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I feel like some people are still not understanding and think people only care when a black man gets by police. people are upset that when a black man or woman gets killed there is no justice for who killed them. if the cop was black and the man was white, the cop would be in prison by now and waiting his trial. it’s not about race until the system favors white over actual justice. killing is wrong no doubt. but killing and get away with it is even worse. I’ve seen some people make this about a political party and it’s not. It’s about life not being valued equally and the racism in this country is the only thing keeping it rooted. But now we need remove the plant of racism and hate from the soil and plant one for love and justice. there will be no peace until there is justice. #blacklivesmatter

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Old but feeling brand new🦋 • • • • • • • • #frozen #frozen2 #skincare

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Another year down♡♡ #15thbirthday