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2 days ago

I’m officially 3 weeks into my 8 week, solo road trip. I suppose it’s time to start sharing some of my work I’ve got around to editing 😅❤️ I had so much fun directly this shoot and the team I created really pulled the vision together!!! Model: @model .moore Dress: @gypsybride Florist: @livelybloom .co Mua: @tianamarie .mua Hair: @unikemakeup

4 days ago

Drove out of Glacier National Park & into town just to see if there was any news from this momma!!! I had the pleasure of taking one of my best friend’s maternity photos a few months ago and today her and her amazing husband brought a beautiful, healthy baby girl into this world!! 💕💕💕 The gender was left a surprise and it is such a beautiful blessing! Christian is going to be such a good big brother 😭💓💓💓💓💓 (He literally told mommy in the morning that baby is coming today. Ugh my heart ) I LOVE YOU GUYS SO FREAKING MUCH!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Ps: I have way too many pictures to share of this beautiful family I’m so blessed to love, but these were the only ones conveniently in my phone. Lol

last month

Well helloooo there 😊🔅 It’s me, your girl Jenny. Just poppin in to say hi, I hope your Sunday is beautiful and that you’re doing things that set your soul on fire ❤️ Life’s been pretty crazy lately... as important as it is to educate yourself on the issues at hand, it’s just as important to focus on your mental health and well being. Allow yourself to take breaks. Allow yourself to rest when needed 🌿 Thank you for your support of my page, I’m sending my love! Xx Thanks for the pics of me @jasminejeanettephoto 🌼

last month

Here’s a little sneak peak from yesterday’s magic!!! ✨ An absolute DREAM TEAM pulled this session together. (when it almost fell apart last minute ) Shout out to the girls that collaborated with me to put on such an amazing styled shoot ❤️ @keylin_photo @mckaylasullivanphoto @tiffanywoerzphoto Gown: @dacigowns Suit: @stitchandtie Florals: @jennyreneephoto

last month

There’s nothing hotter than an Arizona summer 🔥 Except, maybe my temper when I see footage of racists yelling at people of color... or unnecessary police brutality... or Trump saying stupid shit in a tweet... or the knowledge I’ve gained about the ongoing history of systemic racism in AMERICA; that they never so kindly taught us in school. Why is it that all things that’s wrong and messed up with this world, is because of politics and the awful people in power. (Aka the vast majority of white men ) 😖 Yeah... that kinda stuff gets me HEATED. Im tired of my heart hurting over racism & murder/ genocides because of people’s skin color and religion💔 Anyways, back to looking at the pics of these two hotties. Spreading love is all I can try to focus on right now 🌈

May 2020

I’ve been in Arizona the last week and it’s SO trippy coming from a city that’s completely shut down still to a state that’s fully open 😳 I’m planning to self quarantine when I get home in a few days, but it’s been so lovely being able to get some photoshoots in while I’m here! (Safely of course ) Here are some cuties I photographed right before lock down happened in Cali 🌿 Hope everyone is staying happy, healthy and safe!

May 2020

Alexa - play summer time sadness by Lana Del Rey Slide for a fun carousel 🦋

May 2020

Happy full moon in Scorpio 🌕💫 I’ll be up daydreaming about this trip to Zion with these lovers. *sigh. What is life? Lol Also, s/o to @taylorstuck who taught me these slide skills! 💓💓💓

May 2020

Okay ya’ll BIG NEWS time!!! 1 ) It’s my birthday 🎂 2 ) My website is OFFICIALLY LIVE 3 ) To celebrate my birthday and website launch, I am having a giveaway!!!! Once our lockdown ban is lifted, I will be gifting a complimentary, couples photo session anywhere in SoCal or AZ : ) To enter, tag 3 friends who would be interested in winning and be sure to follow my page! Extra entry if you post to your story : ) Deadline to enter is Tuesday the 12th of May at midnight. May the 4th be with you! (I honestly hate when people say that to me on my birthday but it seems fitting here ) 😅 Website link is in bio, let me know what you think!!! 💛💛💛 XOXO!!

May 2020

Eeeepppp!!! That feeling when you’ve been working hard on something for MONTHS & it’s finally all coming together 😍😍😍✨ So freaking excited to share this news with you soon! Happy May Day everyone! Best month evaaaa 🌿💚♉️

Apr 2020

Happy 50th Earth Day 🌎🌍🌏 Today, Earth Day falls on the New moon in Taurus - which hasn’t happened since 1974! Today is extra special for me because 1 ) I’m a Taurus & 2 ) I love our momma Earth with my whole being! Today I celebrate her & myself, together. Although I do that everyday ✨ It is so important for us to ground today and reflect on the roles we will proceed to have on this planet. Marvel for a minute at what the Earth means to you. To us. Consider what part you could play in what could very well be a new chapter for humanity and the planet, if the stars align. 🌿

Apr 2020

I really miss hiking and shooting couples 😭 But - I’m super excited that tomorrow kicks off Taurus season! I’m really tuning into the grounding vibe right now 🌿 Who’s a fellow earth sign bb? ♉️💜

Apr 2020

That long distance relationship kind of love ❤️ And now here they are - celebrating their last few memories together before she took his last name ✨ I live for the romance

Apr 2020

I’ve never felt more ready for those warm, barefoot summer days 🌻 Have you started thinking about where you want to travel to first once the ban is lifted? I’m thinking either Yosemite or somewhere in Arizona 🌵

Apr 2020

It’s cold, cloudy and wet outside but honestly I love it 🖤🤍 it’s the perfect mood to vibe to on a Monday. In bed. In my pjs all day. Thank you very much 🌧

Apr 2020

Well, I’m officially on my last roll of toilet paper 😅 BUT looking at these happy cuties make my worries disappear. I hope they brighten your day as well 🦋🌈

Apr 2020

Celebrated 5 years with my love @esq_beats the other day ❤️❤️❤️ wish we could have celebrated in Yosemite like we were planning but I know the next trip will be worth the wait. • • Short story: when we went to Yosemite for the first time in 2018, I couldn’t help but want a personal photographer there to capture all of our special moments!! It was such a beautiful place, that I honestly could see myself getting married there. & I wondered if this was even a possible thing?? • • It was shortly after this trip that I realized I wanted to be able to offer such photography services to other couples 🥰 After research, I found that there are indeed other couples who are choosing to elope instead of having traditional weddings and other photographers who have created a niche specifically for people like me! I immediately fell in love with the idea of adventure photography sessions and elopements 💛 The rest is history ✨ So thank you Yosemite - for not only stealing my heart, but also guiding me to my career path and purpose. • • • Photos curtesy of my handy dandy tripod - I’ve been wondering when I’ll be able to do force Stevie to do a photoshoot (or two ) with me 😉

Mar 2020

There’s nothing like a Joshua Tree elopement ✨ these two love coming here to climb and escape the city life on the weekends, so it only made sense to them to tie the knot here 💓 • • With all this extra free time I’ve been blessed with, I am finally able to catch up on all my editing! I’ve also been doing a copious amount of yoga and eating every hour 🤪 What have you guys been up to with your extra free time? ❤️

Mar 2020

Just sent these lovebirds off a little sneak peak!! We had so much fun in Death Valley last weekend - even though the wind was LITERALLY 30mph the entire time and about 50 degrees 🥶 Jessi + Drake were so cute together, giggled and danced in the wind gusts and had absolutely ZERO complaints! My kind of people 💕💕

Mar 2020

The last 4 weeks have been one of the busiest months of my life 🙃 Hectic for sure, but I’m so excited and grateful for all that it has brought! Here’s a little sneak peak from one of the 7 shoots I’ve done in the last 3 weeks. I’m drowning in editing right now, but I love it ❤️❤️❤️

Feb 2020

Hey, hi it’s me Jenny ❤️ • •I haven’t introduced myself since I started this page a few months ago so I figured it’s time to show my face again! • • I feel like these photos capture me and my spirit so perfectly. I’m so in love with life and love and capturing moments that screams raw emotion ❤️ I like to have fun and giggle a lot and try my best not to take life too seriously! • • If we happen to do a shoot together, just know that it will be fun, goofy and a memory to be remembered ✨ & we’ll most likely become close friends after because duh The opportunity to take pictures of your love is the BIGGEST blessing and I don’t take it lightly. I want to know you the best I can so can capture you the best way I can! 💓 Xx

Jan 2020

You know what’s crazy? It took moving out of Arizona and 6 years of living in California to fully appreciate the beauty that this place has. There’s literally no where else in the world like it ✨🌵

Jan 2020

Hi friends 💕I’m so late to the party, but happy 2020!! I’ve been way too busy to even think about social media lately. I’m currently in the middle of a big transition with planning a big move and resigning from my full time job ✨ I am so incredibly excited to put more time, energy and heart into my art this year. I’ve grown so much in so many different ways the last 6 months and it’s such a wonderful feeling being so proud of myself 🌱 Here’s a little preview of what’s to come Xx . . . Hosts: @theshootoutcollective Florals + Arch: @cultivatedbyfaith Dress: @marymebridal Tux: @friartux Models: @alexiss .gonzalezzz + @marky__markk

Nov 2019

Saturday feelssss ✨ I couldn’t help but post another of these cuties. They both had so much fun playing around with the @dacigowns Sarah was wearing ✨ Anyone else like taking shots of Tequila and frolicking in a field for sunset? 🙋🏼‍♀️