but a demand, didn’t I tell you I was Bossy? Anywayyyy, love u pooh’s *they don’t have an emoji for the face I’m making* 💙

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Issa remixxx ft my boo @coileray !!!! Pulled up and showed out 😍😍😍. I know I stay springing stuff outta nowhere on y’all lol but I can’t wait to show everything else I have coming with music 🥳

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Look what God did, took his time witcha 😏

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SO EXCITED FOR THIS! Had so much fun filming it. Available on VOD June 16th 😍🤩😘😘😘!

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What was said? 😌

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If you want to check out a feel good coming of age movie, get into “Rockaway”. I fell in love with the characters 😩😍🤣😭 <—- those are the emotions I went through while watching with _____princessss_____ lolol! Great job @keidrich and and Virgo twin @johnjbudion ❤️❤️❤️

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Who tuned in last night?? So much fun doing this 😍❤️❤️ and @shayladavis135 you’re a STAR 🤩

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So what’s yo favorite color? 🧚🏽

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I been tryna show love to this video for a minute lol. Instagram kept blocking it smh! Crazy how difficult it can be to post your own music. I was testing it this morning not posting, but I think I’ll keep it up. This might be my favorite video I’ve ever done.

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moody bih ♍️