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No foster fails here ❤️ 🐾 Foster Mom: @josieannet ADOPT: @k9angelsrescuehouston

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2 weeks ago

#challengeaccepted 🐾🤍🖤

2 weeks ago

Meet Primrose! This sweet girl is all smiles and snuggles. She’s been with us just 2 days now, and has already shown off how brilliant she is. Adoptable through @k9angelsrescuehouston ❤️❤️❤️

4 weeks ago

I heard you guys got to vote today! Y’all wrote me in, right?! I know a thing or two about paw-litics.

5 weeks ago

Corduroy’s first day without his sister has been a lot more fun than we thought it would be. Turns out, this dude LOVES being the center of attention just as much as we thought! Literally never a dull moment with Cord. ❤️🐾

5 weeks ago

When your sister gets adopted and foster mom tells you she has to work 😏😏

last month

Paddington’s face when I told her about her approved adopter this morning 🥰❤️🐾 This sweet girl has only been with us a few short weeks but has continued to amaze us with how smart she is every single day, and her future forever fam is SO lucky that she found them! THIS feeling is why I foster ❤️

last month

This pretty girl was our first foster, Countess, who set the standards SO high and reeled me in immediately. Fostering is hard. It’s the most vulnerable thing I’ve done in my life. Opening up your home unknowingly isn’t always as easy or glamorous as it seems. I started this page because opening up your home is a lot easier than opening up your heart, and loving and letting go is so hard. But, thank God for photos & a space to share their stories ❤️

last month

Suns out, tongues out ⭐️✨

last month

Foster Alum, Maggie (FKA Allison ), living her best life this weekend 💖✨

last month

Time to get this pawty started ✨

last month

Paddington is ready to celebrate - safely and socially distant with her mask *and sunnies* - 3 day weekends mean more playtime, right?!

last month

Paddington & Corduroy have literally never had a bad morning. These two siblings are a terrier mix, born ~6 weeks ago - they will be available for adoption in the next 3 weeks after they receive their 2nd round of puppy shots (which they’ll take just as well as they take their puppy lattes ) 🐾❤️

last month

Corduroy isn’t our first foster who loves to eat dirt, but he definitely is the first who listens when we tell him it isn’t a good idea 🥰

last month

FUN FACT: Foster mom took this pic of me right after I told her I needed to go outside to potty. Not sure how I knew how to do that, considering I was born 6 weeks ago. Anyways, I’m not just a pretty face!

last month

Mondays are ruff 🐾

last month

Happy Monday! Idk about you guys but I got a full 8 hours of sleep and let my foster family sleep in this morning - so it’s time to PLAY! Have fun at the office today humans!

last month

Hi world! So glad my sister introduced me, I’m still kind of shy but I can’t wait to get to know you!

last month

Hi friends! Welcome to my foster moms new page she made to highlight all me all the time - just kidding - I have a brother too! Anyways If you’re interested in adopting us or any of my foster families future doggos, follow us to an application. ❤️